Remember when.....
pattern giveaway...

Folkart box and lunch...

Within moments of Gillian arriving for her first morning at work, naughty Hugo had swallowed complete with plastic wrap her cheese and was about to gobble the biscuits down when I caught him.....

Hugo and Gillian's Lunch 

I dont think he was too pleased that I wanted these biscuits back! He certainly took alot of persuading to hand them over!

The reason we were not paying attention to Hugo was because Gillian had brought this gorgeous sewing box for show and tell, it has 1945 painted inside the lid, she thinks it originated in Austria.

Gillian's box closed

The painting is beautiful and inside there is a wonderful collection of old tapemeasures, wooden spools, pin, needles and threads.

Gillian's box open 

Here's a close up.

Painted detail 

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