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Coming soon...

What a wonderful response I have had to the Noah's Ark monthly stitchery stitch along. I spent alot of yesterday fine tuning the patterns and started to prepare them for you but my scanner is showing an error message and refuses to play with me. I will have to wait until someone who knows how to control the beast is home to help. Keep watching this space!

I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me a the post office. I not only joined in the valentine swap at Lucy Lockets, parcel still on its way across the oceans thanks to my swap partner Beth but I also did a private swap with another Dear Jane addict friend of mine, Marian. This is what I found in my parcel from her....

The ribbons tying this parcel up are just glorious,

Then there is the fabulous old tin...

Then the most amazing handwoven scarf, made just for me with threads in colours and textures that are just right..

Of course there was a chocolate heart but I ate that before I remembered to get the camera out! Sorry I was desperate! Thanks Marian, your present is gorgeous, hope it gets cold soon!

Well, back to the grindstone, I am baking some muffins whilst typing/stitching/drawing and dreaming, hope you are having fun doing something similar,

Almost a year of blogging...

I can hardly believe its almost a year since I started blogging, I sold my retail store almost two years ago and decided to go back to where it all began almost 15 years ago with me just designing, I now work full time from home again on designing and stitching, building up my pattern business. Working from home has many benifits in that I can fit my work in around....a visit to the quilt shop, going out for coffee with a friend, having lunch with my husband or watching the swimming carnival at school but it also has its draw backs, one of which is the occasional sense of isolation. I miss the instant response I could get in the shop when I was showing a new design, I miss seeing what fabrics everyone is choosing and hearing what you are all cooking for dinner tonight!
Blogging has brought you all into my world and I have had hours of pleasure visiting your worlds, I have met so many people from so many places around the world and I feel that I have got to know many of you very well.
Thank you for all the wonderful messages you have left on my blog, its so nice to know that you care enough to leave a message, it only takes a moment to leave a message but the pleasure it gives me to read your messages is unmeasurable, thank you.

My thank you to you in return is going to be a monthly stitchery block for a mini Noahs Ark wall quilt.

As you can see the blocks are all stitched, so we are almost ready to begin. Next I have to assemble the blocks and photograph them, next scan and make them into downloadable pdf files for you, its all very exciting, so please keeping looking here for the very first little block. We can have another year of fun together.
best wishes


Tragedy has struck...

If you can hear the sound of sobbing, its coming from over here, I will tell you why shortly. You may remember we volunteered to have an extra puppy (Maddie) for the weekend to allow her puppy carers to have a romantic weekend away. Maddie was duly dropped off on Saturday morning and bedlam ensued, two puppies in one house....wow... lots of fun! First they had to chase each other around the house, then they checked out the garden, then a game of tug of war with a sock...


that sock is now knee high and its partner sock has a few!!!! holes in it, but hey they are still useable....if you are a dog that is!

Then it was time for a wrestling match...

Good job they were only playing as those teeth are seriously huge! Finally they went to sleep and then when they woke up and it all started again! No, only kidding after that they were really good and we went for a couple of wonderful walks, Sunday afternoon came quickly and it was time for Maddie to go home.
How peaceful our home seemed again....

Then I realised that tragedy had struck, I was presented with this...


No idea who actaully chewed the shoe but I think the culprit had it in his mouth! Do you think Hugo was trying to tell me that he was a bit jealous about having another dog in the house...

The motto is never leave your shoes on the floor with a jealous dog! Poor Hugo he is very sorry...

Honestly he is...
I hope you all like my new header? Just thought I should mention it in case none of you noticed! Its taken me all day to get it to work... in between taking my Dad to the doctor.... then to have Xrays and then back to the doctor. Dad had a nasty fall this morning but I am pleased to say that other than a very nasty bump to his shoulder nothing is broken that a few days rest and a glass of wine wont fix!

New blogging friend..

The other morning I had fun with an old friend of mine Sue from Patchwork With Busy Fingers. Sue has decided its time to join the blogging world and I offered to help get her started so we spent a couple of hours together, most of the time was spent talking and a very small amount of time was spent getting Sue started on her blog.
I tried to take a photo of us sat together but I couldn't remember how to put the camera on auto shot so I had to hold it up and after alot of giggling and many attempts this was the best picture.


So pop over and visit Sue today, dont forget to leave her a message and to tell her I sent you!

My Aunty Florence in the UK has made these wonderful tea bag folded greetings cards. I had never heard of the technique so she sent me a couple, a bit like origami and very pretty. I googled and found all sorts of interesting information, the technique started in Holland and is obviously becoming very popular.


Well, it looks as if we are in for alot more rain on the Sunshine Coast and the poor people of Mackay had 600mm last night and are expecting more. As you can imagine that much water in such a short time has caused flooding and many homes have had to be evacuated. They are also warning people to keep their eyes out for crocodiles as these creatures live in the topical north and now have water access to many back yards!

Wherever you are I hope that you are dry and safe.

Parcel ready to go...

Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling valentine....... the parcel is wrapped and ready to leave today so my valentine swap partner be checking your mail box in the next few days, although I am not sure how long it will take to wing its way to you across the seas!


When I was posting my valentine swap off I also picked up a little package at the post office which had come from Susan... yipee another swap parcel of civil war fabrics and just look at the gorgeous bookmark, it has my name on it too which makes it very special. Thank you Susan.


Then finally after a few no stitching days on my Dear Jane blocks as I have been very busy working on my valentine swaps...oh did I mention that there are two packages leaving today as another friend who was hoping to join the valentine swap hosted by Mrs Locket missed the deadline and rather than have her throwing a bit of a tantrum I said I would love to be her valentine swap partner. What fun this blogging world is. Marian your parcel has left in the post today and since you are here in Australia it should (fingers crossed) be there tomorrow.

Anyhow, I diverse, here are my latest baby Jane blocks. The pink one is from a fabric that I swapped with Chris the other morning whilst we drank coffee. I am really happy with how it looks. Actually now I think about it the blue fabric in the other block is from her too... opps I think I have lost the plot.


Today I am being spoilt and having a massage, so I have to go and find some slushy music and get the bedroom cool and ready.... hmmm bet you are all jealous now!

Exciting package ..

After a wonderful relaxing weekend, reading, sleeping, watching movies and doing a bit of stitching I was more than ready today to get my teeth into some work. However, although I have been busy all day I dont seem to have completed anything... you know what I mean dont you!

Four o'clock came before I realised it and I dashed off to the bus stop to collect Tom, we popped to the post office on the way home and lo and behold there was a mystery package waiting for me!
How exciting.... the package is from Janet Clare in the UK.
Janet creates and stitches the most wonderful things, her appliqué is unique and somehow she uses her machine like a pencil resulting in the most divine stitched pictures I have ever seen.
Janet and I have been chatting over the last few months and I hope that I have inspired her to stretch herself further and to follow her creative path.

This gorgeous Tea cosy, which I am sure represents Hugo and me is a 'thank you' gift from Janet and I am sure that my daily (frequent daily) cuppa will taste all the better for being kept warm under such a wonderful Tea cosy, thank you Janet.

Bye for now

Max the cat..

This picture of Max arrived for me today via a phone message, I think thats why the quality is not so good. Anyhow as my friend said "what is it about cats, they smell a quilt, then before you can blink they are sitting right in the middle of it!" This is Max the cat, he is a very important cat and has lots of opinions which he will gladly share with you!


He is sitting on a quilt which is from one of my very favourite designs, called Muddy Garden,

if your interested the pattern is a available from your local quilt shop or online from Penny at The Patchwork Angel or Kim at Honeysuckle Cottage. Its a great quilt to make as it uses fat quarters, you need 12 x fat quarters for the backgrounds, I used browns but it looks fantastic in pastels or brights, add to that 5 x green print fat quarters, 5 x blue print fat quarters and 5 x burgundy print fat quarters. You will also need to add fabric for the inner border and bits of black prints for the bee's bodies, this is truly a great quilt for stash busting. The finished size of this quilt is approx. 56" x 76" of course since the blocks are repetitive you could make it any size you want or just make a cushion.

Today I am off for a haircut, taking my sewing of course! I hope that you are having a great day and that you are going to manage to get some stitching done.



Another Dear Jane addict who has recently moved to the Sunshine Coast and I got together for a coffee and cake, the oohs and ahhs as we looked at and admired each others blocks certainly had all the other café patrons peeking over their shoulders to see what we were looking at!

Yes, I blinked just as the shutter went and the next photo that was taken is very blurred but I decided that you would just have to see my wonderful eyelids!

Then of course we did some fabric swapping, this is such fun, we swapped 20 different fabrics (4 1/2" x 11"), you only need small pieces as each of the blocks in the quilt use such a small amount.(please excuse the wrong date on this photo but everytime the battery goes flat you have to reset the date and I forgot).

After lots of chatter we decided that we should maybe get together on a regular basis to stitch and help each other with some of the different techniques. Chris is a whiz on the sewing machine and I am really good at hand sewing.

Having had a rather fun morning I came home and got a whole heap of stitching done on one of my new designs, then it was time to feed Hugo!
He is so funny as he always stands back to share with the cat but then she growls at him!

We are still having terrible weather here, with many places severely flooded. They have given us a storm warning for tonight here on the coast with many places already having lost power. I know that many places in the US are also suffering severe storms, it seems to be a problem around the world.
I hope that wherever you are you are safe and dry.

This week...

When do you start your week?? My week starts on the weekend, much more fun than starting on a work day Monday, my way you get two days off before you begin! Saturday was puppy training day and off we went to Brisbane for a puppy get together, its a very social occasion and we had fun traveling on a city cat up the river. The dogs all did really well, no travel sickness! It seemed strange as we are now the ones with the big dog and everyone else had puppies.... makes me realise that we probably dont have that long left with our beloved Hugo. Still lets focus on the wonderful dog he is going to be and how rewarding our time has been with him so here he is with his favourite treat!

Hugo loves his daily carrot... apparently its really good for their teeth and he does have fabulous teeth... ouch!


Not much has happened to my Dear Jane blocks this week, here are the two that I have finished. My next job is to get some cut out ready as I find that if I have some cut out when I do have a spare moment I can happily stitch away. If you want to see the original quilt look here. If you are unable to buy the book etc from your local quilt shop there is a great online shop on the Dear Jane website too.


This triangle is called Bennington Cross

Well, its time to pick Tom up from the bus and pop to the post office, so until next time