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We awoke to snow...

Snow Morning It turned out the locals were right, we awoke to snow....very pretty....but very chilly...and as you can imagine coming from The Sunshine Coast we do not really have clothing that prepares us for this chilly weather! These were the cute little cabins that we stayed in, they look so cute, especially with the dusting of snow. Double Eagle On the way out for breakfast we spotted a deer in the woods, hope you can see her too? Deer in the woods We had breakfast in a little cafe at Silver Lake, it was great food and as always its good to be able to share a meal with friends, from left clockwise, Vince, Ron, Anna, Barri and me. Anna the young lady wearing the hat is a ranger in Yosemite National Park and that morning she was heading up to the high country for the summer to live in tent and amongst other things she will give guided walks through the park. Breakfast We admired the mountains from the windows and were told that the line of snow coming down the mountain in a line is a tricky ski path, almost like a slide! The skiers love a challenge dont they, of course a few weeks earlier the mountains had alot more snow on them but that slide looks fast and tricky! Silver Lake I promise I will write some more tomorrow but for now its time to go and make a start on my beef goulash that I have planned for dinner, with chive dumplings, yummy. Its a perfect meal for a cold, wet evening and it will fill the house with delicious aromas and make us feel warm when we have eaten it. I hope you are having something good for dinner? Signature

After the show..

After what was a fantastic show we headed to the airport on Monday, we got very excited when they told us at our hotel that the taxi had arrived.... turned out this wasnt our taxi!
Big black Limo
We flew to Sacramento where we hired a car for the drive to June Lake. One of the places that sounded worth a visit was a ghost town called Bodie, truly amazing, this town had a population of 10,000 in 1879, all there for the gold! Now only 5% of the buidings remain and the people left long ago, although they surely left their mark on this earth. The church still had neat rows of pews inside...and a collection tin! Bodie church The outdoor toilet long since abandoned... Dunny at Bodie The huge machinery which so out of place amongst the rocks and grass. Generator Bodie Having spent a few hours in Bodie exploring the buildings we headed on towards our destination, passing the wonderful Mono Lake. Which we were told is so low on water as alot of its water is taken by pipe to Los Angeles. Mono Lake We were weary travellers when we arrived at our accommodation but the cabin we were given was wonderful and the bed huge and very comfortable. There was a cute gas fire that looked like a real woodburner but much easier to light, heres Vince testing the rocking chair! Double Eagel So, after a good meal we went to bed with the promise of snow overnight from a couple of locals......... I hoped they would be right.... Signature

Home at last...

What an amazing trip we have just had, heading off to Spring market in Portland we were lucky enough to have enough points to get our requested upgrade to business class for our flights over...wow what an fantastic way to start our journey, we even got given pyjamas to wear in our almost flat bed/seats...

Here I am trying to decide where to put everything...this can take a while..lots of decisions to make... Setting up1 After an excursion to the second hand shop that we walked past on our way from the hotel I was finally happy with the look and feel of my booth. Thursday night is sample spree night...or perhaps it should be called 'fabric stash enhancement night'.... yes I am bad but it was fun, fun, fun.. Sample spree1 Fabric stash enhancement The next morning my friend Barri from Bareroots popped to see me before the crowds arrived. Barri and Lynette booth 2017 

I felt very honoured when these two ladies asked if I would sign their suitcase...as if I would say 'no', so my signature is alongside some very well known designers, what a thrill. Igning the bag1
Kathrine from Kathrines Quilte Stue came to say hello, we ususally manage to have dinner together but this year there was just no time but it was good to catch up. Kathrine and Lynette booth2017 After a very successful Spring Market we headed off for a few days holiday and I have some wonderful photos to share. see you tomorrow Signature PS. Typepad have changed a few things since I have been away and I just hope this post is readable!

All Packed....

Well its tuesday evening here and we have just had a delicious meal at our local Italian Cafe, yummy. I have had a busy day organising the last few (million) things before we head off for Spring Market in Portland, Oregon tomorrow morning.
The cats went off to the kennels early this morning much to their disgust, they hate the car journey but love it when they get there. I dropped Hugo off with another puppy carer after I had collected Tom from school, he is going to have a great 12 days with another family.
I have finally squashed everything into the suitcases and am feeling pleased as I don't seem to have so much stuff as ususal...help what could I have forgotten???? (Probably my clothes!)
Now for a cup of tea and a bit of a think about what if anything I would like to take to stitch...oh.. and I need to choose a book to read, I have a huge stack of books beside my bed as Mum and I share books and she gets far more reading time than I do so I am way behind!
I am taking my computer so I do hope that I will have the time and energy to keep you all posted about what I am up to etc.
so until next post, take care and happy stitching

Eggs For Breakfast...

Whilst looking through some old papers today I found a wonderful letter from one of my customers. She was busy making my quilt Eggs for Breakfast


and remembered that her grandfather used to say X for breakfast which is from an old Cockney alphabet.
A for ‘orses (hay for horses)
B for mutton (beef or mutton)
C for yourself (see for yourself)
D for ential (differential)
E for Adam (Eve or Adam)
F for scent (effervescent)
G for gotton (forgotten)
H for himself (each for himself)
I for E (ivory)
J for orange (jaffa orange)
K’s for doctor (case for doctor)
L for leather (hell for leather)
M for sis (emphasis)
N for lope (envelope)
O for the garden wall (over the garden wall)
P’s for dinner (peas for dinner)
Q for billiards (cue for billiards)
R for mo (half a mo)
S for you (its for you)
T for biting (teeth for biting)
U for me (you for me)
V for la France (viva la France)
W for the winnings (double you for the winnings)
X for breakfast (eggs for breakfast)
Y for husband (wife or husband)
Z for wind (zephyr wind)

I see in the picture of the quilt there is one of my beloved hens running in front of the quilt, I cant remember what type of hen she was, although I do remember that her eggs were wonderful. Do any of you know what type of hen she was?

bye for now

Speedy Granny Loz...

The first cows and rainbow have arrived in blogland, take a peek here.
I notice now that I have not put the little x x's on the cow patches so if you want to do them you will have to free hand draw them in...have fun and dont forget to post about your blocks and then let me know so I can have a peek.
love to you all,

Month 3, Rainbow and Cows

Here they are the cutest pair of cows you have ever seen, they are just waiting to be stitched and added to your Noahs Ark block collection. If you are just joining us to stitch your Noahs Ark just scroll down to the bottom left hand column and there you will find the photo album with the downloadable files or if you are a repeat offended just follow this link.

Please let me know when you have posted your block to your blog so I can take a peek and remember to let everyone know about this free stitchery, the more Ark stitchers out there the more fun we will have.
Happy stitching,

Lock me up....please..


Seriously I have so much stuff to get ready before I go away in......13 days... I probably do need locking up. I seem to be using avoidance tactics to get out of doing what needs to be done, like today when I went out with mum for the afternoon but was in no rush to come home....hmmm well we were trying to find me some clothes.... I am a hopeless clothes shopper as I really love my jeans and a t-shirt. Its Ok though as we found a great new pair of jeans and some wonderful t-shirt type tops that are just a bit more interesting than a t-shirt. Yes, I am excited and very nervous, its been three years since I took my patterns and books to the USA and .....well, what if they hate me....

I guess you would all like me finish off the instructions for the May Noahs Ark Free pattern??? Keep your eyes posted, its not too far away... now I am going back to look at my suitcase and try to decide what I actaully need rather than what I have already got in it!

I took this photo of Vince the other afternoon when he got back from his wednesday morning ride. I was so pleased with the picture that I have had it printed onto a huge canvas for him to hang in the office, it looks really good. Cute knees dont you think!


Yes, I know I can hear you.....I am off to my workshop to finish the '_ _ _ _ _' block, there you almost made me say what the block for May was....naughty!
See you soon