Welcome Home Pillow..
the Quiltmakers..

As I was saying...

As you can see Hugo had alot to say for himself today, I wish I spoke dog as whatever he was trying to tell me obviously very important. 

As i was saying

It was probably that he thought it was time for a carrot, his favourite snack.

Daily carrot 

 Do you remember a few posts ago I asked if anyone could guess what was on Felix's head???? One of you got very very close!

Summer holiday blocks 

Proudly wearing his Okanui board shorts I introduce you to MrBird, sighted here on one of our beautiful beaches. MrBird is the new(est) best(ist) friend of Hugo and Felix and hidden in the pile of blocks are the various adventures of Hugo, Felix and MrBird as the enjoy their 'Summer Holiday' which is the name of the new quilt that I am working on which will be featured in a book later this year, so keep watching this space.