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Wooden pegs Finally I have remembered to show you these gorgeous pegs that were sent to me by the very generous Lissa. I was looking on this blog and saw a great way to use these old fashioned style pegs but just couldn't find any to buy, so thank you Lissa I now have some very special handdyed thread by Valdani wound onto my gorgeous pegs!

These Valdani threads I just cannot bear to remove from the box,  Valdani threads

Yummy, arn't they ...maybe these ones will become dust collectors and I will have to buy another box full to use!

Thank you for the wonderful comments about the 'Woof' quilt and for the many requests for a 'Miaow' quilt next! 

Dont forget there is this lovely wall quilt called 'I Love My Cat' which is very popular, its such fun to make as there are a variety of techiniques for you practise, strip piecing, simple crazy patch and the siamese cat has been done with paints. Of course with all the wonderful textured fabrics there are around you could have fun looking for some fur like fabrics...sounds like a good excuse to visit your favourite quilt shop to me! 
I Love My Cat

hope I have inspired you today,
best wishes