Fun, Noah and Twitter..
Butterfly Quilt in Aviary fabric...

Its my chair...

We have Miss Lulu staying with us for a couple of weeks, she is about 12 years old and very sprightly. Felix (who thinks he is a dog) has taken her arrival in his stride but poor Fatcat and Freckle keep having to spit and run!
Here is Freckle with her big frightened eyes.......
Hugo on the other hand who is so very accepting has happily welcomed Miss Lulu into our home........although as you can see it is a tight squeeze in the armchair in my workshop. Poor Hugo is not so keen to share this particular bit of space ..............still they both managed to smile grimace for the camera!

My Chair

Well I had better get back to pressing my little bowtie blocks, the problem I am finding is that with the steam iron on full my glasses keep getting fogged up! Do you have that problem and is there a solution?