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What a lovely holiday in Fiji we have just had - a three hour flight from Brisbane to Nadi, pretty easy- then onto a tiny island hopper plane for an hour and a half flight (Quilt Sherpa is leading the way) - with spectacular views of the land and sea as we flew over with a birds eye view.


Into a little bus (for 4 guests), bumping down a dirt road and then a quick boat ride to across from Taveuni Island to Qamea Island


These perfect foot sized shells were set in concrete at the foot of the steps of our bure - a lovely way to rinse our feet after a lovely stroll along the deserted beach.


Here is our sweet Bure - so pretty inside and out and the hammock on the deck was such fun to relax and read in.


I love the wonderful packaging, not sure the coffee inside was that great but it was fun to try it (as you know I am really a tea drinker!)


The first couple of days we did very little, read books, daydreamed, slept a lot and ate some wonderful food. This is something we had for lunch one day, a piece of fish was wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked in coconut milk - it was delicious, something I want to try cooking at home.  


This fun face on a tree stump was on the path towards the spa, a place which we visited often!


By day three we were ready for action and chose to do the accompanied hike to visit the Tavoro waterfalls in  Bouma Heritage Park, for this we first had to return to Taveuni on the boat.

The first waterfall was an easy relatively flat 20 min walk. Very pretty and a lovely place for a swim.


The second waterfall was a steep hike which took us about 45 mins, the views along the way as we stopped to catch our breath were amazing.


we had to rock hop across a river - Quilt Sherpa loved it I was a bit wobbly on the slippery rocks but managed OK.


We met a purple crab with yellow claws on the track, he was only about 4" big but very determined to defend his home!


Another day we visited one of the local villages - one of the nice things about Qamea (pronounced Gamea) is that there are no cars and no roads so everywhere you want to go you either have to hike or go by boat.

We arrived at the village by boat having come through a hidden entrance through the mangrove swamps. I imagine in the summer there would have been allot of mosquitoes but we didn't see any or get bitten by any!! I kept thinking there might be crocodiles but apparently not - thank goodness.


On arrival we had to wade through squelchy mud to get on land - as you know dirt and mud are not really my thing!


We were each given the prettiest flower necklace to wear (took my mind off the mud stuck between my toes!) - I hesitate to call it a lei as they are called in Hawaii as I am not sure they are called that in Fiji. I only heard them referred to as flower necklaces and mine was wonderful as you can see.


The village people were very welcoming, they sang to us, they showed us around their village which had sustained a lot of cyclone damage and there is still a lot of rebuilding to do. I fell in love with the children who were running free, enjoying a simple life without mobile phones and televisions!


The two little rascals hiding under the building were playing with the drub/bell that calls everyone to church! The funny looking stuff drying on the corrugated tin is what they make Kava the national drink from!


Mama Hen with her chicks.... reminds me of 'Anderson's Farm' which I got my original quilt back from the quilters just before we left for this trip, I am looking forward to binding it and stitching all the buttons in place.


Piglets of every size running around...more Anderson's Farm inspiration


Sweet little houses, some were plain tin and others were painted wonderful colours.



I loved this bowl of nails waiting for the builders to come and do a bit more work on rebuilding the church.


Just 7 days after we arrived we left our idyllic island holiday relaxed and rejuvenated to the lovely sound of Baba playing and singing the traditional farewell Fijian song - wishing we could have stayed longer and dreaming of visiting again.


Thanks for enjoying my peek back at our holiday which now over a week later feels like it was lifetime ago!

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