my recent overseas trip....

 Quilt Sherpa and I arrived safely in Houston and begun the now familiar process of setting up our booth (while both under the influence of jet lag) first for Quilt Market and then with a day of rest in between Quilt Festival which follows. 

As you can see I have a few problems with quilt sherpa, he thinks he is very funny performing his dance routine on the top of a table instead of getting the quilts hung up and looking pretty!

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Quilt Festival follows Quilt Market and is open for everyone to attend, look, shop, socialise etc. We are so lucky as good friends who live in the US came to help us with the set up and sales during open hours at the show. Here is Kay busy making the displays look extra attractive.

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I spy Darlene hands tying the 'Needles and Pins' fat quarter bundles nice and tight and adding some of our sweet wooden tags to each bundle. This display shows some of the projects form my newest release book 'Country Style Quilting'.

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Here we are almost finished getting the displays done, the next job is to stock the stand ready for opening time......

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Little close ups of projects that are from my book 'Rainbow Cottage' which is an early self published book thats filled with seven sweet cottage/rainbow inspired designs. The projects have been made using 'My Hearts At Home' a fabric collection that will not be available until early next year (RJR fabrics spoilt me and let me have a little to sell already). We will have limited quantities of layer cakes and fat quarters of this collection in Australia later this week, if your interested follow my Lynette Anderson Designs Facebook page for updates.

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Emma created and cut some gorgeous wooden floss holders and this one is filled with my favourite Valdani threads.

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Suzanne made us lots of her lovely scissor charms, each one has a lovely glass bead and a sewing themed silver coloured charm hanging on the end.

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  We have Apliquick starter packs 'for the girl who needs everything', if you havent tried these amazing revolutionary appliqué tools yet you should. If your not sure how to use them but are interested I have a great tutorial here on my blog, follow this link to discover more.Blog image8

Oh my, everytime I see these sweet wooden spools with my logo on them I feel happy. I have put three thread colours in pack, mostly I use the taupe colour but occasionally its nice to have a grey/blue or a red.

Blog image9

Blog image10

The string thing tins - brilliant, they hold an amazing amount of things plus the magnet on the lid keeps your needle in an easy to find location. I use the smaller size to keep my thimble, needle and a superbob spool of thread safe.

The Cat and The Hen, a sweet mini quilt which fits nicely into a 12" table top frame, this versions has been made using fabrics form my Highland collection and we have cut some special raw wood flower buttons.

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Christmas corner..

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Grateful thanks to Kate for making this lovely sample of A Kittens Tale for me, its made using fabrics from 'Needles and Pins' collection which is in stores now. We will have kits finished any day for this quilt in these fabrics.


More prettiness... 'Stitched By Me' in the background for which we will have kits made up any day and a sweet new stitchery thats called 'Bunny Garden', for which we have created a brand new 'carrot' button.

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Blog image16

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We met some lovely quilters for all over the world and had fun helping them choose what goodies they needed to buy :)

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This lovely lady from LA had brought show and tell for me to see, Chateau Hexagon with embellishments...

Blog image20

I took a few close up photos so you can see how lovely it looks with beading and extra buttons.

Blog image21

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I really wish they would get a more co-ordinated with my look carpet for the aisles - bright red is just a bit much don't you agree?

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I bumped into this pair of English ladies on my way back from the bathroom. It was such a nice surprise to see how they had embellished the calico bags that i printed a couple of years ago  - yes, I should do a new design and get them printed.

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It was Halloween on Saturday....we joined the fun..

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What a great time we had in Houston, catching up with friends old and new. The weather was not kind to us, tornado warnings, heavy rain with flash flooding... we had to almost swim back to our hotel one night but as always we loved seeing everyone and hope to see you all again next year.

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True Neutral

 Today we would like to share with you one of Lynette's new quilt patterns… True Neutral.

True Neutral uses fabrics from Lynette's Bread and Butter Collection, approx. finished size 74" x 88"

True Neutral on lounge

Debbie who kindly made the sample for Lynette has sent us some lovely pictures of the making of the quilt - how organised is she?



Blog pic 1



Blog pic 2

Y114 True Neutral

Hugo loved meeting Debbie on one of her visits to Lynette's store :)

Photo 1



Visit Lynette...

Festival Houston Booth 1043

 For all of you that are going to be visiting the International Quilt Festival…be sure to stop by Lynette's booth (#1043) to have a look at all of her yummy goodies.

International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX, USA
October 29 - November 1, 2015

Here are some things that you will be able to find at Lynette's booth...

Thread Holder Close Up

Thread Holders


Stitching for mini hoops

Stitching for Mini Hoops



Lynette's new book Country Style Quilting

Applique Pack #2

Applique Packs

3 spools

Lynette Anderson spools with thread

Patty Cake Packs

Lynette will also have Patty Cake packs of  her current fabric collections.



First Love - Baby Quilt.

Many moons ago I was expecting my second baby, having taken up patchwork and quilting after the birth of our first son I was eager to make a stroller quilt for the next addition to the family. I was totally addicted to patchwork, I loved that you could pick it up and put it down in a flash when you needed attend to a baby without the risk of the stitches falling off the needles which is what happened to my knitting! English Paper piecing was a technique I had yet to try so for my stroller quilt I decided to make baby blocks using the English paper piecing technique.


I was so happy when I found the original little quilt safe in my linen cupboard- so was Felix who as you can see decided that it was the perfect place for a nap! The fabrics in my original little quilt are poly cotton, this was about the only fabrics I could buy easily at the drapery store in the town where I lived. There were only a handful of quilt shops in the UK when I first started quilting and none of them were within a days driving for me and of course we did not have the internet, (gosh saying that makes me feel very old)!!

Baby quilt

My sweet boy now has a one year old boy of his own....its amazing how the time flies.


Wanting to make a new version of the original baby block quilt that included my style, I added a stitchery border. The stitchery border is at the bottom of the quilt so that it can be seen and admired by all, if you wanted it at the top then it would be very easy to move. I would like to thank my friend Yvonne who kindly stepped in and made this sample for me when my injured finger prevented me from doing any stitching at all - its 5 months since the injury I can now stitch for a short time each day, each day my finger is thankfully getting stronger.


 Working with two strands of Valdani stranded embroidery floss in #0512 chimney dust gave this subtle effect. I really like the nice soft variation of colour that the hand dyed threads give, one of my other fabrics threads are produced here in Australia are Cottage Garden Threads.


I chose some neutral fabrics to work with as I wanted to create a timeless baby quilt that was gender neutral although I know that most expectant parents these days know ahead of time whether they are having a boy or a girl and you can select the fabric colours to suit as this sweet quilt will look great in any colour combination. These type of fabrics can always be found in my fabric collections.


I decided to work with the 'leave in' fusible water soluble appliqué paper for this project but you could easily use the traditional removable papers.


Emma has created a printable page for you to download for the diamond templates which you can print either on the appliqué paper using an ink jet printer or on a slightly heavier weight paper for traditional removable paper piecing.

 Download Diamond Template

Cut out the diamonds on the line, take your time and be accurate. Wobbly lines as you cut will mean wobbly shapes which may not stitch together nicely. 


 Place the shiny (fusible) side of the Appliqué paper  on the wrong side of the fabrics and fuse in place with hot iron (I prefer no steam). Remember to leave a 1/2" gap between each shape for the seam allowance.


Cut each shape out approx. 1/4" beyond the paper, this is your seam allowance. I love working with the Perfect Scissors, they are sharp and cut straight, if you haven't treated yourself to a pair yet what are you waiting for???


 Using a fabric glue pen, put a small amount of glue close to the edge of the paper shape. If you havent used a glue pen before then don't panic the glue dries clear and is water soluble, when you have used all the glue in the glue pen you can buy refills and as far as I can tell and I have tested a few different ones any brand refill fits any brand glue pen.


Work on one side of the diamond at a time and turn the seam allowance over to the wrong side, the glue will hold the fabric in place.Continue working each side until the diamond looks like these (see picture below). Please notice you can leave the 'tails' out, don't try to tuck them in its too bulky.


Place your diamonds together to create the baby blocks, then you are ready to get stitching. 


Did you see my primitive black little love scissors??? They are so cute and so sharp and come in lots of colours.

Ok, back to work - Take two of the diamonds you have prepared and place them right sides together, using a fine thread and needle stitch across the top edge making sure you only catch a few threads from each diamond. If you stitch too deep into the fabric your stitches will show on the front of your work. This stitch is called a whip stitch.


I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial, if you would like to make a 'First Love Baby Quilt' then we have made the pattern ready for you to download. I would love to see pictures of your quilt if you make one.

Download First Love Baby Quilt Pattern 

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Sew.Stitch.Sea, here on the Sunshine Coast, Australia


Sew Stitch Sea Logo

Lynette and helen

 Following the stitching event that Helen Stubbings hosted in Hobart earlier this year to which I was the invited guest, Helen challenged me to host a stitching event here on the Sunshine Coast. After lots of brain storming with the girls in the studio and the store we came up with a name 'Sew.Stitch.Sea', we booked a date and the venue. Planning began and bookings were taken, yesterday was 'the day'.


 The fabulous light airy room in the 'Surf Air', Marcoola, Sunshine Coast was the perfect setting, here's the room all set up  and ready for our stitching ladies to arrive. Just outside the big windows was our lunch venue and if you wanted to see the ocean then a climb over the sand dune got you onto the beach.

FullSizeRender 2


My pop up shop all set up and ready for action


Helen's pop up shop almost ready....


Lovely smiling faces as we open the doors...waving back at you Lisa....


 My team for the day without whom we could not have managed , Kay (store manager), Ivanka, Vince (@quiltsherpa) and me...also a behind the scenes 'thank you' to Gail, Emma, Kay and Summer who worked hard over the last two weeks to ensure we had everything we needed for the day


 Helen showing her techniques with the 'quiet' table in the corner!!!!!!! 


hard at work, stitching ...


Lots of concentration...


 We had a stocking swap for those who wanted to join in. I enjoyed seeing all the different ideas for stockings and it was fun have them on display all day for everyone to admire. The pattern for the stocking shape we used is from my book 'Stitch It For Christmas' but it was up to each maker to decide how to decorate hers (the stockings in the top picture are from the book).

PicShells 2 

a room full of activity...


 There was lots of 'show and tell' on display, here are a couple of things for you to admire Sewing Accessories Case and Country Cottage Purse.


Helens' project for the day was a lovely combination of rework stitchery and clamshells on a nice grey linen background.



My project for Sew.Stitch.Sea was a sweet new zippered pouch featuring some furry friends...the pattern includes the templates for both cat and dog/chicken versions. We have patterns and a handful of kits for this project available.


 The back of the pouch is randomly placed 1/2" hexagons and I have a great way to keep your hexagons safe while your working on stitching them together. 

We had the best day ever with lots of fun, laughter and friendships made between stitchers who had come from far and wide to join us. We have set some dates for 2016, information and details on how to book will be sent out via our newsletter, you can sign up here for the newsletters.

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Needlecases, through the ages...

 How many needle cases do you need? Thats a question thats impossible for me to answer given that I like to have a needlecase with every project I am working on that has my needles, threads, thimble and favourite pair of scissors inside, bet you do to!

Small teacup

I have been gathering some from my collection...this first one my Mum made when she was at school - I think we probably all made one of these on that jumbo Aida cloth with wool threads and I can still remember how hard it was to thread the needle....


Mum then progressed onto stitching on linen and got quite clever with her embroidery...she did chain stitched lettering..very grand!!


This thatched cottage needlecase is from my book 'Country Cottage Quilting' and was inspired by my friends home.


This sweet little envelope style needlecase which approx. 1.5" x 2" came from my grandmothers sewing box. I am not sure of its history but imagine it might be a travelling sewing keep, the sort you might keep in your handbag in case a button falls off...its made from silk.


Ok, here is my first attempt and as you can see I thought I should copy my Mum and stitch the letters across the needlecase! 


I was obviously feeling patriotic and added my version of a Union Jack to the back!


This next needlecase 'Springtime Needlecase' is the second one of this design that I have made, the first used a dusky pink wool which I liked but this dirty green version is just lovely. As you can see my stitching has improved from that first early needlecase. The tiny prairie points at the top and bottom of the stitchery set the design off nicely but I do remember that it was hard making them and not getting my fingers burnt! 


As you can see I had a photographers assistant helping me to make sure the needlecase was looking its best!


As  many of you know I originally self published my books and this sweet needlecase is from a pattern in the book 'Bearly Stitched' which is currently out of print. The gorgeous handpainted bear button was created by my friend Leanne and we have found a few of these, there are also bear buttons with pink bows.



My Mums middle sister who is a very talented stitcher enjoyed making this very glamorous needlecase which she gave to my mum several years ago. I love the little shisha mirrors.....


Beehive Sewing book is one of my favourite ones...the pattern includes the instructions for the sewing book and the scissor keep. The handprinted buttons: crow, flower, beehive and bee come in a button pack which we created for this project..

LAD Y354 

Another friend gave me this pansy covered handpainted needlecase, which is almost too pretty to use. Linda calls these painted pansy's her doodling!! She now has a fabulous quilt shop of her own in Harvey Bay (up the coast from me) called Dew Drop Inn.


I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at some of the needlecases I have in my collection, over the years I have created a lot of needlecase patterns some of which you can see here.

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 We have had such a lot of fun with this hashtag #hellolynette  during Festival of Quilts in the UK last week. Here are the lot photos I can find of lovely ladies having their photo taken with me....

Hello Lynette 2

This is my friend Maria who owns Pinwheels and sells the lovely Daiwaboo fabrics that I adore.


Lots of big grins in this batch :) Including a lovely picture of Rosa the creator of Apliquick - tools I cant live without.PicShells 2

I spy in the top left the lovely Jo and her trusty assistant Sally with whom I would normally have travelled back to Cornwall with for my workshops at the lovely Cowslip, see you all next year. Also seen here my friend Karin from Quilters Haven in Suffolk, UK top right picture (hope to see you in Houston). The bottom row hosts some lovely stitching customers  x thanks for visiting.PicShells 3Waving hello to some Facebook fans #hellolynettePicShells

hello Nicola...

FullSizeRender 2

If I have missed putting your photo into this post then please forgive me, collecting pictures from IG, Facebook and emails has been challenging......

This is Teresa's car packed ready to head home at the end of the show....and today DHL are picking up my boxes and bringing them home, it will be nice to have the samples back home.


The news on my finger repair is relatively good, after what I thought was 6 weeks in this splint but was actually 8, I am now allowed not to wear it for 3 hours in every finger is still swollen, sore and stiff but its trying its best to bend and work for me :) hooray...


Well we had a fun competition with the #hellolynette hashtag and now 'drum roll' please while I announce what the prize is...... a patty cake (40 pieces - 10" x 10") of Winter Village and some of my gorgeous buttons, handpainted and painted..... 

Buttons and fabric2

and now for who the winner is = Jayne from @needleworknettiebee - Please Jayne email me your postal address so I can get the package to you :)


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Festival of Quilts, UK 2015

 I am so lucky to have met and made so many friends over the years, so that when I made the decsion not to travel to France and the UK and risk not regaining full recovery for my injured finger my amazing 'A' Team in the UK offered to run my stand without is stand H36 all dressed up and ready the night before 'day one' of the Festival of Quilts, UK.


 Meet my lovely 'A' team - Tara, Lorri, Rachel, Teresa (team leader) and Lynne...what are they pointing at you ask...yes well one of them came up with the bright idea of having me framed!! So visitors would feel that I was still there and would be able to have their photo taken with me x x 


 Here I am, 'framed' on the stand ready and waiting for you to have your photo taken with me.... 


 The first two grinners to have their #hellolynette photo are my good friends Maureen and Valerie x x sorry not to have had a real in person hug with you two, we will have to make up for it next year.


I caught up for some more #hellolynette photos with Mandy from Dandelion Designs, Sylvia from Australia, Karen from Somerset Patchwork, Australia who is an exhibitor at the show for the first time this year, Penny and Sharon who are both Instagram friends of mine.... 

HellolynetteA big #hellolynette from Pam at The Quilt Room in Dorking, Cathy an Instagram friend, Lorri part of the 'A' team, Janet Clare who is an exhibitor at the show and who has over the years become a good friend, Jo from Puddleducks Quilts who is an exhibitor at the show and who sells a lot of my fabrics and patterns :) 


Just for fun I am running a competition, have your photo taken with the 'framed' me at the Festival of Quilts before Sunday and use the hashtag #hellolynette when you post your picture to either Facebook or Instagram and you would be the winner of a lovely bundle of my fabrics.... maybe if your super clever with Photoshop you can manage a photo with me for the #hellolynette competition even if your not at the show!!

More fun being had here in the photos...ladies spending their money, lovely things on display, happy #hellolynette photos being taken.


see you tomorrow if I have more #hellolynette photos to share xx

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Boxes of Goodies....

 Lots of goodies going into the boxes that are being packed and ready to ship to the UK ready for the Festival of Quilts in the UK.


 Gail and Vince had lots of fun with the sticky tape getting the boxes ready for pick up... I supervised!


 Meanwhile in the UK, Teresa did a 'dummy car pack' with the boxes that are filled with pre-cuts fabrics that have already arrived from the US. I hope she has left room for the driver!


The 'dream' team are gearing up and are ready to man my stand H36 without me. I feel so sad that I am not going to be there but with progress on my finger getting movement back being slow I am sure I have made the right decision to stay home and make sure it heals properly.

Festival of quilts LQS

I do hope that of your going to the show that you will visit the girls and have fun shopping...

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Trip cancelled.....

 Many of you who follow my Facebook or Instagram will know that back in April I slipped off our leather sofa when reaching for the TV remote and hurt my middle finger. An x-ray showed no break or fracture.....


 However a few weeks later I was still in a lot of pain and had limited use of my finger so I returned to the doctor and was sent to an upper limb specialist with suspected soft tissue damage. An MRI revealed that I had completely torn the ligament on one side of my middle finger and have a partial tear on the other side.....I was made a cute purple splint to keep my finger safe and surgery was scheduled.


 I had surgery on the 6th July to repair the torn ligament - we have to wait to see if its successful...


 My furry friends Hugo and Felix are taking good care of me..


I have had to make a very hard decision, one that I know will disappoint many people and one that has made me feel as if I am letting everyone down but a decision that I know is the right thing for me in the hope that if I follow doctors orders my finger will with time regain its full mobility. It is with sadness that last week I cancelled my trip to France and to the UK.....

Cat and sewing machine

I am devastated that I am not going to be spending time in this idyllic location catching up with stitching friends old and new, that I will not be spending time with my hosts Philippe and Françoise at Chateau de Bessey. Please remember if your in the area Françoise has a gorgeous quilt shop inside the Chateau and would love a visit from you.


 My friend Karen from Patchwork Chicks who has been very understanding and supportive about my injury and the need to cancel my trip.


 I will miss spending time in this lovely classroom with Karen and students from Patchwork Chicks...


This is the fabulous 'A' team from 2015 ( Lynne, Karen, Alice, Nicola and Teresa - Lori where were you??), some of whom will be helping run my stand H36 at the Festival of Quilts again this year. A huge 'thank you' to Teresa who offered without a blink of an eye to run the stand for me when I told her my news - I am very grateful for such a friendship. Please be sure to stop take a peek at all the goodies we have shipped for the show and say hello to my helpers, Teresa, Lynne, Lori and the Rachel x 


 Jo (seen here with Sally) at the Cowslip Workshops stand at the NEC who have been wonderfully understanding about my having to cancel my trip to the fabulous location in Cornwall where Jo's shop is located. 


 There are many people I will be sad not to see this year, I don't know all your names but I know your faces (my NEC tea angels - thank you, I will miss seeing your smiling faces). These two lovely ladies, Maureen and Valerie have been amongst some of my loyal followers and I will be sad not to be having cup of tea with them and enjoying some stitching fun with them at a workshop they were hosting for me at the end of my trip :(


 I was going to show you pictures of my finger - yuk 'no thanks' I hear you say!! It is looking much better, the stitches are out and slowly I am starting to do the exercises that eventually will mean I can hold a pencil and a needle once again - meanwhile a huge thank you to my sewing helpers - thanks to you I will get some new samples made..... 

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