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Want it??

The patterns are hot off the press and many have already been sent, perhaps to a store near you. BlogquiltSF2

A big thank you to all of you for the wonderful words about this quilt, I am so happy that you all love it as much as I do and will eagerly await to see what colours you make yours in.


I have a set of patterns for one lucky someone, so leave me a message and tell me about something traditional you do or eat at your house for Christmas.

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Cooking cake in the BBQ

My parents bought themselves a lovely new BBQ yesterday, its  a Webber Q. Dad often makes us a either a carrot cake or a chocolate cake which believe it or not he cooks in the electric frying pan, anyhow today my crazy parents decided to give the cake 'a go' in the BBQ. It certainly looks OK.


Chocolate Cake

6oz caster sugar

6 oz margarine

4 1/2 oz SR flour

1 1/2 oz cocoa powder

3 eggs

3 tbs cold milk


Put all the ingredients into a bowl OR mixer and blend untill well mixed

Turn mix into a 8 inch (20 cm) cake tin and bake in a mod BBQ at 180 deg C or 350 F for 50 mins untill well risen.

Ice the cake and enjoy eating......yummy

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Bonjour from France....

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who attended the Quilt Camp in Burgundy, France with my French friend Véro. Just look what they sent me, it made me have such a happy day x x

Born to Quilt 

Véro and I are going to share accommodation while I am in the UK later this year.....oh??? Yes, I did say I'm coming to the UK and I am very excited as I am going to have a stand at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this year. I will be launching my new book which is being published by David and Charles but I cant tell you anymore at the moment other than I am editing the pages at the moment and its looking ....so gorgeous.....just wait until you see it.....

Anyhow I am currently busy organising some workshops at selected shops around the UK the workshops will be just prior to and just after Festival of Quilts as my family doesnt want me away from home for too long or the pile of washing might get too big. The workshop locations will depend entirely on how I can get from one place to another with two large suitcases full of samples, I am not prepared to hire a car and drive and trains are scary if you have never really been on one alone!

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Thank you and winner...

Thank you all so much for the wonderful heart touching reasons why we all love our homes, it seems they are a place to be safe, feel cherished and where we can be ourselves....we are all truly blessed.

The task to choose two winners was almost impossible as I loved reading what everyone wrote, in the end Vince and I made a cup of tea and read through them together and these two stood out in the crowd.

Sue H wrote 

Our castle.
Our refuge.
Our private domain.
It’s for me, it’s for him,
And it’s for our kin.
Our haven.
Our humble abode.
Our home.

Birgitte wrote

My house is my castle, my safe place, my sleeping place, my restaurant, my stocking place, my quilting place, my everything. It's OUR HOME.

Congratulations ladies if you would like to email me with your postal addresses I will gt the little packages off in the post to you this week.

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Its ready...

Well here is A Scandinavian Christmas in all its glory, the finished size is approx. 36" x 43", it will be a five part block of the month. I was going to keep this quilt under wraps for a few more days until the shops got stock of the patterns but I just cant keep it a secret anymore!


The professional photography is being done today and the patterns will be ready to go to stores early next week.

Hope you all like it?

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Pattern giveaway...

This is one of my new patterns, called 'Our Home' which I know I have shown you before but I just realised that I had not had a pattern giveaway for it so......


if you would like to win one of the two copies that I have to giveaway, then tell me in 25 words or less what you love about your home. I will choose a couple of winners early next week and I will include a button pack for each of the lucky recipients.

Enjoy Lynette

Projects for The Rabbits Lair workshop...

I have been busy finishing off the two projects for the workshops that I am doing at The Rabbits Lair in May. I will be taking two one day workshops on the 17th and 18th May, for each workshop I have made a project and a little surprise 'bonus' project.

The first as you can see has a Christmas theme, it combines stitchery with some appliqué, I am going to demonstrate how I needle turn the little pieces and for those of you new to embroidery I will teach you the basic stitches that I use.

Rabbits lair1 


Rabbits lair2 

I am very attracted to the hand dyed wools and have been collecting pieces for years and not really done much with them! I bet there are a few of you who know that feeling! Anyhow, I have really enjoyed making this little project, its perfect for keeping all your sewing needs safe.

Rabbits lair3 

and stitching this 'bonus' project to match.

Rabbits lair5 

Many of you have emailed to say you are booked into the workshops already and I am looking forward to meeting you. Mary at The Rabbits Lair (in Arkansas USA) tells me there are a few places left so, be quick and call 479-636-3385.

If you want to take a closer look at the projects visit here to see 'Snowfriends Bag and Coin Purse' and visit here to see the 'Beehive Sewing Book and Scissor Holder'.

For those of you unable to make the workshops the patterns will be available immediately after the workshops so if you wanted you could place an order with The Rabbits Lair, they will be able to mail the patterns to you wherever you are in the world.

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Busy with Punchneedle...

This week while I have been waiting for the first page proofs for my new book to come from the publishers I decided to work on anew punchneedle project.

Blog pic2

I have been using the Valdani three strand overdyed floss and its deliciously muddy colours

Blog pic 

I have had fun making it into ............ oh thats right I cant tell you or show you yet....but heres a clue???

Blog pic3

In between doing some punchneedle and some pattern writing I have been mesmerized along with all my other Twitter buddies watching an amazing live webcam thats showing the nest of a hummingbird. Bearing in mind the nest is no larger than a golf ball and the eggs the size of Tic Tacs I suggest you pop over and visit Phobe's nest so you too can be amazed and mesmerized.

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Guarding the 'Stitches'...

Yesterday was full of excitement in my house as the second batch of strike offs arrived for 'Stitches' my new fabric collection which with a title like that of course has a sewing theme. Fatcat thought it was great, especially when he found a picture of himself sitting on top of a pile of quilts....mmmm...puuuurrrr....nice fabric...puuuurrrrrr

Its mine 

He got very protective when I tried to take it away so I could look at it...ouch...those claws and teeth are very sharp......

Stitches and Fatcat 

The really exciting thing is that I have had a couple of shops email me to say they have ordered the collection already which is very exciting, thank you x

 Well what do you think? Did you spy Felix who is happily sitting on his tapemeasure and believe me it is his tapemeasure, I can tell from the teethmarks! 

OK, so now I am off back to the studio where I am working on yet another top secret project... I find it so hard keeping all these secrets from you.

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Oh, how gorgeous this quilt is...

am I allowed to say that about my own quilt? I do hope so because this is one of my best quilts ever, of course I always say that about the quilt I am working on at the time! This ome is truly lovely.....Scan close up

The handquilting has been completed and Val has done the most amazing job, thank you Val x I hope to get the binding on in the next couple of days meanwhile I am still writing the patterns, its going to be a 5 part block of the month so plenty of time to get it stitched for Christmas and of course the wonderful thing about Christmas is it comes around each year so there is no rush! 

Not much longer to wait until you can see the whole quilt...I know I am so mean to you...sorry 

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