Hugo the destroyer...
Day two...

Blanket Stitch my way..

I love the use of blanket stitch in my quilts, it give a wonderful dimensional/textured effect. Heres a completed flower from An Angels Wish, 5 flowers a day and in a week the flower trail border will be done! 
Completed flower
When I first started doing this stitch I really didnt like the way the thread often slipped under the shape that you were appliqueing, know what I mean?? So I experimented and came up with a 'two step' stitch, what do I mean? Well instead of doing the blanket stitch in one flowing movement I now take it slow and steady, thus ensuring the stitches are exactly where I want them to be and they sit on top of my work. I generally use two strands of embroidery thread and my favourite needle is a Clover No. 9 embroidery, they are easy to thread with their gold eyes and always sharp.
To begin put a small knot at the end of your thread and bring the needle from the back of your work to the front coming out right on the edge of the shape that you are going to stitch around.
Put your needle into the background fabric about 1/8th inch along from where your needle came out previously, right up close to the shape you are applying and using your left hand thumb as a guide for stitch depth,

Blanket stitch1

Take the stitch and pull the thread through until you just have a loop,Blanket stitch2

Dont let the loop get twisted as then you will not be able to pull the stitch into place nicely. Put the needle into the loop from the front,
Blanket stitch3 
Blanket stitch4
Gently but firmly pull the stitch into place, take you time, make sure the stitch sits where you want it. 
Blanket stitch5
Take your next stitch.
Blanket stitch6 
Blanket stitch7
Blanket stitch8
I know how hard it is to change a way that you do a stitch so just pretend you are learning a new stitch and yes, you will be slow and be all thumbs to start with but I can assure you it will be worth it.
Tomorrow I will show you how to do neat points with blanket stitch and how to stitch around a curve whilst keeping the thread where you want it so it doesnt look like this!
Curve disaster