San Francisco..
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New pattern ...

Today I was planning on showing you the lastest edition of Australian Homespun Magazine 9.6 which has a wonderful project of mine inside and an article on Hugo and myself, as you can see Hugo is feeling a bit fed up waiting to see himself in print, of course you have to understand for Hugo its his 'first' time!

Fed up waiting
....alas the magazine is not on the shelves in my newsagents yet.... so you will have to wait and I will try to be patient....its hard and I am not very good at it... and Hugo has already forgotten about being famous and can now only think about the walk I have promised to take him on later!

So to cheer me up I have 1 (one) copy of my new redwork stitchery pattern to giveaway... its called A Trio Of Greetings and comes with a ready to iron-on transefer in both sizes..yep..the small one is a dainty 2" x 3"....and yes I did only use one strand of thread and it wasnt as hard as I thought!
Y336 A Trio of Greetings

You all know the way this works, leave me a message and put a link on your blog about the giveaway and on monday morning (our time) I will pull a name from the list and hopefully make someone happy...also by then I hope my magazine will be here and I will be able to show you the project I made to go with the article which turned out really well and I am very pleased with it.
look forward to hearing from you