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Sunday climb...

Yesterday afternoon we decided it was 'the day' to climb Mt Coolum, we have been promising ourselves that we would, so at 3.30pm we headed off, it was a nice temperature and not too windy! The sign at the bottom of the climb said it was a two hour round trip, that we should stay on the path and for experienced climbers only....ekk, it gets dark fairly early at the moment and we had been told (by young fit people) that its about 20 mins to climb up! Neither of us are experienced climbers....anyhow we thought we would make a start and accept that if it was too hard we would turn around. The first part was through some trees and had wonderful steps that had been cut into the earth, it was quite a steep climb and I was out of breath fairly quickly but determined to keep up with Vince! 

We arrived at this part!! Surely this isnt the path?? Yep it was!

The path up

We saw these very pretty flowers... I stopped to admire them whilst secretly trying to get my breath back!
Bush flowers

We finally got to the top and it was about a 20 min climb, these crows were having fun in the tree at the top!
The crows

Can you spot the Peregrine Falcon the tower?
Peregrin Falcon

The view was wonderful, its so interesting to see the layout of where you live from a birds eye view.
To mooloolaba

Dont step backwards!
Dont step back

I have to say that going down required far more concentration than going up but not as much breath!
Going down

What did you get up to this weekend, something fun I hope?
PS. Thanks for all the wonderful postings about favourite keyrings if you havent done so there is still time for you to leave me a message. One lucky person will receive my new 'Woof' pattern.

My new keyring...

Well, where shall I start...hmm....yesterday I fell in love with this gorgeous strawberry keyring and just had to buy it. Its just so yummy, it feels good in my hand, is quite detailed and well, I just love it. Do you have a favourite key ring?

Strawberry keyring

This button keyring I made a while ago, I used to host National Button Day (a made up celebration) where we all made a gift for our secret partner from buttons, I ended up making something else for my swap partner that year as I could not part with this, do you blame me? Button keyring

How about you put a picture of your favourite keyring on your blog, dont forget to put a link back to me and you could be the winner of one of my new 'Woof' patterns. of course if you dont have a blog you can still enter just leave me a message nd tell me about your keyring......I just love messages they make me smile each time one arrives in my inbox....so come on make me smile!

Keep forgetting to show..

Wooden pegs Finally I have remembered to show you these gorgeous pegs that were sent to me by the very generous Lissa. I was looking on this blog and saw a great way to use these old fashioned style pegs but just couldn't find any to buy, so thank you Lissa I now have some very special handdyed thread by Valdani wound onto my gorgeous pegs!

These Valdani threads I just cannot bear to remove from the box,  Valdani threads

Yummy, arn't they ...maybe these ones will become dust collectors and I will have to buy another box full to use!

Thank you for the wonderful comments about the 'Woof' quilt and for the many requests for a 'Miaow' quilt next! 

Dont forget there is this lovely wall quilt called 'I Love My Cat' which is very popular, its such fun to make as there are a variety of techiniques for you practise, strip piecing, simple crazy patch and the siamese cat has been done with paints. Of course with all the wonderful textured fabrics there are around you could have fun looking for some fur like fabrics...sounds like a good excuse to visit your favourite quilt shop to me! 
I Love My Cat

hope I have inspired you today,
best wishes

Canine help....do you need some?

Hugo is becoming exceptionally skilled at sewing...hmm.... make that attention seeking assisting me with my sewing!

Here I am trying to trim the new 'Woof' quilt ready to bind it....such a helpful puppy!

Hugo helps with Woof

Trimming the Woof quilt

Eventually I got the job done.... then of course the cats helped me to stitch the binding down!!!
The quilt patterns are now ready and should be available through your local quilt shop, if they dont have them yet, please encourage them to order one in for you or of course you can get them online from here.

Today I received news from Kim that Sue from Patchwork with Busyfingers father has passed away, Hugo and I have been to visit Sue's parents a few times over the last year as they only live a few minutes walk from me. Sue's parents both love dogs and Hugo and I enjoyed our visits and of course the cuppa and biscuit that went with the visit! Last time we visited Sue's dad read me a lovely piece from a little book of Dog Quotations.....
No Questions Asked by Jerome K. Jerome
"He is very imprudent, a dog is. He never makes it his business to inquire whether you are in the right or in the wrong, never bothers as to whether you are going up or down life's ladder, never asks whether you are rich or poor, silly or wise, sinner or saint. Come luck or misfortune, good repute or bad, honour or shame, he is going to stick to you, to comfort you, guard you, and give his life for you..." 

I came home that day the proud owner of that little book and will always be glad to have known Sue's dad.

Kim and I talked last night about the possibility of sending Sue something so she knows we are thinking of her. I think healing hearts are such a wonderful simple idea. So if you feel you can and would like to send a healing heart to Sue, please make it on a cream on cream background square 6 1/2", heart fabric to be pretty, maybe Mrs March, antique colouring as this is what Sue favours. Post your heart to Sue at PO Box 433, Eumundi, QLD 4562 Australia.

thank you

Thank you Patchwork Angel...

Did you hear me cheer? Yesterday on my way to picking Tom up from school I popped into my old store The Patchwork Angel and they were just unpacking these magazines, yeah!

Homespun Vol9.6

Finally I can show you the bag I designed specially to go with the article on Hugo and SEDA (Seeing Eye Dogs Australia).

Hugo's bag

With the special handpainted button which I am sure you will all recognize from the header of my blog! These button should be available from your local patchwork shop, if not they can order them in for you from my distributors Creative Abundance.

Hugo button

There are lots of other wonderful goodies in the magazine too, including a gorgeous angel project from Roslaie Quinlan.

Its hard to believe that Penny Hornbuckle has now owned The Patchwork Angel for two years this week! Congratulations Penny you are doing a wonderful job, Penny has a great blog for you to visit too, so pop over and say hello and dont forget if there is anything you need Penny and her team will do their best to help. You can contact the girls at the shop and they will be happy to mail you a magazine if you are unable to locate one near you.

Hope you enjoy the magazine and if you make the bag please remember to send me a picture, I just love seeing what you are all making.
Thank you for all your wonderful support, I hope you have a wonderful stitching day. Today I am working on a top secret project.... getting nowhere fast as my brain just is not focussed...maybe some chocolate would help???
PS. Hugo sends a 'woof' and wants to let you know that he is happy to autograph anything for his fans. See here is his paw print on the new "WOOF" quilt that has just come back from the quilters.....more pictures tomorrow x

and the pattern goes to...

thanks to the random number generator, the 55th message that was left, which was from Iris Eggert on Saturday 14th June at 5.24am. If you read the comment Iris left you will see that she was not having a good day on Friday 13th lets hope winning this pattern will cheer her up. Iris if you would like to email me your postal address I will get the pattern in the post for you. Hugo says that your Ronja looks pretty cute, how about an introduction and maybe some lessons on how to leave even more hair everywhere than he already does!

A big thank you to everyone for the lovely messages, it is such a thrill to me that you all like my work and I have had a wonderful weekend looking at blogs, so many talented people out there. I found some wonderful little bird prints in an Etsy store which I could not resist and I ordered a few... they are so cute and will look divine framed on my wall.

Now I am off to the newsagents to look for that Austrlaian Homespun Magazine Vol 9.6.... oh, before I forget many of you have said that you find it impossible to buy that magazine in your country. maybe you would like to order it, I believe that Kim is happy to mail them anywhere in the world, no idea what the postage may be but maybe worth an ask as its a fabulous magazine.
bye for now

New pattern ...

Today I was planning on showing you the lastest edition of Australian Homespun Magazine 9.6 which has a wonderful project of mine inside and an article on Hugo and myself, as you can see Hugo is feeling a bit fed up waiting to see himself in print, of course you have to understand for Hugo its his 'first' time!

Fed up waiting
....alas the magazine is not on the shelves in my newsagents yet.... so you will have to wait and I will try to be patient....its hard and I am not very good at it... and Hugo has already forgotten about being famous and can now only think about the walk I have promised to take him on later!

So to cheer me up I have 1 (one) copy of my new redwork stitchery pattern to giveaway... its called A Trio Of Greetings and comes with a ready to iron-on transefer in both sizes..yep..the small one is a dainty 2" x 3"....and yes I did only use one strand of thread and it wasnt as hard as I thought!
Y336 A Trio of Greetings

You all know the way this works, leave me a message and put a link on your blog about the giveaway and on monday morning (our time) I will pull a name from the list and hopefully make someone happy...also by then I hope my magazine will be here and I will be able to show you the project I made to go with the article which turned out really well and I am very pleased with it.
look forward to hearing from you

San Francisco..

Finally I hear you all say...I know you were all wondering about the last part of our trip to the US, well it was wonderful. We arrived safe and sound in San Francisco, the drive was a bit scarry...wrong side of the road, 4 lanes of traffic etc....

We saw some wonderful wind farms...
Wind Farms

We stayed at a really lovely hotel at Fisherman's Wharf, that had a great nautical theme and excellent service..
Argonaut hotel

We enjoyed seeing the Sealions on pier 39.. Sealions1 the noise they made was deafening, it was funny to watch them juggling for a place on the floating pontoons. We sampled Clam Chowder which was served in wonderful cottage loaves which we had watched the bakers making earlier in the day....delicious and warming. Clam Chowder We visited Alcatraz.. To Alcatraz It is a cold and delsolate place and I cannot imagine spending anytime in one of the tiny cells, let alone 10+ years... however I found a few lovely things to take photos of.. Cell with a view Alcatraz island is now home for many birds and they seemed to be very content, this one was well fed and not at all worried by all the humans walking past him! Alcatraz Seagul Many of the buildings are in decay and really quite beautiful, Alcartaz window this water tank reminded me of the movie War Of The Worlds with Tom Crusie....did you watch that one? Alcatraz Water tank very late that night we boarded a plane for the long flight home... now you are all up to date on my adventure, thanks for sharing it with me... bye for now Signature

Who did I see at market?

Here I am with two ladies I had not met before, Megan (on the left) is a long time addict of my designs and was once a member of the 'weekend project' club that we ran for many years through my shop, it was great to meet such an enthusiastic stitcher.

Megan, Catherina and Me QCE 08

Megan was attending the show with a good friend of hers Catharina who runs the quilt shop Catharinas Country Collections who will be at the Craft Fair at Darling Harbour this week, if you are going to the Craft Fair be sure to look for my Pond House BOM quilt on Catharina's booth, maybe you will even sign up to make the quilt

 Pond mat info 
These two girls are from a pattern company called Angels In Disguise, Collen also runs a quilt shop here on the Sunshine Coast. Cath is a blogger, although looking at her blog we need to give her a nudge to post a bit more often! Collen, Cath and me QCE 08 Many of you will recognise Sue from Patchwork With Busyfingers, Sue and Jim are driving home from the show and are very kindly bringing my second hand treasures home for me. Sue and Lynette QCE 08 I didnt get to take too many more photos as we got very busy taking orders for my patterns and books...which I guess was what we were there for! I did find time to chat to Di Mill who has a wonderful blog, well worth a visit. Well now I am home again and phew, its so good to be home! I have had loads of emails from all of you wonderful Noah's Ark stitchers, thank you for your enthusiasm I am really glad that you are all enjoying it so much. take care and happy stitching Signature

Sydney quilt market...

We arrived in Sydney last night for the Australian Quilt Show (AQM) which is on this weekend. We had alot of fun this morning visiting this wonderful place looking for some interesting props for my stand.

Second hand wonderland
So many things to choose from.. Treasures galore should I get one of these...hmm..they are very cute but quite expensive so maybe not this time... Sewing machines I choose a childs wooden chair with less paint on than off! An old wooden step ladder and a funny little suitcase which Vince can remember is what they used to take their lunch to school in. After a quick lunch we went to the venue to set up our booth, Setting up Hope you are all having fun with the new Noah's Ark stitchery block. bye for now Lynette x