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Spring Market

 We survived the long flight...hooray.

The next daunting task is to set up the booth and however many plans I have in my head when I get to the space and get the feel for the space I need to change things around a bit! Quilt Sherpa is always patient while I make my decisions!


Schoolhouse is such a buzz, all the rooms in the conference centre are full. Each of us gets a 20min schedule to show our new patterns, books, buttons and fabric collections. It's so nice to see all those happy expectant faces waiting to see you. RJR Fabrics are so generous, they gave a charm pack to each attendee. The charm packs have one 5" square of each print thats coming in the new collection. The idea is that the stores can go home and show everyone what they have ordered and start planning their projects.


 Here are some of the team from RJR fabrics assembling the shelving for their booth.


 Look we are at Sample Spree, this is an evening event where we all set up a table laden with goodies and at 8pm the doors open and a stampede of people burst in and hopefully want to buy what your selling!! The event finishes at 10pm......…it's a late night but it's such fun.


 Here I am showing off a fat quarter bundle of my 'Needles and Pins' collection which will be in stores in August (ish).


 My booth looked really pretty, it was a bit scary not having sides on my booth this time but it meant everyone could see me clearly from all directions.



Look at Claudia the bunny, she is happy stitching away..... the appliqué sewing machine you can see is from a pattern that I collaborated with Terri Albers from Hedgehog quilts to produce, its so nice.


 Janet Clare, myself and Emmaunelle. Janet (designs fabrics for Moda) and I have known each other for years, we both publish with David and Charles and regularly catch up in the UK when visit for The Festival of Quilts in August each year. Emmanuelle and I first meet when we both did our first collection for Lecien Fabrics, she is helping me at Chateau Hexagon this year as Mum is unable to accompany me this year.

IMG_0178(Beautiful Baskets Quilt)

 Pat Sloane dropped by for a hug.

IMG_0182(Fox & Friends Quilt)

 It was so nice to meet the lovely Julie - creator of the fabulous foundation pieced pendants that I wear and that we sell.


New pendants

'Winter Village' is my collection for Christmas 2015 and I assume it will start appearing in stores any day, I know we have ours already at Little Quilt Store.


 more fat quarter bundles of Needles and Pins......


 This is the new hashtag for RJR fabrics...they have had some calico bags printed. I have acquired a couple as giveaways so watch my Facebook Page towards the end of the month to enter.


I caught up with some Aussies, Rosalie Quinlan, myself, Helen Stubbings and Gail Pan.


We had dinner out with friends, Karen and Paul (Somerset patchwork), Janet and Tony. 


 What bird is this? We saw lots of them as we walked through the park.


Hello Mr or Mrs Squirrel.... smile please.....


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