Autumn Swap..
New patterns..

Out for lunch..

With all the great places to eat here on the Sunshine Coast its often hard to decide exactly where you would like to go, yesterday we all went to the Japanese resturant for lunch. I picked up Ma and Pa and Vince met us there.

We had the lunchbox special,
The container that lunch arrived in was so cute, made perhaps from bamboo it had lots of divided sections in which there were small amounts of tempting delicacies, each in its own gorgeous bowl. Vegetables, a huge prawn and a melt in your mouth piece of fish done in tempura, sizzled beef in a wonderful sauce, two types of raw fish (not my favourite), aubergine or eggplant as it is called here which had been marinated in the most wonderful sweet sticky sauce...yummy... a bowl of rice and a cup of delicious aromatic green tea that was served in the sweetest cups.

My Dad could not wait to get started!

Vince was also keen to practice his chop stick skills!

The four of us decided we should get together for lunch maybe once a month, the rules being that we have to try somewhere different each time and that it should be within walking distance of where Vince works...hmm...roll on next month!
Where or what is your favourite place to eat?

Off to the sewing room for me, yipee..