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Just some stuff I love...

I love these wooden spools.....

Cotton spools 

my most favourite early design...On The Farm.. which lives on the wall behind my sewing machine...

My machine

Fatcat helping in the studio by lying right in the middle of where I am working!!! Very helpful x x


a jumble of fabric and braids...my inspiration...


I hope you are surrounded by some stuff you love?

Enjoy Lynette

DMC thread organisation...

Today I decided that I would keep my lovely collection of DMC threads by colour, in the past I kept them in numerical order but these days I find it a challenge to find time to put them back in order. So, I took a deep breath and spread my entire collection on the floor and slowly started to put them into piles of colour......when I came back from stetching my legs which had cramp from kneeling on the floor for so long (ouch) a certain someone was lying in the middle of the pile...hmmm..... do you think he was  'keeping them warm'??

 Enjoy Lynette 



Our Home, a new pattern

I am really pleased with how this new little stitchery has turned out. I have framed it in one of the lovely rustic frames that have been made from old fence posts (weighs a ton but looks great!). I have also used some of my lovely handpainted wooden buttons on it. I love the way that buttons give a rather nice dimension to your work.

Y353 Our Home 

This new stitchery does not fall into this category as most of the stitchery is done after the appliqué but did you know?? 


that alot of my stitcheries come with a ready to iron-on transfer in the pattern? The iron-on transfers are wonderfully simple and quite quick to do. First  you to choose which fabric you want for the background then a few seconds at the ironing board and


 'voila' your design has been transferred onto your fabric and is ready for you to begin the embroidery.

Enjoy Lynette  



Its been looking like this outside for the past week,


I have been busy inside with these, my trusty companions are never far away......


Felix has been pretending to be a dog by lying on the floor......

Relax felix2 

occasionally hes a bit camera shy!

Relax Felix1 

Hugo, well what can I say he is in love with the cushions on his sofa...

Dogs life 

Enjoy Lynette



Fabric Shopping...

Sue and I headed off yesterday to the city to visit a couple of quilt shops, we both have stacks of fabric but of course none of it was just what we wanted! I ended up with a strange but good collection of fabrics, I needed backgrounds and textures which I found. I also fell in love with the flower threads, the colours are yummy mungey shades which I adore and the little cards they are wound on are just lovely.


 After a very nice lunch we both needed a visit to the restroom before heading home, this creepy place was where we were sent! I did take a picture of the inside but its so awful I thought if I showed it I may get blogger banned or something!


Heavy rain during our visit made the journey home a bit scary. We had to cross the road here and you can see deep the water was from the car coming towards us.


Thankfully we had taken the four wheel drive for our visit to the city, today is wet and damp and so much cooler its bliss. 

Enjoy Lynette



SnoWbaLL FuN...

...... its such fun to work with my own fabrics

Blog pic1 

These block peeks are from SnoWbaLFuN, the quilt I am working on now from my own  fabric line Snowmen Make Me Smile. In case your wondering the background fabric I am using is from Christmas Magic which was my 2009 christmas collection.

Blog pic2 

Its very early in the design stages but so far its looking very cute and very pretty. I should get my advance yardage at the end of March but because of the time it takes to do the stitcheries we are stitching them now, then when the bulk of the fabric arrives with many hands to work I hope we can put the blocks together and get it quilted before Spring Market.

Sm signature

coming soon...

Blog pic1

Blog pic2 

Blog pic3 

A Scandinavian Christmas block of the month, the stitching has all been completed and its come out even better than in my imagination. I know you are all going to love it, its off to be quilted this week and while thats happening I am going to be busy finalising the patterns ready for release into your local quilt shop! 

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House hunting...

I have been house hunting but not in the sense you are thinking.....I have been house hunting for design inspiration and just look at what we found on the weekend......there was this old shed.

Shed Connondale

This wonderful Queenslander style house with the most wonderful rusty tin roof....

Old Qlder 

The we saw this village hall, can you see the green moss growing on the roof, gorgeous colours.

Obi Obi Hall 

This cluster of buildings looked so pretty nestled in the hills.

Houses Conondale 

Then I fell in love with these pretty cows, not sure if they are Jersey or Guernsey??

Jersey Cows Obi Obi 

This girl looked so content and was obviously enjoying the birds company.

Connondale cow 

I need to get my pencils and paper out to see what I can draw now have lots of inspiring pictures to work from.

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Pattern Winners...

Thank you for all the wonderful messages, I have had so many I am going to give two of  Butterfly Cottage patterns awy instead of one.

The true random number generator (which I cant work out how to copy to here) came up with the numbers 18 and 144, I have carefully counted and these two ladies are the winners.

Adina said...

I love your patterns and stitchery and reading about your furry friends. I've never really done stitching before, but am working hard to become good at it, even though it's a little late in life and your patterns are my absolute favorite!!

Sheila Carita said...

I love this design, and the bag is darned cute too!

Please,Please enter me to win! :)