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My New Fabric…Time With Friends

Time With Friends 

my newest fabric collection is in a store near you now.....

Time with friends small

 I am loving the subtle combinations of blues and browns with the hint of brick. The little scenes on the feature fabric are the drawings that I used for the quilt 'A Dog's Life',I love to see Hugo and his cats in print...its been a wonderful collection to work with. 

Time with friends1 

Here are a list of stores that have let us know that they will be stocking 'Time with Friends". If you have store and you have this fabric or your waiting for it to arrive please email us and we will gladly add you to this list 

Abbi Mays - US

Coast & Country Crafts & Quilts - UK

Cowslip Workshops - UK

Creative Patches & Sewing - US

Hamels - Canada

Jelly Roll Shop - Canada

Little Quilt Store - AU

Patchwork Chicks - UK

The Quilt Room - UK

I have been so lucky this year with people making samples for me, thanks must go to Jill and Dawnie who both made a sample of 'A Dogs Life' quilt (see below) using the new fabrics. One of the quilts is having a great time in Europe and the other has been travelling with me. Without the generosity of people like Jill, Dawnie, Yvonne, Karen and Kate to name a few who make samples for me often within a very short time frame I would not be able to do what I do...so thank you ladies and please keep up the good work :) 

A dogs life new

If your interested in this quilt, there are pattern sets available plus we have a limited number of kits made that use thee exact fabrics  A Dog's Life

My new stitchery block of the month is called Comforts of Home, each little cameo window has a scene showing something that we do in everyday life but I have substituted people for cats, dogs and bunnies which has turned out rather well.

Comforts of Home

Y384 Comforts of Home


Now the proud grandmother to two, Elsie and Fletcher I wanted to make something that could be put on their wall. Its interesting to see the different effects when you separator the colours out into the blue/brown greys and the pink/greys and tans.

Sweet Dreams Boy Version

Here is a close up of the little quilt that baby bunny is tucked under, its been made with hexagons and has a layer of batting in it. Yvonne did the handwork on this sample for me and she chose to tie the little quilt which gives a lovely effect.

Sweet dreams boy close up


Here is the girls version...

Sweet Dreams Girl Version

Sweet Dreams is available as a pattern which contains the cutting info for either colour way.

This is one of my favourite big quilts,  its called Scattered Hearts

Scattered hearts 

How could I not make a needlecase using these gorgeous fabrics..... I love needle cases and in my opinion you can never have too many!I have cleverly fussy cut the focus print to make the scissor holder. If you wish to make The Sewing Book  follow the link to the pattern and we do have a tape measure ribbon and button pack available that has been specially designed for this project.

The Sewing Book TWF

See you next time... 

Hugo signature

Kyoto - day 2

I woke up early this morning and wondered what treats were in store for me....the first stop was a wonderful scissor and needle shop. The store has been in this location for the pst 400 years, making scissors and needles. We walked through a shopping centre, down a little alley and through this sweet garden.


 I spotted the sweetest tiny little nest in a tree right by the front door.


 We then saw the owner of the nest who was busy enjoying an orange, a Japanese white-eye


 I was so excited to be in the shop that I completely forgot to take any photos, in any case there was only room for the 4 of us in the store as it was so small. I learnt that there is still one 60 year old lady who hand makes needles but (and I could kick myself) I didn't buy one!! Instead I bought this absolutely gorgeous travel sewing kit. The wood box opened to reveal a pincushion in the lid made from kimono silk, inside we're three little kimono silk covered thread spools, a packet of needles and the most lovely handmade steel snips which were inside a kimono silk sheath..... 


 Is this something you would like to own? I realise I should have bought a dozen when I was in the shop but they were quite expensive approx. $75. Let me know what you think as I can get them sent to me. The Kimono silks varied you could choose form multi-coloured like mine or red/cream. I guess it must depend on what they have available as to what they use so that part may be a bit 'pot luck'.

The needles came in packets like this, just a simple folded paper....love them. I doubt I will ever want to use them because I am enjoying just looking at the packets!

FullSizeRender 2

We visited a wonderful knitting/crochet yarn store, it was interesting as the yarn all came on giant spools which you took to the counter and they wound off the weight into beautiful balls that you wanted and charged accordingly. I have never seen yarns sold this way so it was rather a fun experience.


 We also visited an embroidery restoration centre, where we watched a lovely young woman painstakingly work to reproduce where necessary and repair where possible some beautiful embroideries.


 I was amazed at how many different colour browns she was using in the wings for this bird....each stitch was carefully planned and executed.


 We were told that they mostly repair the embroideries for Temples, the background fabrics rot as they age. Its so nice that the skills still exist for them to be repaired for future generations to enjoy.


 I absolutely could not resist taking this picture (after I asked for permission) of these little cases. I wanted to buy them all as it was I came home with just one.....its so pretty. Which colour would you have chosen?


 We had a wonderful cup of hot green tea latte....almost too pretty to drink


before heading off for some more adventures in the snow. 


 We had sticky rice on sticks that had been put on hot coals and drizzled with something sweet and nice at a tea room alongside a shrine.


 How cute are the little felted wool covers on the lids of the iron tea pot...they were very hot to touch even with the covers!


 Dinner was to be a special treat, we were being taken by our host Fujii san to a very special restaurant in the Gion district in Kyoto. We were shown into this beautiful room which was just for us!


This was how the first course was presented, the dishes and plates all are part of the presentation, every mouthful was a delight.


 Imagine our excitement when we were told that a very special guest was going to join us. Maiko arrived and she was so beautiful. I learned that a Maiko is aged between 15 and 20 and is an apprentice Geisha. She told my hosts that her obi weight 7kgs!!


 My eyes were drawn to the exquisite jewellery/buckle that she was wearing on the front of her obi, she generously allowed me to photograph it telling me (via translator) that it was the most valuable part of her ensemble and that it was very old.


 Here we are, Emi, Masako (Crib Quilt), Maiko (apprentice Geisha) and myself.


 She danced for us...


 Next morning we headed back to Tokyo on the Shinkansen (bullet train) so I could catch my flight back to Australia.


We waved to Mt Fuji as we flew past in the train.


 My last meal in Japan for this trip was a wonderful bowl of Ramen Noodles.


Masako and Emi (mother and daughter) from Crib Quilt write a lovely blog in English. Here is the link. Thank you to Mr Fujii for being a wonderful host during our visit to Kyoto and for the generous use of a classroom in his offices in Tokyo. This was a great trip and I absolutley love my personalised wooden spools, thank you Fujii san.


Flower Signature copy

Going to Kyoto..

 Today I went to get started on a blog post for you and realised that I have not posted the last two posts about my trip to Kyoto in Japan. 

Masako and Emi and I at the Kiyomizu-Dera (Buddhist temple) which was founded in 778 AD


 I like the twisted trunk of this wisteria, I wonder how old it is?


 The rooms inside this temple are amazing, soaring ceilings with pillars made from wood and look at the size of the lamps!



The view looking back at the temple, you can see how big it is and how its perched on the side of the hill overlooking Kyoto city.


 This monk (love his hat) was giving blessings to passers by. Bearing in mind it was a bitterly cold day, see the lady in there big cream jacket, then look at what this man has on his feet!!!


 I am sure if you visited here in the Spring when the blossom is out it would be spectacular, however I imagine the crowds would be huge. One of the advantages of visiting out of season was the smaller crowds and I loved that the bare trees gave us glimpses of what would otherwise have been hidden from sight.


 The red bibs tied around the stones symbolise that these are the graves of babies and small children, the sight made tears come to my eyes for those lost so young.


 These girls were all dressed up to visit the temple, they looked so pretty in their traditional kimono's. It turned out that they had hired the outfits at one of the little stores we had walked past on the way up the hill, what a fun thing to do and if I am ever lucky enough to visit here again I might hire a costume too.


 How adorable do these little draw string bags look made from lovely Kimono prints, I wish I had bought a ton of them.


There was a fan shop, I love how they display all the fans how on earth would you choose just one they were all so pretty,  there were lots of chopstick shops but I found them easy to resist.


Fast food Japanese style, the first picture  is a bowl of small cucumbers which are chilled which is a fun idea for a hot day but it was a cold day!! The second is a shop filled with everything made using green tea as a flavour, even green tea chocolate KitKats...yummy.



 Not sure what this was, green tea with ??? probably a bean paste of some sort but it had the look of turkish delight which I like.


 I took this picture as we walked down an old street on the hill that led to the temple because I loved the dilapidated state of the roof.


 This type of garden display is popular outside homes and some stores, almost always the display includes  water.


 Hope you can join me for part two of Kyoto tomorrow.

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Teaching Locations - are you joining me?

The year is already flying past and before soon we will be celebrating Christmas in July!!! So I thought I had better let you know some of the locations where you can join me for a workshop or two in the first half of this year.

March 2015

Hobart, Tasmania Australia - Sunday 15th March 

Helen and lynette

contact Helen for more information and to book  helen@hugsnkisses.net

Nundle, NSW Australia - Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd

Girls Day In The Country, hosted by

Cottage On The Hill

Contact Kerry for more information kerry@cottageonthehill.com.au

May 2015

Happiness Is...Quilting, Mckinney, TX, USA

Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd May (2 x one day workshops) 


Follow this link to learn more and book a place. or contact Laura Kay for more information


Denton Quilt Guild, Denton, TX, USA 

May 21st (evening Trunk Show)

Contact Marie for more information mariequilts@gmail.com


Material Rewards Quilt Shop, Dansville, NY, USA - Monday 25th May + trunk show


Follow this link to read more or contact Marty to book your place  quilts@materialrewards.com


Quilters Night Out Quilt Guild, Pittsfield, PA USA

Tuesday 26th evening (trunk show), Wednesday 27th May (workshop)

                  Please contact Melanie from QuiltEssentials for more information quiltessentials@live.com                                    

 I am looking forward to meeting you and to showing you some of my tips and techniques and of course to showing you my samples.

Lynette bird on jar

My workshops in Tokyo

 This fabulous well lit spacious classroom was to be my home for the next two days. I had been invited by Masako and her daughter Emi from Crib Quilt to teach some of their students in Tokyo.



 We had a lovely day together, Emi patiently translated for me and the ladies did some lovely stitching. After the class had finished the first day we took a walk to Asakusa, the sights and sounds were wonderful.




 How could I resist trying this.... I rolled and shook the barrel of sticks before trying to get one out...


I had to match the symbol (number) on the stick with a little draw, inside the little draw was my fortune!


 I got a really good fortune and felt very lucky x

Photo 2

Emi got a fortune she did not want so she tied it to a post and left her bad fortune behind while I brought mine home with me.



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Tokyo Quilts...

The show in Tokyo...there are so many amazing displays, the quality and variety of the quilts is mind blowing. I have tried to include a few quilts here that are not necessarily my colour preferences or style preferences but I wanted to show you them as I know we all like different things.


 I loved this one..


 Here is a close up


 A stunning amount of work and the colours really work together.


 A close up peek, beautiful appliqué and amazing hand quilting.


 This is definitely what we all think of as a Japanese taupe quilt, it is a very large quilt too which when you look closely has a lot of fine details.



 There is a shopping centre called LaQua just across from Tokyo Dome where the quilt show is held and it has a fun fair built into/amongst the shops. The trees on the walk to the shopping centre are always lit and I loved this between the bare winter trees view of the roller coaster ride.


 The supermarket at the shopping centre is worth a visit just to look at the vast array of foods you can buy. I counted 20 types of mushrooms that you could buy and I love mushroom risotto so wish I had this variety at my fingertips to buy back here in Australia.


 If you don't feel like cooking then a lovely selection of pre-packed delicious looking sushi was yours for the picking, sushi is another favourite of mine.


 Well its time for me to go and prepare something for tonights dinner....

Yoyo flower signature

Tokyo part 2

This gorgeous little chapel which has been built half inside the hotel and half outside is a popular wedding venue in Kyoto, Japan. I wanted to include this sweet chapel with this post even though it was not in the same location as the wedding/love theme quilt display as the theme was right!


 Tokyo Dome Hotel has a wedding expo on at the same time as the quilt show and every year they have a small but wonderful display of wedding/love themed quilts.

Just look at the amazing quilting o this beautiful quilt.


 Then take a closer look at the silk ribbon embroidery that makes the 4 hearts....wow!


 This beauty is all the most amazing tiny pieces of appliqué.


 Take a closer look and you will see what I mean by time and a zillion shades of green fabrics were used!


 This quilt for me had a lovely Japanese colouring to it and I have to admit I do love a double wedding ring quilt.


 This was my favourite on display, it was a huge quilt and beautifully stitched. Everything about it pleased my eyes.


The pieced hearts that make up the outer border were really clever and very effective.


The shaded hexagon flowers that made the centre heart...so pretty. Such a lot of planning goes in to selecting the right fabrics and getting them in the right places! The yoyo border stole my heart.....I just love this quilt.


 This quilt was a very beautiful and precise piece of work, the theme was nice but the design did not attract me so much. Such neat stitching and again the most beautiful hand quilting.



 I hope that you have enjoyed the wedding quilt display x

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Tokyo 2015

 I can't believe that just last week I was in Japan having fun. I had decided not to have a booth at the show this year but still wanted to go and enjoy seeing the wonderful quilts on display. I went for the last two days of the Quilt Show at the Tokyo Dome.


 Can you see the crowds of people streaming down the steps to get to the quilt show? Between 35,000 and 40,000 people visit each day, yes you read that correctly...thats a lot of people!


 This is the view of the quilt show and shops from the top of the steps.


The theme this year was 'Little House On The Prairie', the covered wagon was splendid. The wagon cover was quilted blocks, the grass was plaited rugs, the leaves and flowers were all made from fabric, even the plums on the tree were fabric.


 This amazing quilt has the theme of train stations in Tokyo.



 I loved the colouring in this quilt, the pieced blocks were so beautiful and I loved the border scenes. This is a quilt which you could look at for days and still find something to amaze you that you hadnt noticed before.


 Lots of knots for the sheep.




 I enjoy the quilts that are made by lots of different people and you can buy tickets for the chance to win one.





I caught up with Masako and her daughter Emi from Crib Quilts at the show who had invited me to teach some of their students for two one day workshops for the two days following the show.


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