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Stitching and old photos...

My Auntie sent me this gorgeous picture of my Dad (1945 ish), they were living on the farm at that time and my dad had pretend pigs which he diligently fed sawdust to everyday! The story goes that one day he actually gave the real pigs some sawdust which they quickly ate! Poor chap was then very worried that they might all die, which thankfully they didnt!

Dad 1945

Heres a bit of what I have been stitching, dont look to closely at my satin stitch...
Flower close up
Yes, its very pink but I have sneeked in some lovely chocolate brown!!
Hope you are having a great weekend, 
PS. Thanks for all the well wishes for Felix, he is feeling much better today, he really thinks he looks quite cute with his little bald patches! Its a good job he cant see himself in the mirror or he may think differently. 

Trip to Vet...

Well after an hour at the vet and $135 poorer, Felix looks like this...

Shaved bits
These are just two of the shaved patches of the dozen or so that the vet had to do so the air can get to the wounds from being in a fight with a smelly stray tomcat. Felix also has a bit of a limp, the vet gave him an anti-inflammatory injection and I have to give him a weeks worth of antibiotics, hopefully he will feel a bit better tomorrow! 
As you can imagine his best friend is very concerned about him, Hugo had to give him a good sniff all over and a bit of a wash to get rid of that vet smell!
Hugo checking Felix
Its been so much cooler today and I have managed to get quite alot of stitching done but since its still a secret I cannot show you, sorry.
Nothing much planned for this weekend other than on Sunday when its Clean Up Australia day and we like to go and help collect the rubbish in our neighbourhood.
Bye for now

My name on the selvage...

I am so excited, yesterday afternoon I picked up a packet from the post office that had the strike offs for my Hedgerow fabric collection. The strike offs are small samples of each print and colourway so I can check for colour and detail. Imagine my delight when I discovered two of the little pieces had my name printed on them.....


Well I just had to share some of my excitement with you and now I had better go and finish the household morning chores and get stuck in to some stitching... bliss...

Fabric parcel for top secret project...

Ahh, what a cute puppy and just look at that wonderful mouthwatering bundle of Sachet Pot Pourri fabrics he is bringing me....

Hugo with fabric

I cant tell you anything much about this project yet.... but its going to be exciting, there are other designers and some special quilt stores involved.
Got you interested?? Keep watching this space... now I am of to draw something very special to go with this fabric range.
PS. Thanks for all the wonderful 'Whats on your bed' pictures that have been in blogland, I do hope everyone has enjoyed visiting as much as I have.

What Quilts On Your bed?

This is our summer quilt, the bright blues and purples against the white quilters muslin create a lovely cool fresh look. Mum made this quilt several years ago, she loves piecing and the challenge of making the points match which is completely the opposite to me! Mum was going through her star period when she made this quilt, I think my favourite stars in this quilt are the stars, in a star, in a star blocks.

Blue Stars

The quilting itself is very simple and showcases the piecing to perfection. With the hot hot nights we have been having its been a perfect quilt to lie under with your feet hanging out the side to cool them!
How about showing me whats on your bed at this time of the year? Leave me a message when there is a picture on your blog and we can all come and visit you.

Sydney, buttons and cupcakes..

This was certainly a room with a view, how lucky we were. We could see The Opera House, Harbour bridge and the huge Cunard cruise ship, Queen Victoria.

Room with a view

You cant really see what these two very clever rainbow lorikeets were doing, so let me explain. The cheeky birds were stealing a packet of sugar from the lunch tables, very carefully making a small opening and then eating the sugar! Whilst we had our lunch they got through about 4 packets of sugar!
Sugar parrots
After lunch we had a bit of a stroll and found this button shop..... old ones new ones you name it they had everything and the lady behind the counter other than being camera shy was so lovely.
Button shop
Then off to the concert at The Opera House, its an amazing building, we walked all the way around the outside to admire it.
Opera house1
The tiles are very quilt like.
Opera house tiles
The concert was everything I hoped for and we had a great evening, singing along to many of my favourite songs from the talented Simply Red.
When I woke the next morning I saw this...... a huge cup cake?? What was it doing on the ceiling of our room??? Ah, oh, its a ceiling light looking like a cup cake, yes I have inverted the picture to make it look more like a cup cake than it was!
Giant cup cake
Home safe today having had a great treat, now to focus on my sewing. 
bye for now
PS. Everyone it seems is having trouble loading their ark pictures into the Flickr group?? Can someone help? Its the first time I have set up  Flickr group and the message we all get is that it wont load the picture into the group as the picture does not meet the group rules?? Where or what have I done wrong?

Pattern Winners...

Whopps, I forgot to do this yesterday. Drum roll....the names out of the hat this time are Lynn, Vanessa and Diane,

Ladies please email me with your postal addresses so that I can get these little packages in the mail to you.
I am so excited as tomorrow morning we are flying to Sydney to see one of my all time favourite bands, Simply Red and special guest Kate Ceberano. Why are we going to Sydney, well firstly because the band is not coming to Brisbane and second because they are performing in the Opera House and that just makes it so much more exciting!! 
bye for now

Rainbow of Colour...

Mum and I went to Brisbane today to visit a good friend who has been in hospital for rather a long time, it was so good to see her and she was so pleased to see us. On the way home we had a very naughty lunch of McDonalds and then stopped at one of the big shopping centers as Mum wanted me to help her choose something for my DH (Vince) who is going to be having a very special 'O' birthday very soon. We found the perfect thing and on the way back to the car we spotted this lovely mouth watering array of threads in the alterations shop...

Wish my workshop was this organised, although I do always say you cannot be creative and tidy and I think I am going to stick to that!

Flickr Update..

Thanks to the ladies who have already joined the group, if you want your ark picture to be able to be viewed by everyone, first join the group and then select your ark picture and load it into the group page so we can see it, currently there are a few arks that only I as the administrator can see!


Noah's Ark Flickr Group...

How wonderful it is to see so many finished or almost finished Noah's Ark mini quilts. I feel so proud to have inspired you all to make this little quilt and the results I have seen so far are great. So something I have been meaning to learn how to do is start a Flickr group, with the aid of Vince today we have done just that, so please, please, please load your Ark into the Flickr group page which is located just under my photo in the left hand column so everyone around the world can see your quilt.