SnoWbaLL FuN...

Fabric Shopping...

Sue and I headed off yesterday to the city to visit a couple of quilt shops, we both have stacks of fabric but of course none of it was just what we wanted! I ended up with a strange but good collection of fabrics, I needed backgrounds and textures which I found. I also fell in love with the flower threads, the colours are yummy mungey shades which I adore and the little cards they are wound on are just lovely.


 After a very nice lunch we both needed a visit to the restroom before heading home, this creepy place was where we were sent! I did take a picture of the inside but its so awful I thought if I showed it I may get blogger banned or something!


Heavy rain during our visit made the journey home a bit scary. We had to cross the road here and you can see deep the water was from the car coming towards us.


Thankfully we had taken the four wheel drive for our visit to the city, today is wet and damp and so much cooler its bliss. 

Enjoy Lynette