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House hunting...

I have been house hunting but not in the sense you are thinking.....I have been house hunting for design inspiration and just look at what we found on the weekend......there was this old shed.

Shed Connondale

This wonderful Queenslander style house with the most wonderful rusty tin roof....

Old Qlder 

The we saw this village hall, can you see the green moss growing on the roof, gorgeous colours.

Obi Obi Hall 

This cluster of buildings looked so pretty nestled in the hills.

Houses Conondale 

Then I fell in love with these pretty cows, not sure if they are Jersey or Guernsey??

Jersey Cows Obi Obi 

This girl looked so content and was obviously enjoying the birds company.

Connondale cow 

I need to get my pencils and paper out to see what I can draw now have lots of inspiring pictures to work from.

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