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Girls Day In The Country

A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to be the tutor at Cottage On The Hill's, Girls Day In The Country in Nundle, NSW. Kerry Swain who is the owner of the store organises a wonderful weekend of stitching.

Friday: Travelling day started before the crack of dawn as we headed to Brisbane airport for my first flight of the day...however my first flight was delayed....this was when I wished I had packed my hand sewing!


I was so lucky to be sat on the 'good view' side of the plane as we came in to land over Sydney harbour.


 Having missed my connecting flight due to the delay of my first flight, making what should have been only 5 hours travel time into 10.5!!!  Gosh how I wished I had packed my hand sewing....thank goodness for the fact that I always carry a kindle in my handbag so at least I could read. I was very pleased to arrive in Tamworth, the drive to Nundle is pretty and this peaceful scene of resting cows under the tree confirmed that I had arrived in the country!


 Dinner at Mount Misery Cafe with the 'blogging' group of ladies who get to meet up at this event each year was thoroughly enjoyable (thanks for inviting me girls).


 The hall where the stitching event is held is a wonderful light airy space, the tables looked so pretty set up and ready for the day.


 Hello ladies.....80 excited stitchers all talking at once is a sound to behold! Thank goodness for a microphone!


 Lunch was fun, we had a sausage sizzle and as you can see by these smiling faces the locally made sausages were good!


 I love to see the show and tell and there was lots of it, thank you to everyone who brought things. I took lots of photos and will treasure them, for now I am just going to show a few.


(Hexagon Sewing Bag and Dreaming Journal form Stitch it for Spring)


(The Sewing Case, Orange Tree Pillow and Hexagon Sewing Bag) 


 (Scandinavian Christmas) 


 (Garden Scenes from Country Cottage Quilting) I love how its been made into a giant pillow.

Many of the Day 1 ladies had completed their homework on the project, Hexagon Sewing bag from last year. It was amazing to see so many variations in size of the bags which just shows how creative we can all be and how versatile my patterns are.



 (Stitched Farm Quilt) we have the yummy yarn dyed fabric bundles and the Simply Vintage magazines that this BOM was featured in. 

Day 2 ladies Hexagon sewing bag finishes from the 2014 GDITC workshop.


 Every year Kerry asks the guest designer for a little stitchery drawing that the participants can use for their secret swap. Some of the finished items that had been made and beautifully wrapped amazed me, bearing in mind that this is just a handful of the lovely items that had been made with love and given in the anticipation of what might be received in the exchange. 


I know that many of you might enjoy stitching something from this little drawing and you can get it here Download Free Garden Stitchery Design

I headed home after a wonderful weekend catching up with many ladies that I have become very fond of over the years...see you all again soon.


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