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Sunday climb...

Yesterday afternoon we decided it was 'the day' to climb Mt Coolum, we have been promising ourselves that we would, so at 3.30pm we headed off, it was a nice temperature and not too windy! The sign at the bottom of the climb said it was a two hour round trip, that we should stay on the path and for experienced climbers only....ekk, it gets dark fairly early at the moment and we had been told (by young fit people) that its about 20 mins to climb up! Neither of us are experienced climbers....anyhow we thought we would make a start and accept that if it was too hard we would turn around. The first part was through some trees and had wonderful steps that had been cut into the earth, it was quite a steep climb and I was out of breath fairly quickly but determined to keep up with Vince! 

We arrived at this part!! Surely this isnt the path?? Yep it was!

The path up

We saw these very pretty flowers... I stopped to admire them whilst secretly trying to get my breath back!
Bush flowers

We finally got to the top and it was about a 20 min climb, these crows were having fun in the tree at the top!
The crows

Can you spot the Peregrine Falcon the tower?
Peregrin Falcon

The view was wonderful, its so interesting to see the layout of where you live from a birds eye view.
To mooloolaba

Dont step backwards!
Dont step back

I have to say that going down required far more concentration than going up but not as much breath!
Going down

What did you get up to this weekend, something fun I hope?
PS. Thanks for all the wonderful postings about favourite keyrings if you havent done so there is still time for you to leave me a message. One lucky person will receive my new 'Woof' pattern.