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Workshops with me in Arkansas...

On our way to Spring market this year Vince and I are making a detour and stopping off at The Rabbits Lair in Rogers, Arkansas where Vince will be going fishing and I will be doing two one day workshops and an early evening trunk show.

Rabbits Lair '09

This is what I wrote to one lady whom I know is booked in and ready to enjoy (thanks Lynn)......

How wonderful it would be if you could join me at The Rabbits Lair  on May 17th and 18th , it would be so nice to meet you.

"I am busy creating two new unreleased projects, one for each of the days workshops. As you can imagine I am not able to show them to you yet (they are only just started). The designs will be in my typical style, each project will mostly be handstitching so we can enjoy working on it together in class, the projects will include both stitchery and applique. They may also include some simple piecing or perhaps some traditional English paper piecing, I tend to design as I go along, things evolve nicely for me that way. Looking at one of the designs I am working it would also look fantastic done as punchneedle or it could be made entirely from wool of which I know The Rabbits Lair is famous for its selection of. We are going to have a great couple of days together and I do hope that you will be able to come and enjoy stitching with me".

For more information and bookings please contact the girls at The Rabbits Lair p. (479) 636 3385 e.info@therabbitslair.com 

Let me know if your coming and I will look forward to meeting you there.  

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Stitching assistant...


Fatcat and I are busy working on some new stitcheries to go with Snowmen Make Me Smile my new fabric collection that will be available later this year. Fatcat loves to be close by and helping, does your furry friends have a favourite place? 

Mum and dads dog Beau when not sleeping likes to be in the water. Imagine his delight when we had a high tide a few days ago and he had water in his garden!

Beau 2010 

These two love to be touching each other....ahhhh, how sweet.


How about telling me your favourite furry friends special place?

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PS. Thanks for tall the messages for the chance to win a Butterfly Cottage bag pattern, keep them coming in the message below.

pattern giveaway...

You may remember when I showed you the inside of Fox Cottage Block book? 

Y347 Fox Cottage 


Many of you admired the stitchery that was being kept safe inside the block book.

Fox cottage2 

Well eventually it got made into this great tote bag.



Well I have two patterns for Butterfly Cottage to giveaway, so please leave me a message and you may be lucky.

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Folkart box and lunch...

Within moments of Gillian arriving for her first morning at work, naughty Hugo had swallowed complete with plastic wrap her cheese and was about to gobble the biscuits down when I caught him.....

Hugo and Gillian's Lunch 

I dont think he was too pleased that I wanted these biscuits back! He certainly took alot of persuading to hand them over!

The reason we were not paying attention to Hugo was because Gillian had brought this gorgeous sewing box for show and tell, it has 1945 painted inside the lid, she thinks it originated in Austria.

Gillian's box closed

The painting is beautiful and inside there is a wonderful collection of old tapemeasures, wooden spools, pin, needles and threads.

Gillian's box open 

Here's a close up.

Painted detail 

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