Stitching today...

My New Red Shoes..

Yesterday I bought these gorgeous red shoes, oh, yes Hugo got in the picture and really you cant see the detail on the shoes...but Hugo looks very cute, he is just like a small child, when he sees the camera he thinks I must be going to take a picture of him.

Red shoes and Hugo

The crumpled leather reminds me of my fabric pile when I'm working on a project and theres no time to neatly fold and press it as I just have to keep working! Bet you all know that feeling.

Then there are the gorgeous silver buttons and the silver cross stitch detail on the fronts, these shoes must have been made just for me! 
Red shoes
They are so comfortable, just like wearing a favourite pair of slippers.... now I am wondering 'do they come in other colours'??? I am thinking I should ring the store this morning and ask.....hmm, now that would be a bit naughty but....I am tempted...