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A Kittens Tale in Beach House fabric...

Here is a picture of my Kittens Tale BOM made using the fabric line Beach Houses, Catharinas  has stitched this quilt and I'm sure you will agree it just gorgeous. I love the raspberry colour in this collection it makes the quilt look so pretty. If your interested in this colourway, Catharinas Country Collection here is Australia is offering it as a BOM with these very fabrics.

Kittens tale, Catharinas

Of course the patterns are available in lots of other stores too, check out the list on the right hand column of my blog for stores that also have a good online service that may have the patterns in stock.
Is there anyone out there using different fabrics to these or my original, if so I would love to see??

Butterfly Quilt in Aviary fabric...

Yesterday with much excitement I picked up the reworked Butterfly Collection Quilt.

Hugo and Butterfly quilt

How gorgeous is it done in the Aviary fabrics by Moda. I used a fat quarter bundle that contained one of each fabric from the range, I think there was 42 in total. The bundle has made the front, the back, a rod pocket and done the binding leaving me with a tiny pile of scraps which I can make something little with.
Thanks to Elizabeth for the lovely quilting, its just beautiful and if your reading this I hope your having fun quilting the musicians! Opps, I have let a bit of a secret out of the bag! My lips are sealed.....ouch!
The original quilt was made using Civil war reproduction fabrics and is just as gorgeous, its fun to see the butterfly collection with a new look. 
The Butterfly1
The pattern currently has a picture of the repro quilt on it , I am going to change it to show the new colourway do you think thats a good idea?
If I have tempted you to this pattern then I know these Australian shops have it in stock, in fact they both stock my entire range of patterns and books and offer a fast efficient service so have fun browsing.


Its my chair...

We have Miss Lulu staying with us for a couple of weeks, she is about 12 years old and very sprightly. Felix (who thinks he is a dog) has taken her arrival in his stride but poor Fatcat and Freckle keep having to spit and run!
Here is Freckle with her big frightened eyes.......
Hugo on the other hand who is so very accepting has happily welcomed Miss Lulu into our home........although as you can see it is a tight squeeze in the armchair in my workshop. Poor Hugo is not so keen to share this particular bit of space ..............still they both managed to smile grimace for the camera!

My Chair

Well I had better get back to pressing my little bowtie blocks, the problem I am finding is that with the steam iron on full my glasses keep getting fogged up! Do you have that problem and is there a solution?

Fun, Noah and Twitter..

Wondering what to do today?? Have a play with this, just type in patchwork and see what you get! I can tell you that we spent alot of yesterday having lots of fun so I hope you enjoy it too. I found the link to it on this blog so be sure to pop over and say thanks!

If your keen to do some Noahs Ark visiting then this one is worth a peek, Lynn was also one of the lucky winners of a Quilt Shoppe pattern and a Felix button.

Thanks to all of you who have joined me on Twitter, dont forget to read my tweets or you may miss hearing if you are the lucky winner of the bundle of my patterns. There is still time to follow me on Twitter if you want to.


What did I do this weekend? 
Yes, some sewing...
Crazy Christmas
Its looking very cute, sorry I cant show you more. This week I am working on the rest of the drawings for this design which will be made using all my own fabric 'Magical Christmas'. Want another look at my fabric? Then visit Henry Glass and scroll down the left column until you find my name and click to have a closer look. 
This is how Felix drinks his water...with one foot in the bowl!
Felix waterbowl
Felix loves the way he leaves a wet footprint all over the floor after hes been drinking!
Enjoy your day

My New Red Shoes..

Yesterday I bought these gorgeous red shoes, oh, yes Hugo got in the picture and really you cant see the detail on the shoes...but Hugo looks very cute, he is just like a small child, when he sees the camera he thinks I must be going to take a picture of him.

Red shoes and Hugo

The crumpled leather reminds me of my fabric pile when I'm working on a project and theres no time to neatly fold and press it as I just have to keep working! Bet you all know that feeling.

Then there are the gorgeous silver buttons and the silver cross stitch detail on the fronts, these shoes must have been made just for me! 
Red shoes
They are so comfortable, just like wearing a favourite pair of slippers.... now I am wondering 'do they come in other colours'??? I am thinking I should ring the store this morning and ask.....hmm, now that would be a bit naughty but....I am tempted...

Stitching today...

Today I was planning to work finalising the drawings and test stitching for a new quilt using my very own fabric line called Hedgerow which will be available in stores very very soon....... which is so exciting!
However I need a new bag and so have been completely sidetracked today and have almost stitched....
and even if I do say so myself its looking very very gorgeous. I know I am mean not showing you the whole picture but then...well then there would be nothing to show you next week when I have finished it would there!
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I am sure you have all noticed my little fluttering birdy on the top left of my blog by now and many of you are wondering what 'Twitter' is all about?

Let me try to explain, try to think of it as text messaging to multiple people all at once, its a way I can let you know the very instant I have launched a new pattern, got a giveaway, started my new free BOM on my blog etc etc.

Bundle of patterns

So if you dont want to miss out on all the fun of Twitterland then click to follow me and I will enter you in the draw for a bundle of my patterns.....whoo hoo thats too good a chance to pass up. 
Hope to see you all on Twitter soon.