Keep forgetting to show..
Sunday climb...

My new keyring...

Well, where shall I start...hmm....yesterday I fell in love with this gorgeous strawberry keyring and just had to buy it. Its just so yummy, it feels good in my hand, is quite detailed and well, I just love it. Do you have a favourite key ring?

Strawberry keyring

This button keyring I made a while ago, I used to host National Button Day (a made up celebration) where we all made a gift for our secret partner from buttons, I ended up making something else for my swap partner that year as I could not part with this, do you blame me? Button keyring

How about you put a picture of your favourite keyring on your blog, dont forget to put a link back to me and you could be the winner of one of my new 'Woof' patterns. of course if you dont have a blog you can still enter just leave me a message nd tell me about your keyring......I just love messages they make me smile each time one arrives in my come on make me smile!