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This time last week...

This time last week I had just arrived in Tasmania, I was so excited having only visited this beautiful Island briefly in 2000 when I attended the Squilters (Souther Cross Quilters) retreat. What a fantastic retreat that was but thats another story!
DaffodilsI had forgotten it was spring and what a joy it was to see all the bulbs and blossom, we dont get the different seasons in Queensland and I have to admit that I really miss it.Horse

From Hobart we drove to Cradle Mountain where we stayed for three nights at the Lodge in our own gorgeous cabin complete with log fire...mmm very cosy.

Mr_wombat_2As we arrived at our accomodation there was a huge wombat happily chewing away on some button grass, of course we stopped the car so I could leap out and take a photo... we saw many wombats over the next few days which was very exciting as I had never seen wombats in the wild before.
This stunning tree covered in hanging moss was just outside our cabin door. I am thinking of getting this picture printed onto canvas, we need some pictures at work and I think this printed quite big could look spectacular, has anyone had any experience of getting photos printed onto canvas?
talk soon


My Punchneedle DVD...

I have had many requests about the Art of Punchneedle DVD that I did in conjuntion with Homespun Magazine last year and I am pleased to say that Kim from Honeysuckle Cottage has a limited supply of them. The DVD for those of you who are unfamiliar with it takes you thorugh the basics of threading your needle, getting your work into the hoop properly and of course the fun stuff, the actual punching! I have devised a very simple technique whereby you combine punchneedle with stitchery with stunning effect. The magazine and the DVD also contain a gorgeous, irresistable bag pattern that has a punchneedle/stitchery pocket.

I also have a few of the pens and chocolates left over that I had made especially for the Stitchers Dream Day Out workshop, I would like to share them with a lucky few of my readers, so send me a note and lets see who comes out of the hat??

Now for a Hugo update, well my poor boy had to be desexed on Monday and he wasnt too happy when I picked him up later that day!
He is feeling much better today but still not smiling at me!



Stitchers Dream Day Out....

What a fantastic weekend was had by all who attended. Congratulations to Marion and her team at The Quilters Angel, not only for a wonderful weekend but I would also like to acknowledge all the behind the scenes work that had been done to ensure that each lady had a wonderful bag full of goodies waiting for her on the day, the food was superb and pleantiful... well done ladies everything was just perfect and as you can see the marquee looked fantastic.


Judy_and_aletaSome of the ladies were repeat offenders they attended last year!! Here are Judy and Aleta with their Springtime Needlecases, it was really lovely to see that they had finished their projects.
LynElise_2It was great to catch up with these two ladies again, as you can see they are both very proud of their Welcome Home Cushions and both of their stitching was so neat, well done Lyn and Elise. We travelled to Highfields on friday, luckily Vince's sister and her family live in Toowoomba so we stayed the weekend with them and the cousins had a great time together catching up on all the news and making plans for the next time the Toowoomba family visit us on the Sunshine Coast..... sometime next week!
Now I guess you are all wanting to see what I had created for the weekend?? The theme this year was friendship and my first project is a shoulder bag featuring two of the best friends I have ever known, Rosie our beautiful standard poodle whom we lost last year and then there is Hugo, cute, adorable etc. etc.
The other project is more ambitious and was a huge sucess, largely due to the fact that its a practical item and we all use them.... so..... shall I keep you waiting???
I found these brilliant lampshades a while ago which must have been designed especially for me! The lampshades come with a self adhesive coating, so once you remove the label you can just place your stitchery onto the adhesive, gently stroke into place and hey presto... you have a fabulous unique lampshade. I have had so much fun designing this Millhouse Stitchery lampshade, the table mat to go with it has a lovely friendship verse stitched in the border.
Both of these new designs will be available as patterns by the end of this week from your favourite store. Alternatively Marion at The Quilters Angel will have the patterns and she is also taking orders for the lampshades and or the wooden bases as we sold out of them on the weekend!


PS. Can you name the five designers in this picture?

Did you miss me?

I have just had the most wonderful week in Tasmania, it is such a beautiful place and we were so lucky with the weather. I have lots of pictures to share, we saw wombats, paddymelons and possums, all of these amazing animals visited us on the back deck of the log cabin we had for our stay at Cradle Mountain.


Today I am packing and going to Highfields near Toowoomba where I am one of the tutors at The Stitchers Dream Day Out, I was lucky enough to be a tutor there last year and we had a great couple of days and I am so looking forward to seeing old friends and new.... not sure how much stitching will get done! I am nervous about how my two projects will be received as to date I am the only one who has seen them.... what if no-one likes them..... what if no-one does mine.... how silly but I guess thats the way everyone feels about their own work.

As I said I have some gorgeous photos to share of Tasmania and after the weekend I will have lots of stitching photos to share.
See you all monday, have a lovely weekend

Invitation to a wedding...

My best friend and cousin Christine who lives in Canberra has a son who is getting married in November, although we had all received the most gorgeous 'save the date' fridge magnets months ago, today the invitations arrived.
I think you will have to agree they are just beautiful..

Then off course there is the inside, complete with reply paid response notes.... such alot of work and so gorgeous!


Its a while since we have been to visit them and I am looking forward to seeing how everything on their farm is doing.

postcard from France...

Postcard_from_france_4Imagine my surprise at getting a lovely postcard from France, thank you Ghislaine. Over the years I have always kept all the postcards I have received, its a great record of where your family and friends have been and of course I just love all the different handwriting.

I really thought that I should share Hugo's eyelashes with you... pretty cute..


Its another very wet day here on the Sunshine Coast and for me its a perfect day for stitching, so I am off to put the kettle on for a cup of tea and then a day of stitching and drawing....bliss....


Busy stitching

This week I am busy putting the finishing touches to my two projects for the Stitchers Dream Day Out which is held at Highfields, Toowoomba. The projects are top secret so I cant show you the whole thing but heres a whiff off what one of them looks like.... I am really happy with this one in particular and after September I will be able to reveal the whole thing. If you are interested in joining us for the weekend contact Marion at The Quilters Angel for more information.
Prize_in_postThe other exciting thing that happened to me last week was that I won a gorgeous book by simply leaving a message on Kim from Honeysuckle Cottages blog. I dont think I have ever won anything before so imagine my excitement when this gorgeous stitchery book by Helen from Hugs 'n Kisses arrived in my mail box....thank you Kim for being so generous and congratulations Helen on such a scumptious book, not only does it have some great stitchery projects but the chocolate truffle recipies are YUMMY.
bye for now