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Easter goodies..

Its Autumn here so there are no spring bulbs in my garden so instead I have this lovely bunch of tulips, nesting underneath are some of my Easter treasures.

Easter tree2

Hmm, when I put this display out I realised that I should consider making an Easter wall quilt for this space as the Autumn one which hangs here all year as it suits my house colouring does not match the Easter theme! So heres a future design project for me....I may need to go fabric hunting too!
Easter tree
Heres a close up look at the lovely painted glass baubles that I bought earlier this year, they are so delicate and pretty, the broken eggs are ceramic and have candles inside them.
Easter tree3
These gorgeous fabric egg decorations I made a few years ago they are from one of the Art To Heart books. The little birds that you can maybe see a yellow one of in this picture are made from an old jumper with fabric wings and beaks which I found in one of the linen shops, they are quite simple and very cute.
Easter tree1
Of course I should show you my finished Easter tablerunner. Hope you all approve? It looks great on my table and if you fancy to make yourself one for next year or if your middle name is 'speedy gonzalez' and you want it for this year then the patterns should be in a store near you.
YWP24 Easter tablerunner
Enjoy your weekend
PS. I will draw the name for the winner of the Birdhouse bag pattern tomorrow so if you haven't left me a message and want a chance for a free pattern leave me a message on the post below.