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I bought this gorgeous old sewing box about 30+ years ago, at that time I was working as a waitress in the evenings having not quite left school and it took me many, many weeks to pay for. I have treasured what I think is a traveling sewing box all these years and today I wanted to show it to you all. The outside of the box is looking a bit more faded than it was when I bought it, although it never was in mint condition. 

Sewing box

Take a peek inside and you will see its filled with an array of wonderful ivory sewing accessories. There are beautifully carved thread spools, a tapemeasure, a tatting shuttle, a wonderful clamp with a pincushion on top and if you take a closer peek you will see the lacquer work is still as bright and lovely as the day it was new.
Lift the lid
Want to see more? Let me lift the lids on some of the little segments, Oh look there are more tools and treasures within. There is a also little penknife in mother of pearl which belonged to my grandmother, I keep it in this box so its safe.

Under lids
Now I can show you why I think it may be a travelling sewing box because if you open the bottom compartment it has a little lift up writing area. Did you notice, I have still have the original key! Look how bright the lacquer work is on this bit.
The writing compartment
I have no idea how old this box may be? I think it probably came from china as the lacquer work and the carvings on the ivory have an oriental theme. If anyone has any information or suggestions, please share them with us.
Looking forward to hearing from you