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Heading to Hobart....

 Packed and ready, this was me a couple of weekends ago as I headed to Hobart in Tasmania for a gathering day with Helen Stubbings of Hugs n' Kisses and 52 ladies.....


 It was almost dusk when I came in to land, I loved how all the small outer islands off Tasmania looked.


 When I arrived Helen and her friends had made the hall look wonderful, there were pretty goody bags for each participant and lovely fresh flowers on the tables.


 Gorgeous name badges made by Jo...(thanks Jo)


 All I had to do was set up my shop and then I would be ready for the morning..


Such a happy day was had by all...



I was so happy to see this lady in Hobart, the last time I was with her was when she joined me in France for my inaugural 'Chateau Hexagon, Quilt Camp'. I still have a few places left for my quilt camp in France, here is the link to find out more - hope you can join me in France.


 The ladies who joined us for the gathering had a kit from both Helen and I in their goody bags, they could choose which project to work on during the day. Here are some sweet spring bunnies that were from my project.


 The food throughout the day was wonderful, afternoon tea came in the form of four huge homemade cakes...this was my favourite...


 Thanks to Helen for hosting the gathering in Hobart x 


 Flying home....


Puppy and flowers Signature

Go Four It - APQ Quiltalong

 I can't deny that sewing is my passion, however much I do love my job there are times when I just want to stitch for pleasure without having to worry about taking notes so I can write a pattern later. I decided this year I would allow myself to join a quilt along, when I saw the one that American Patchwork and Quilting are doing...I said 'yes'....


I adore the scrappy look and wanted to combine as many of my fabrics in one quilt so I would have a lovely memory quilt and also to confirm what I thought and that was that all of my fabrics do look absolutely fabulous together :) 

If you want to have fun doing this quilt along, then first you need a copy of the April 2015 edition, which if you don't have a quilt shop or newsagents close to you who stocks them you can get a digital version of so no need to wait for the postman!! You can get started today.


Then you need to decide (and thats the hard part) which of the three quilts that are shown in the magazine you are going to make!! I decided to work on Lissa Alexanders design which is called Ribbon Rows.


Images provided courtesy of American Patchwork and Quilting

Having pulled as many fabrics as I could from my stash and thrown in a few neutral yarn dyes to go with my own bread and butter creams, I started cutting...and cutting...and cutting. I used a 60mm rotary cutter for this part as there is no doubt that you can get through more layers with ease and still be accurate.


 Then I started sewing...and sewing...and sewing = bliss for me. I love that you can dream while you do this type of sewing and its just the sort of relaxation that I needed.


 then I started  re-cutting... and re-cutting.... back to my regular 45mm rotary cutter for this part.


 I decided that I needed some sort of organisation within my chaos so I used some fast food tubs which come in lots of sizes. You can buy them fairly inexpensively at the supermarket here in Australia or of course you could re-cycle some (make sure if your going to use recycled ones that they are odour free!).

Starting to look exciting, however when I did a count I am 42 units short....I never was good at maths so at some point in the not too distant future I will need to make the missing ones.


 Let the sewing begin in earnest and before you ask, yes, I do sew with my sewing machine up high like this, I don't like it sunk into this table as it makes it too far away from me (maybe I have short arms) and as I have had this sewing table since I was 18 the rot has set in! One day perhaps someone will give me a new 'up to date' sewing table and I will re-train myself!


 Mum volunteered to come and help me, thanks mum your the best x


Mum is amongst other things the best at arranging and pressing blocks +  we got a lot of talking done!


Oh, no, too much talking and not paying enough attention....the green four patch is in the wrong way around and since its right out by the border its very obvious! So I need to use my trusty seam ripper....


 Hugo has been supervising and during one of our tea breaks he has assumed that this quilt is for him and is already testing it, well it was on the floor so it must be for him! Actually I am rather thrilled as Mum says she would like to own this quilt, maybe she and Hugo will have to draw straws for it, the good thing is that it means I will have to finish this quilt!


 I did as you can see from the picture above that I started to join the units to make rows as I created them but on reflection this is perhaps not a good idea. I am going to steam ahead with making the units and then once they are all completed place and join them. That way I will be able to ensure a nice random arrangement, one thing I have noticed as I work is that one moment I am attracted to one colour combination, say pinks and greys and a little later my blocks are all red/blues.

Here is my little pile of blocks form yesterdays 'free time' sewing.


To read more about the APQ Quiltalong for 2015 and to see who else's is joining in and blogging about it, follow this link to the official site. 

Lynette felix