Pattern giveaway...
First Christmas card for H &F...


My goodness, I dont think that i have ever had so many messages, its been wonderful fun and I think its safe to say that most of you have enjoyed the new message system.

The random number selector picked numbers 94 ,199 and 30
Number 94 is Helena who has chosen Nora's Hens as her favourite.
199 is Doreen B, wed Dec 10th, she is happy to have any pattern, so I will send her Nora's Garden.
Number 30 is Elin who has chosen Nora's horses because her two girls love horses

Then Vince and I had fun picking three more because with so many messages left it seemed mean to only choose three. So the winners are:-
Nancy because she was first to leave me a message. Cindy because Hugo is in love her two dogs.
LesleyAnn because of the memory she has of locking her sister in the hen house when they were kids, luckily they are still friends!

Ladies please send me your postal addresses so that I can send your patterns to you.
Thanks to everyone for joining in the fun