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Welcome to my blog, I know!!! Its been a long time since I wrote anything here - Facebook and Instagram are much faster forms of keeping you up to date with all thats happening in my world and as social media platforms they are much more fun than blogging!

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22 hexagons 2

To keep your hands and minds busy during these uncertain times, Natalie Bird of The Bird House has gathered together 16 Australian Designers and asked each of us to create a 6" block that we are happy to gift to you.


Today is my block reveal day....I have done a combination of appliqué and embroidery which as you know is my favourite combination. The second photo shows that this block also looks as great as a stitchery. My friend Donna did the stitched version for me as I was running out of time!! Nothing new there! I love the little log cabin strips which Donna has added to the edges, they are prints from my 'Dancing in The Blossom' fabric collection.



Sometimes transferring the design onto your background fabric is challenging. A few years ago when I was in France I discovered the ladies there were using a very clever paper 'Sticky Fabri-Solvy', it also goes under the name Stick and Stitch.


You can put the whole design onto the paper either using a printer or by drawing the design by hand, no light box needed. Next step is to peel the backing paper off, stick the drawn design to the right side of your background fabric and enjoy stitching. 

I use this 'magic' paper for my surface embroidery, when it often not possible to trace the embroidery design onto the appliqué pieces.

Begin by cutting off a piece of the fabri-solvy slightly larger than you need. Trace the design onto the textured side of the paper, I use a sharp pencil or a Pigma .01 pen to do this. Peel the shiny backing paper off and carefully position over the appliqué shape. Press in place.


You can now easily embroider through the sticky fabric-solvy.


Once the embroidery is completed, gently lift the excess sticky fabric-solvy.

Carefully cut away the excess sticky fabric-solvy.



Rinse with cold water until the fabri-solvy has gone. I then place my block on a clean tea towel and gently press to remove most of the water and then leave it to dry on the tea towel on a flat surface.


Once dry, gently press.



A word on using stitchery stabilizer, its a miracle product once you have used some you will never want to go without it. There are lots on the market, some are stiff some are bulky and some are like old bandages which if your not careful little bits come through to the front as to stitch - so my advice is to select your stabilizer with care.


I had tried all the stabilizers on the planet and then I discover
ed this beautiful lightweight one which I have been using for the last 15+ years, you wont even know its there! Here is a link to my Stitchery Stabilizer which we sell in 1m x 150wide lengths.

Love and Kindness: I can never stop at doing one small drawing and I wanted to make a little memory quilt for this time in our lives. I have called it Love and kindness as its what we all need to give and receive at the moment. 

I am hoping that many of you will be kind and support my small business and buy this special release pdf pattern.



You can find out more about 'Love and Hugs from Australia' and collect all the blocks by joining our specially created Facebook Group called 'Love and Hugs from Australia'.

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My Newest Fabric Collection...

Dancing in the Blossom circle

Dancing In the Blossom Text-01

Blue flower

Pagodas and Parasols

IMG_5051 small

Pagodas and Parasols has pretty appliquéd ladies in Kimonos twirling their parasols stroll amongst the pieced pagodas. A simple pieced border and embroidered details set this quilt off to perfection.

Finished Quilt Size: 80" x 86"

Finished Block Size: 14" x 16" (pagodas and applique blocks); 6" x 6" (framed blocks)

Paper Pattern Available

IMG_4942 logo

Purple flower

Konnichiwa Sewing Basket

Konniciwa Sewing Basket with copyright

A sweet applique design that incorporates embroidery and English paper piecing for the lid with the baskets lined in coordinating fabrics. This wonderful upcycled sewing basket has been made using an Asian stacking steamer basket.

Double steamer basket with lid, (Lynette's was 8” the baskets were approx. 2” deep from an Asian supply store).

Paper Pattern and PDF Pattern Available

Pink flower 2

Kimono Lady Journal Cover & Pencil Case

Kimono-lady-journal-and-pencil-case copyright


A fabric-covered journal decorated with some sweet stitchery is perfect to use as a journal or diary to record your thoughts and memories. If like me you like to sketch ideas or scribble recipe ideas make sure you have the little pencil case nearby too.

Journal  approx. 6¼” x 8¼”

Paper Pattern Available


Light blue


There are also 7 yummy yarn dye fabrics in the "Dancing In the Blossom" fabric collection.



Shop Dancing in the Blossom Now

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Handy Thread Conversions

One of the questions I get asked alot is how to convert Valdani to Cosmo or DMC and to be honest there is no easy way to answer that question. Why? you ask...well the simple answer is that Valdani embroidery thread is hand dyed and there are anything up to 10 subtle colour changes within each skein so matching a Valdani colour to any one solid of either Cosmo or DMC is almost impossible. 

For the past few days I have been closely peering at and trying to select suitable options for converting Valdani hand dyed to solid Cosmo or DMC colours!


Below is a handy list of the common thread colours that I like to I use and their DMC and Cosmo equivalents.

Cosmo thread lynette fav

Cosmo Threads to DMC

 Orange #186                 DMC #921

Dark Orange #188           DMC #3830

Pink #235                         DMC #3726

Pink #234                      DMC 3861

Dusky Pink #236           DMC #3726

Red #245                      DMC #815

Dark Brown #312        DMC #838

Cream #364                DMC #712

Pale Brown #367          DMC #3782

Pale Brown # 368         DMC #3790

Light Brown #382       DMC #841

Brown #383               DMC 841

Brown #385                  DMC #839

Brown #386                  DMC #839

Salmon pink #463      DMC #407

Yellow #574                 DMC #729

Yellow #575                 DMC #436

Black #600                  DMC #310

Pink #653                     DMC #223

Pale grey #712             DMC #453

Blue #734                     DMC #930

Purple #763                   DMC #3041

Soft Mauve #764           DMC #3740

Eggplant #765             DMC #154

Charcoal #895             DMC #844

Soft Grey #892            DMC #646

Green #924                     DMC #3012

Dark Green #925        DMC #936

Blue #982                       DMC #3768

White #2500                DMC #3865

Blue #2981                  DMC #926


Download Cosmo Threads to DMC


Valdani Threads 20 Pack

“I love working with hand dyed Valdani floss. 

The subtle variation of colour within each skein makes the 

finished stitchery so beautiful” 

Valdani Threads to DMC and Cosmo

H212 Faded Brown                               DMC #839                   Cosmo #385

JP12 Seaside                                               DMC #927                   Cosmo #981A

O31 Tealish Blue                                       DMC #3768                 Cosmo #983

O39 Forest Green                                     DMC #895                    Cosmo #329

O78 Aged Wine                                         DMC #221                    Cosmo #245

O120 Stormy Sky                                      DMC #318                      Cosmo #554

O154 Antique Gold                                   DMC #420                     Cosmo #575

O178 Tea Dyed Stone                               DMC #3782                   Cosmo #367

O196 Muddy Bark                                     DMC #839                      Cosmo #385

O503 Garnets                                             DMC #221                     Cosmo #245

O511 Black Sea                                           DMC #310                      Cosmo #600

O510 Terracotta Twist                              DMC #921                     Cosmo #186

O512 Chimney Dust                                  DMC #841                      Cosmo #382

O514 Wheat Husk                                    DMC #739                      Cosmo #305

O518 Dusty Leaves                                  DMC #3781                    Cosmo #369

O519 green olives                                     DMC #3364                   Cosmo #119

O539 Evergreens                                      DMC #319                      Cosmo #537

O548 Blackened Khaki Brown               DMC #3031                    Cosmo #4311

O575 Crispy Leaf                                     DMC #3364                    Cosmo #119

O578 Primitive Blue                                DMC #926                        Cosmo #2981

O579 Faded Olive                                    DMC #3053                     Cosmo #924

P4 Aged White                                         DMC #712                         Cosmo #364

P5 Tarnished Gold                                    DMC #3852                    Cosmo #703

P7 Withered Blue                                      DMC #931                      Cosmo #733

P10 Antique Violet                                    DMC #3041                    Cosmo #763

P12 Brown                                                   DMC #839                      Cosmo #385

8103 Withered Mulberry                          DMC #3041                    Cosmo #763


Download Valdani Threads to DMC and Cosmo

If you love these sweet little wooden spools that I keep my threads on you can order yours here.

Spools with thread

...Shop threads now at Little Quilt Store...


Lynette bobbin


Workshops 2019

My workshops dates and locations for 2019


24th: Stitch The Day Away - Marcoola, Australia (2 places available) follow this link to book or call us on 07 5450 7497


12th April: Rosas Crafts,  Barcelona, Spain call +34 931 67 03 89 for more info and to book


Quilt it and dotty

14th: Quilt It and Dotty, The Netherlands - booking online available or call +31478641519
15th: potential 2nd day at Quilt It and Dotty, The Netherlands



23rd to 29th: Stitchtopia Textile Tour to Nantes, France - for more info and to book follow this link. There will be two one day workshops with me, a full day at Pour L'Amour du Fil a gorgeous quilt show, wine tasting, a visit to the medieval castle and more.


STDA UK logo

26th - 29th: Stitch The Day Away at Horwood House, UK for more info and to book follow this link (limited places available on some days)

7th to 8th: Stitch The Day Away at Cranage Estate, Cheshire, UK for more into and to book follow this link



10th to 13th: Cowslip Workshops, Cornwall, UK please contact the store direct for more info +44 1566 772654 and to book your place or follow this link for more info and to book.


Stda sep logoSeptember
15th: Stitch The Day Away - Marcoola, Australia with special guest Anni Downs from Hatched and Patched (CLASS FULL - waiting list only) for more info and to book follow this link or call us on 07 5450 7497

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask
x x hope to see you in a classroom soon

Lynette felix


Sweet Garden of Mine...


This collection was inspired from my memories as a teenager when my parents decided to keep bees: My Dad built the beehives while my Mum planted flowers that our bee’s would love.

I have used my signature muted tones for the prints and called them names such as lilac, periwinkle, butterfly, weed, clover and oxeye.


No need to put on your gardening gloves to work with these delightful prints. I have created a feature print which encompasses beehives, watering cans, busy bees and dancing dragonflies. A haven for all things flora and fauna, this delightful collection of garden prints that are sure to inspire. 

I have created lots of yummy projects using 'Sweet Garden of Mine'


Basket of Flowers Pillow

I love fresh cut flowers, they brighten our home and there is nothing nicer than having cut them first from your own garden!

Finished pillow size approx 11 1/2" x 13 1/2" 

Starry Tote Bag

Smart and stylish with its English Paper Pieced 6 pointed star block panel. This bag is a very practical size, ideal for travelling with a great inner pocket to keep your phone in and a neat clasp to keep your keys on. There is an easy to open and close magnetic clasp.  

Finished bag size approx 12 1/2" h x 14 1/4" w

Lily & Howard Bag

This delightful bag features Howard the hedgehog and his friend Lily the rabbit. Pretty embroidered flowers surround the pair. Howards body has been done with punch needle giving him a very effective textured look.

Finished bag size approx. 6 1/2" h x 9 1/2" w

Cherry Tree Sweet Garden of Mine

Cherry Tree Quilt

Finished size approx. 52” square


Bird in a basket Sweet Garden of mine small

Bird in a Basket Pillow

It's Spring here in the garden, the flowers are blooming and the birds are making their nests. English paper piecing, applique, 3d flowers and embroidery come together to make this very pretty pillow.

Approx. finished size 14" square

Forest Floor Sweet Garden of Mine small

Forest Floor Tablerunner

A bird’s eye view of the forest floor, a peek at what’s hidden beneath the towering trees and ferns – set around a background of subtle print hexagons you will find an array of pretty embroidered flowers, buzzing bee’s, appliqued toadstools, hearts and more.

Finished size approx. 21.5” x 13.5”

In full bloom sweet garden of mine small

In Full Bloom Block of the Month

This cute quilt features 12 garden theme stitchery designs.

Finished size approx. 38” square

Lucky Clover Sweet Garden of Mine

Lucky Clover Quilt

This sweet quilt is ideal for a beginner and would be easy to make larger or smaller to suit any bed size. Two pieced block combinations come together to create this pretty quilt.

Approx. size 53" x 71"

Puppy purse

Little Garden Purse

This cute little purse features one of my hand painted puppy buttons surrounded by a sweet stitched garden.

Approx. size of purse 6" w by 4.3" h

Spring Bunny Table Topper Sweet Garden of Mine

Spring Bunny Table Centre Piece

This cute table topper is perfect for decorating your table and would be perfect for Easter time. It features cute little bunny stitcheries and fun paper pieced hexagons.


The Ultimate Sewing Companion

This project is perfect for carrying all of your stitching tools and features the sweetest applique and stitching design on the front. 
It can even fit a 6" x 8" cutting mat!

Finished size approx. closed 7¼” w x 9½”h – opened 20¼” w x 9½”h 


Sweet Garden of Mine Logo-01

My New Fabric is Here :)

My latest fabric collection 'Peacock Manor' is now in stores :)

IMG_0211 smaller


Peacock manor blurb


Peacock manor fabrics

SHOP Peacock Manor Now

by the metre | Fat 1/4 bundles |  Fat 1/8th bundles

 angel delight bundles | charm squares 


Here are some of my patterns that use the new prints :)


The Ultimate Travel Sewing Companion

Y861 the ultimate travel companion

This project is perfect for carrying all of your stitching tools and features the sweetest applique and stitching design on the front.
It can even fit a 6" x 8" cutting mat!

Finished size approx. closed 7¼” w x 9½”h – opened 20¼” w x 9½”h 

Travel companion

Paper Pattern

PDF Pattern





Woodland Secrets
Woodland secrets NEW

There is a sweet woodland scene in each of the seven stitchery heart blocks, look for
Mr Bunny, Mr Fox and the Lonely Crow. Each heart has been appliquéd to the
background block. The sweet heart blocks are set off by a very simple pieced quilt.

Finished size 42” x 42”  |  Block size 9” square


Woodland Secrets Blocks

Paper Pattern

PDF Pattern


Jacks...a quilt Jacks on chair


This sweet pieced bed size quilt has been made using my Peacock Manor fabric range.
The pattern includes instructions for both a light and dark colour way.

Finished Size: 72” x 90”

Block size: 9” square

Light and dark

Paper Pattern

PDF Pattern


Manor House Steps

Manor house steps on ladder 

This sweet quilt is ideal for a beginner and would be easy to make larger or smaller to suit any bed size.
Simple log cabin blocks were used to create this pretty quilt.

Finished size 52” X 60” | Blocks finish 8” x 8”


Paper Pattern

PDF Pattern



The Kissing Tree Table Topper

Y859 the kissing tree

A perfect place for a romantic kiss. This table topper features simple piecing and stitchery trees.

Approx. size: 22" x 22"

Paper Pattern

PDF Pattern


Sweet Home Pillows

Y348 watermark

I have had a lot of fun creating this collection of pillows for my home, I hope
that you enjoy making them as much as I did. Why not give a bowl of fun
filled hearts to a friend or make the ‘Little House’ pillow as a housewarming gift.
I have used a combination of techniques on these pillows to give
texture and depth to the designs.

Design size: Approx. size of sweet home pillow 15” x 19”

 Approx. size of yoyo pillow 2½”sq

Paper Pattern

PDF Pattern 

Peacock manor prints

Enjoy Lynette

Filming my new Online Class...

Last year when I was in the US I flew to Denver, Colorado where I filmed a new online class - which was a very exciting thing to do. Of course the scary thing for me is that I had to wear make up! So here I am....


I love teaching and I love travelling, however it would be impossible for me to get everywhere in the world that I would like to go and teach and still have time to be in my studio designing new projects, stitching and creating fabric collections for you. So, an online classes which are available anytime and anywhere are an ideal solution.

I really like doing the filming but I do get quite nervous....what I have learnt    
to do to help get over my nerves is to pretend that I have a lovely smiling group    
of 'you' sat in my classroom NOT the big scary cameras and lights.... 
then I can manage. 

Here is 'the set'.....


 In this photo I am letting the team know what steps I am planning on showing next and in what order I am going to be showing the steps. We are also discussing
what things are important for you to be able to see close up.


I love this 'birds eye' view of us at work...can you spot my warm little red boots? Luckily you cant see them on the screen but I really needed them, the temperatures in Denver were very chilly for someone used to tropical weather!


Let me introduce 'Honeypot Cottage' , this is a gorgeous bag and is what you are going to learn to make in the online class. I will show you two methods
for needle turn appliqué, some of my favourite embroidery stitches, how to make Hexagons and how to make some three dimensional flowers. How to put the bag together and more.


If your interested in joining my online class, follow this link
to read more and to sign up. 

TheQuilingCompany-Logo_tqc-logo-full copy

We have set up a special category in the store where you can order all the supplies and equipment you need to make 'Honeypot Cottage Bag'.

Hope to see you in class :)

Lynette felix



'How I'...Make Yoyo's and what to use them for...

Today I would like to share with you how I make my Yoyos or Suffolk Puffs. I use Yoyos in many of my designs and they are easy to make once you know how :)


How to Make a Yoyo

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.49.37 am

1) Using a suitable fabric marking pen on wrong side of fabric trace around template. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.49.43 am

2) Cut out on the line.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.49.51 am

3) Prepare required amount of circles.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.49.59 am

 4) Turn a small amount of the edge over to the wrong side and do a row of running stitch.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.50.24 am

 5) Do the running stitch around entire circle, turning the edge over as you go.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.50.31 am

6) Place your thumb into the centre of the circle on the wrong side and gently begin to pull the running stitch.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.50.43 am

7) Continue to gather the thread until you have a nice neat gathered centre to your yoyo. You many need

to wriggle it to get a nice circular shape.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.50.50 am

8) Take the thread through to the wrong side of the yoyo.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.50.59 am

 9) Tie off the thread to secure.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.51.08 am

 10) Position the yoyo

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.51.16 am

11) Stitch in place by just catching the edge of the yoyo

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.51.25 am

 12) & 13) Continue stitching the yoyo in place on the background fabric

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.51.36 am

Download Yoyo Tutorial and print off for easy reference :)

Fernhill yoyo flower

Here are some of my projects that use Yoyos...


Badger Cottage

New badger cottage

Pattern | PDF Pattern | Kit


A Kittens's Tale A kittens tale email

Pattern Set | Kit

Sweet Home Pillows

Y348 Sweet Home Peacock Manor smallPattern | PDF Pattern


Highfield House Bag

Y143 LAD

Pattern | PDF Pattern | Kit

Lynette bird signature 

Fun Free Patterns...

Today I would like to share with you two lovely free downloadable quilt patterns...

Towne Square and Apple Jacks

Quilters garden house

Towne Square 

Towne Square Quilt1

Finished size 77" x 77" 


Download Towne Square

Washing line

Apple Jacks

Apple jacks email

Finished size 58" x 64"

Download Apple Jacks

Blue and brown flower

Both of these quilts would look lovely made up in either my "Stonehouse Garden" or "My Hearts at Home" fabric collections.

Stonehouse Garden

I am by nature a virtual gardener, preferring to stitch my garden with fabric and thread rather than working in the soil. For Stonehouse Garden I wanted to evoke in the mind of the quiltmaker a sense peace and harmony, the imagined aromas and sounds of a country garden.

The colours and patterns that I have gathered for this collection are firmly rooted in the ground, the flora that grows from it and the things that make our gardens have personalities of their own. Each print has been carefully designed so that when combined they remind us of gentle days in the garden with the sun on our backs, the laughter of children playing, bees buzzing and sense of joyfulness.

Stonehouse garden fabrics circle

By the metre | Fat 1/4's | Fat 1/8's |  Angel Delights


My Heart's at Home

This collection uses sweet soft shades that I have named dust storm pink, celadon green, dark vanilla and iceberg blue.

A tree strong and true, a symbol of something grounded in the earth that will stand the test of time. Scattered around the trees are images of a home, a beloved dog and cat all of which are sprinkled with hexagons, look closely and you will see that even the background spot is not really a spot it's a hexagon!

I have named this collection ‘My Hearts at Home’ which for many of us is a true statement, no matter where I am in the world my heart’s at home with my family.

My Hearts at home fat quarter pack

By the metre | Fat 1/4's | Fat 1/8's |  Angel Delights


Lynette black signature 

Summer Holiday Fabric Range

Summer_holiday_21_print small

Summer Holiday Blurb-01


Beachtime Fun Quilt

Beachtime Fun on Bike

Take this fun beach themed quilt on a summer picnic or throw it over the back of your sofa. Piecing combined with fun applique motifs give this quilt a lot of appeal. Made using fabrics from ‘Summer Holiday’ by Lynette Anderson for RJR Fabrics.

Finished Size: 68” x 68”  |  Block size: 10” square

LAD Y141

Paper Pattern | PDF Pattern



Summer Blossom Quilt

Y149 Summer Blossom


Large blossom like flowers cover this pretty bed sized quilt which has been made using fabrics from Lynette’s ‘Summer Holiday’ by RJR Fabrics.

Finished Size: 72” x 87½”

Block size: 13½” square

Hugo and Summer Blossom 

Paper Pattern | PDF Pattern




 Konnichiwa Sewing Basket

Konnichiwa Sewing Basket


A sweet applique design that incorporates embroidery and English paper piecing for the lid with the baskets lined in coordinating fabrics. This wonderful upcycled sewing basket has been made using an Asian stacking steamer basket.

Double steamer basket with lid, (Lynette's was 8” the baskets were approx. 2” deep from an Asian supply store).

Paper Pattern | PDF Pattern


Chateau Hexagon

Chateau Hexagon Summer Holiday
This sweet wall hanging features cute garden scenes. Each scene has a cute raw wood  button, buttons can be purchased as a pack. 

Approx. size 26" x 37"

Paper Pattern | Button Pack | PDF Pattern | Kit


At the beach-01

Free to Use Pattern - Wonky Logs

Hugo with Wonky Logs

Download Wonky Logs PDF Pattern

Wonky Logs as been made using the Summer Holiday fabrics and the quilt design uses the very cute feature print for the block centres.

Quilt size approx. 38" x 49"

FullSizeRender 130 smaller


Summer Holiday shop now

LQS have fabrics by the Metre or available as bundles,
Angel DelightsFat 1/8's and Fat 1/4's.


Hugo Signature

Frosty Friends

Frosty friends banner

My new Christmas fabric collection 'Frosty Friends' is in stores now.
We often don't want to think about Christmas now in October but if we want to make something 
special for Christmas its time to start stitching.

'Frosty Friends' - the collection ...


Cherry Pie... Finished Quilt size:  66½”x 82”

This quilt has been made using fabrics from my Frosty Friends collection 
mixed with Bread and Butter creams by RJR Fabrics. As you can see Hugo has
tested the quilt and found it to be very comfortable :)

Cherry Pie with Hugo

"I love a nine-patch quilt and this design is both simple and clever at the same time.
The corner stones give the feel of an Irish Chain. I have carefully selected the red and
grey prints from my collection ‘Frosty Friends’ but you could have fun making this quilt using scraps."

Lynette black signature                   

Paper Pattern | PDF Pattern          
Cherry Pie with Hugo

Snowman and Tree-01

Frosty the Postman Pillow

LAD Y147

Frosty is out and about today on his sleigh delivering the post.
He has his little helper on board who is enjoying helping deliver the letters.
Applique, english paper piecing and embroidery come together to make this cute pillow. 

Finished size approx. 14 1/2" square.

Paper Pattern | PDF Pattern  | Kit 



Let's Build a Snowman Quilt

Y139 LAD

12 jolly appliqued snowmen are dancing and having a great Christmas
celebration on this throw sized quilt. Finished size approx. 58.5" sq.

Paper Pattern | PDF Pattern  | Kit


Snowmen and Umbrella-01

Let's Build a Snowman Tablerunner

Y140 LAD cropped

This fun fast to make snowman tablerunner will make your table or sideboard look very festive. I have machine pieced and machine appliquéd my snowmen in place and hand embroidered the details.

This tablerunner has been made using fabrics from Lynette’s Frosty Friends collection by RJR Fabrics.

Finished size approx. 17” x 35”

Paper Pattern | PDF Pattern | Kit

  Snowmen and Sleigh-01

Frosty Friends shop now

LQS have fabrics by the Metre or available as bundles,
Angel DelightsFat 1/8's and Fat 1/4's.


Tree Lynette Signature

Seaside Town....

The 'Seaside Town' mystery has begun and all over the world there are
completed blocks from month one appearing :)

Seaside town category image

If you haven't seen any blocks yet then perhaps you would
like to join my new Facebook group 'In Stitches With Lynette Anderson'. 
Not only will you find some of these blocks stitched by members but there are lots of other designs on display.

In Stitches with Lynette Anderson Banner

The inspiration for month 1's design came from walking the dog in our neighbourhood
where many of the houses have gorgeous wooden wind c
chimes hanging in the trees that are made form drift wood some with
sea glass incorporated. I love what these wind chimes look like in the trees and so I have included one hanging in this tree. The little 16 patch blocks 
which you need to make 4 of this month will be used elsewhere in the quilt :)

Under the Tree with 16 patch EMAIL

I know you all like to have a bit of an idea of layout, so here is a rough 'mud map' of the layout.

Mud map month 1

   If your not signed up to join us in stitching my 2017 mystery
button club quilt 'Seaside Town' but wish you were there are still a few places available at the stores listed below. I have added links to each stores email address so you can contact them directly
to find out more and to secure your place.

Little Quilt Store - Australia - 4 places available
Homespun Designs - Canada - 5 places available
Sew Graceful - USA  - 3 places available
Cowslip Workshops - UK - 3 places available
The Wool Collection - Spain - 2 places available
L'Atelier du Patchwork - France - 1 place available
Coast and Country - UK - 5 places available
The Quirky Stitch - Australia - 3 places available
Mi Casita du Patch - Spain - places available
Village Quilts - USA - 5 places available

 I hope that your having a lovely weekend and

that you are going to be able to fit some stitching in.
I am catching up on the laundry before 

stitching some binding on a quilt.

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First stop - France...

After 4 flights totalling 26 hours flying time plus time on the ground at airports we arrived
a little weary at L'Atelier du Patchwork which is on a farm just 1.5hours drive South of Paris
in a town called Villeroy.


We were welcomed by the lovely Anne-Carol and her husband.


Spring is such a lovely time of the year, this old well with the blue sky and
glorious yellow crop of Colzar in the field behind caught my imagination.



The excitement began in the classroom as everyone arrived - peeking into their bags!


There was lots of lovely show and tell, this is 'Fernhill'.


This is 'Anderson's Farm', I love the colour of the barn.
The pieced blocks have been swapped for hexagon flowers making pretty change to my original.


This is 'My Garden' which is in my book Country Cottage Quilting.
So effective in these very pretty fabrics.


The ladies worked hard all day and as you can see they made great progress,


meanwhile the boys relaxed in the garden enjoying the sunshine!!


we fell in love with Miss Rosie the miniature pig :)


Safe for the night....


we had fun inspecting the newly planted fields...


we climbed into the very large high tractor!!


one found lots of my favourite wild flowers in the orchard  - cowslips 


We felt very honoured when the town mayor came to present the certificates
to the participants at the end of the first day.


I had two lovely days with these two groups of ladies, thank you 



There were two of these gorgeous Beauceron dogs living here on the farm (a mother and daughter) 
I seem to only have this one photo but really magnificent and very loveable.


 We had a wonderful time and hope to see you all again one day soon x


I have been busy drawing, stitching and creating projects to go with the three fabric collections that are being released this year and having fun planning and making projects for workshops.

Talking of workshops many of you have been emailing me asking where and when I am teaching this coming year...
as you know I love travelling and meeting people so hopefully we will get to meet this year somewhere in the world :)

This time next week I need to be packed and ready for my trip to Europe.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 7.04.56 AM

12th April 2017 - One day workshop - L’Atelier du Patchwork, France. Please contact the store direct for more info. [email protected]

13th April 2017 - One day workshop - L’Atelier du Patchwork, France. Please contact the store direct for more info. [email protected]

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 6.53.06 AM

25th April 2017 - One day workshop - Kathrines Quilt Stue, Norway. Please contact the store direct for more info. [email protected]

26th April 2017 - One day workshop - Kathrines Quilt Stue, Norway. Please contact the store direct for more info. [email protected]

  Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 7.02.08 AM

18th &19th July 2017 - Two day workshop - Grandmother's Garden, Marton, New Zealand. Please contact the store direct for more info. [email protected]

22nd &23rd July 2017 - Two day workshop - Grandmother's Garden, Hamilton, New Zealand. Please contact the store direct for more info. [email protected]

UK logo

5th August 2017 - Stitch The Day Away, Horwood House, UK. Please contact Little Quilt Store for more info. [email protected]

6th August 2017 - Stitch The Day Away, Horwood House, UK. Please contact Little Quilt Store for more info. [email protected]

7th August 2017 - Stitch The Day Away, Horwood House, UK. Please contact Little Quilt Store for more info. [email protected]


15th August 2017 - One Day Workshop with guest Jo Colwill - Cowslip Workshops - Cornwall, UK. Please contact the store direct for more info. Contact Cowslip Workshops

16th August 2017 - One Day Workshop - Cowslip Workshops - Cornwall, UK. Please contact the store direct for more info. Contact Cowslip Workshops

  STDA Sep 2017 logo

17th September 2017 - Stitch The Day Away with guest Natalie Bird, Marcoola, Australia. Please contact Little Quilt Store for more info. [email protected]

 Its going to be a busy year.

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Seaside Town...

Seaside Town blog image

Seaside Town is name of my mystery button club quilt for 2017 which is due to start in April (hurry up Lynette and finish writing the patterns!).
The quilt finished size is approx. 34' x 44"
and features some delightful little cottages some of which are foundation pieced
and others are appliqués, there are fishing boats and some underwater creatures amongst other things!


Requirements for the Whole Quilt 

10” x wof each of 6 cream tonal prints, backgrounds
10” x wof dark brown floral
10” x wof mid brown print
10” x wof light tan print
10” x wof dark green tonal print
10” x wof mid green tonal print
10” x wof green leaf tonal print
10” x wof soft green tonal print
10” x wof red stripe
10” x wof red checked print
10” x wof dusky red/pink starry print
10” x wof grey floral print
10” x wof blue tonal print
10” x wof blue leaf tonal print
10” x wof light blue floral
10” x wof soft blue/green print

Stranded Embroidery Floss, I used Valdani #P3 aged white, #812 brick, #P12 brown, #JP12 seaside, #0126 old cottage grey, # H202 withered green, #0512 chimney dust, #P2 olive green, #M81 backyard honeycomb, #0542 vintage lavender, #0537 sea deep, #0561 shimmering denim, #H204 nostalgic rose and #0548 blackened khaki

Stitchery stabilizer, optional
100 x 2" clamshell papers
¼” bias maker + fusible tape, optional
Apliquick rods, optional
Appliqué paper, optional
Fabric glue pen, optional
Roxanne’s Glue Baste-It, optional
Light box, optional
Fine tipped fabric marking pen for dark and light fabric
General sewing supplies


I spotted this lovely mosaic seahorse this last week when we were travelling
in Western Australia. 
Had I not have already drawn and stitched my seahorse then this fellow
would have been perfect inspiration.

FullSizeRender 84

Maybe one of these lighthouses inspired me??

FullSizeRender 84   IMG_7453

How does this program work you ask? 
Each month for 12 months you will receive one of my colour patterns
and one beautiful hand painted or for the budget conscious a etched raw wood button.
We can only paint a limited quantity of buttons each month so places are
limited for the handpainted buttons but unlimited for the etched raw wood ones.

Seaside town image

 You can sign up to participate in Seaside Town by contacting one of the registered stores listed below.

* Please note: each store will be offering different optional extras such as
fabric packs, threads and notions. Lynette Anderson Designs has no control over
the fabrics and threads that each individual store may have selected to use for this project.

Coast and Country - UK
Cowslip Workshops - UK
Cross Patch - UK
From the Heart Quilt Shop - Canada 
Katipatch - New Zealand
Kwibbels - Netherlands
L'Atelier du Patchwork - France
Little Quilt Store - Australia
Mi Casita de Patch - Spain
Puddleducks - UK
Quiltefryd - Norway
Quilteshop Kaleidoskop - Germany
Sew Graceful Quilting - USA
The Wool Collection - Spain
Village Quilts - USA
Cotton & Color - Switzerland
The Quirky Stitch - Australia
Homespun Designs - Canada

 Add this fun badge to your blog or website using the code below 

Im Stitching Seaside Town

<a href="http://lynetteandersondesigns.typepad.com/lynette_anderson_designs/seaside-town.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk69/lynetteorourke/im%20stitching%20seaside%20town%20SMALL_zpslopptyqb.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo im stitching seaside town SMALL_zpslopptyqb.jpg"/></a>

Follow this link to see what Little Quilt Store is offering

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'Dreaming of The park'...

Last year I was invited by the other designers at RJR Fabrics to make a block for a collaborative quilt. We were asked to create a window scene for a city skyscraper - being a country girl it was hard for me to imagine what it might be like to live in an apartment in the city.....my furry friends shared their thoughts with me about how city life might be from their view on life ..... they told me they would spend their days 'dreaming of the park' and so my block had its name/theme and the drawing began!



The finished block was sent to RJR Fabrics, where it was joined with other designers 'window' scenes and made into this city quilt. I thought it was interesting that a number of us chose to make pet related window blocks :)


A second block was made and has been made into a pillow which looks perfect on the chair in my hallway, near where the dogs lead is kept. Its a constant reminder to me that my furry friends love to be outside - I don't think they are capable of flying a kite but I bet they would love to try!


If your wondering what fabrics I used for my block, I predominately used fabrics from 'High Meadow Farm' my new collection which is due in a quilt store near you soon....

High Meadow Farm Fabrics

I love how the selvage for High Meadow Farm turned out 'oink oink'....


If you would like to make your own 'dreaming of the park' block then please follow this link to Download Dreaming of The Park templates.

The expression of Hugo my Labrador says it all.... 


bye for now

Hugo signature

Celebrating Valentines Day with a giveaway...

What a wonderful journey we have been on with The Splendid Sampler - a huge thank you to Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson for not only coming up with the idea but for also co-ordinating the designers and the participants.

I am so happy with my finished quilt (binding still to be done). I love that after procrastinating for ages I finally decided to go with a simple palette. The blue fabrics are from so many different collections that I have produced over the years, I found 43 different blues to work with, who would have thought I have designed that many different blue prints!! Guess I mist love blue.


To celebrate today, the 14th February which was when for some of us the journey began there are lots of giveaways scheduled. The main prizes are over at The Splendid Sampler main website so be sure to go and enter for your chance to win some amazing prizes. You will also find a list of other designers who are also hosting giveaways.


My sweet giveaway is : 1 pack of 1" hexagons that have been laser cut, and  2 x charm packs from 'My Hearts At Home' fabric collection.  I will select three winners, one on Facebook, one on Instagram and one here on my blog who will each receive one of these items.

Congratulations to Lynda Lukas, Edna and Janette Worts…be watching your inboxes for my email.

Thank you to everyone that left me a comment, there were so many beautiful comments :)

MHAH Give Away

So, please leave me a message about why Valentines day is special to you?

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Gran's Button Jar..

Banner_fin v6 larger

I was excited and honoured when these two lovely ladies (Jane and Pat) asked if I would make a
6" block for this fantastic project - The Splendid Sampler.

IMG_3487 2

Washing Line

Yippee....its finally time for me to reveal my Splendid block, its called  'Grans Button Jar'.

I know I am not alone in my memories of playing with my gran's buttons and so when
Jane and Pat asked me to do a block for The Splendid Sampler what better theme for me to choose for my block.

Jane sent me some fabrics to work with... the colours were a bit out of my comfort zone but I
enjoyed working with them none the less.


I still have a lot of my grans buttons and many other buttons that over the years I have collected!! One of my
favourite treasures is this wonderful old tin with 'Mother' written on it which I imagine originally
came with chocolates inside in which I keep my 'special, never to be used' old buttons.

IMG_6645 2

For my block I have combined some tiny appliqué (dont panic its easier to do than you think),
a little embroidery and some narrow log cabin strips for the border.


Where shall we begin? First you need to gather your fabrics, black design mat, threads, fabric glue pen
perfect scissors and tools. I am going to show you
how simple it is to use the Apliquick tools to do these tiny pieces as appliqué. 

Grans Button Jar Image

Print the pattern sheet out, you will notice that the templates have not been reversed. Thats fine, there is an easy way to do this.


Working with a soft lead pencil (I like a 2B) place the appliqué paper shiny (fusible) side up,
trace the appliqué shapes. By working on the shiny side of the paper you are automatically reversing the designs :)


Cut the shapes out on the drawn line, make sure as you cut you cut nice smooth shapes - this Appliqué paper is going to be staying in - its water soluble and does not have to be removed.


Fuse each appliqué shape (shiny side down) to the wrong side of your chosen fabrics.

Then cut each shape out, a scant 1/4" out from the paper shape, this is your seam allowance. Its easy to think by cutting a smaller seam allowance it will be easier but trust me its not!


As with all appliqué if there is a curve that goes in you need to clip it. Clip to the paper.


To see what to do next using the Apliquck rods check out my YouTube tutorial 

Working with either the light from a window or a lightbox trace the stitchery lines onto the right side of your background fabric, on my pattern the black line represents the stitchery lines that need to be traced. I like to work with a fine tipped Pigma pen, these lovely fine lines which are permanent are easily covered with your embroidery stitches.


If your using stitchery stabiliser now is the time to fuse it to the wrong side of your background piece.
Stitchery stabilizer is generally a single side fusible lightweight fabric which when fused to the
wrong side of your background fabric helps stop the shadowing from carrying the embroidery
threads across the back of your work. Once you start using it you will never want to stop!


Now you are ready to position and glue in place the appliqué shapes, I use Roxanne's Glue Baste It to
hold the appliqué pieces in place which I discovered many many years ago when my boys were still young.
It saves fiddling about and getting your thread tangles in pins!


Next step: stitch the appliqué pieces in place using a fine thread - I love to use either my own
brand which comes on old fashioned wooden spools in a taupe shade or if your not sure what
colour you like to work with then the Bottom Line super bob packs are a great alternative.

Thread Spools

Now I suggest you find a good movie, sit back and enjoy the embroidery. I
love working with the 6 ply Valdani hand dyed threads, I generally use 2 strands to embroidery with. 
Valdani threads have a subtle change of colour within each skein which
perfectly matches my fabrics. I have put together a pack of my most used 20 shades,
here is the link to see the colours I have chosen.


 P.S If you like the wooden thread holders I am using you can order them here.

A big thank you to Hugo who takes great pride in checking my work and personally
road/sleep tests each and every quilt that I make.


 To shop everything Apliquick follow this link

I hope that you enjoy stitching my Splendid Sampler block as much as I enjoyed being part
of the design team.

Lynette bird on jar