Happy Valentines Day
Tragedy has struck...

New blogging friend..

The other morning I had fun with an old friend of mine Sue from Patchwork With Busy Fingers. Sue has decided its time to join the blogging world and I offered to help get her started so we spent a couple of hours together, most of the time was spent talking and a very small amount of time was spent getting Sue started on her blog.
I tried to take a photo of us sat together but I couldn't remember how to put the camera on auto shot so I had to hold it up and after alot of giggling and many attempts this was the best picture.


So pop over and visit Sue today, dont forget to leave her a message and to tell her I sent you!

My Aunty Florence in the UK has made these wonderful tea bag folded greetings cards. I had never heard of the technique so she sent me a couple, a bit like origami and very pretty. I googled and found all sorts of interesting information, the technique started in Holland and is obviously becoming very popular.


Well, it looks as if we are in for alot more rain on the Sunshine Coast and the poor people of Mackay had 600mm last night and are expecting more. As you can imagine that much water in such a short time has caused flooding and many homes have had to be evacuated. They are also warning people to keep their eyes out for crocodiles as these creatures live in the topical north and now have water access to many back yards!

Wherever you are I hope that you are dry and safe.