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Remember when.....

I posted here to looking for an assistant?? Well,I had lots of applicants from around the world (thank everyone who applied) but no one applied who lived nearby. Then in the middle of the night I had a 'light bulb' moment........sitting on my telephone table for the last three years was a phone number of a friend whom I first met when she joined our evening group in the early days when I first opened the store.

Bright and early the next morning I gave her a call and last week Gillian started working with me, Gillian will be making sure I am on track with my deadlines, ensuring that the wholesale parcels go out on time and that a million other things actually get done.

LAD team

So, you ask who is the young lady on the right of the picture??? This is Emma, Emma is the whizz kid on the computer and has been busy working in the background updating all my patterns, books and brochures. Emma comes from a very creative family and I dont think it will be long before we have taught her to stitch.

Sm signature  

Cute Needlecase...

Yesterday a large box containing one of my trunk show samples arrived home, the samples have had a great holiday visiting a couple of stores overseas and being displayed. It was so nice to see these samples home, this is Willowhouse Needlecase 

Willowhouse front

Then there was Birdhouse bag which I just love and really should make a second sample of so I can use it!


Hens In The Yard, this pattern comes with the instructions not only for the quilt but all the items in the picture.

Hens In The Yard 

Wait theres more chicken stuff, this cute stitchery is called hens Live Here, see the worm button?

Hens Live Here 1

I could go on?? Do you want to see more??


Snowmen Make Me Smile,

this is the name of my Christmas collection for this coming year....its so sweet and pretty, icy blues and pretty pinks are mixed with Devon cream, mmmm.....delicious. 

Swatch board 

Last week I got my strike offs, these are the small samples of the fabrics that we use to check colour and print quality, when these arrive it very exciting as it begins to feel as if the fabric is real.

Strike offs 

 The quilt below is the 'free' pattern which has been designed by Cate Tallman-Evans for Henry Glass Fabrics, Cate the quilt is gorgeous, thank you. You can Download Snowmen Make Me Smile quilt pattern here.

Free quilt 

The Snowmen Make Me Smile fabric collection will be available from your favourite quilt store in May be sure to ask you local store about the collection.

Remember my Christmas card that I posted just before Christmas? Well it was made using a section of the very cute border print, which is one of my favourites in this range.

Border print 

My mum loves the mittens, my youngest son loves the snowflakes and Vince wants the one with writing on as gift wrap!  I would love to hear which is your favourite print from this collection?


Relaxing weekend

Sunday morning we met friends for breakfast along the river, this was the view we enjoyed as we talked, ate and laughed our way through breakfast.


After a fun filled day which included buying ourselves a Nintendo Wii including the fitness package. It took a while for the boys to set it up and then we proceeded to test some of the activities, I have not laughed so much in ages. You should have seen us trying to do the hula hoop exercise, in fact I laughed so much my sides still ache.

We ended the day out on the deck watching the world drift past with this bottle of wine, which I have to admit I bought because of the label. The label is so beautiful which was lucky as the wine was very average.


Hugo loves being by or in the water, here at home he is fascinated because he can see the fish swimming in the water, so far he has stayed on dry land but you can see he really wants to jump into the water.

Fishing dog

Felix occasionally joins us on the deck, he loves to watch Hugo.


I hope had a great weekend, 


the Quiltmakers..

The book

Today my copy of the Quiltmakers published by David and Charles arrived on my doorstep, I could hardly wait to rip open the package to see the book. Last year or was it the year before?? Ok, a long time ago I was very honoured when Pam Lintott invited me to be a contributor in this book.

Remember this post from way back in september 2008 and then the one last september well finally I can show you the quilt I designed and made for this gorgeous book.

Welcome Sampler 

The inside pages are beautifully presented and full of colour. I feel so honoured to be alongside all these other designers in such a wonderful book.

Inside book 

Let me know what you think and I hope you can find a copy for your bookshelf.

best wishes


As I was saying...

As you can see Hugo had alot to say for himself today, I wish I spoke dog as whatever he was trying to tell me obviously very important. 

As i was saying

It was probably that he thought it was time for a carrot, his favourite snack.

Daily carrot 

 Do you remember a few posts ago I asked if anyone could guess what was on Felix's head???? One of you got very very close!

Summer holiday blocks 

Proudly wearing his Okanui board shorts I introduce you to MrBird, sighted here on one of our beautiful beaches. MrBird is the new(est) best(ist) friend of Hugo and Felix and hidden in the pile of blocks are the various adventures of Hugo, Felix and MrBird as the enjoy their 'Summer Holiday' which is the name of the new quilt that I am working on which will be featured in a book later this year, so keep watching this space.


Welcome Home Pillow..

Welcome Home cushion

If your loving my new blog header and wondering which pattern some of it is from my 'Welcome Home Pillow'. The pattern which comes complete with ready to iron-on transfer (yeah no tracing) is in quilt stores worldwide so ask at your local quilt shop or if you need the pattern today its in stock at my local quilt shop The Patchwork Angel (skip to page 5 unless you want to browse!). If you are in Norway my original sample is at Kathrines Quilt Stue in Oslo, so if your passing drop in and pat it for me and say hello to the wonderful ladies who work in the store...hei hei.