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My garden....

For those of you who have signed up with a registered store to get the free pattern for My Garden with the purchase of a button for the next nine months, here is my completed block.

Barrow month 1 

You can see another completed block here. If you havent signed up for the program and wish you had I know there are a few stores with limited places left, you will have to be quick to find them. 

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The fabric of society....

A few weeks ago I treated myself to this wonderful book which documents some of the surviving quilts dating back to convict times that are here in Australia.

TheFabric of Society1 

Then reading a quilting magazine a few days later I discovered that some of the quilts from the book were on display at an art gallery in Ispwich which is only about 2 hours from where I live, so I started to plan my visit.

Then when I was in my local quilt shop The Patchwork Angel to find a 'must have fabric', I found some friends of mine who had already visited the exhibition and who had fallen in love with one of the beautiful grandmothers flower garden quilts that was on display (although not in the book). The girls are now busy making their own versions of the magnificent quilt, I only had my camera phone to use, so I apologise for the quality of the photos.

1:2%22 hexagons1

These little flowers are made from 1/2" hexagons and are so sweet and attractive. Here the girls were laying them out on a variety of creamy backgrounds trying to decide which one to use.

1:2%22 hexagons 

Prior to stitching each hexagon flower together they string the little hexagons in groups on a length of thread with a button at the end to keep them safe, it looks so cute just like that.

1:2%22 hexagons2 

Last weekend Vince and I made the trip to Ispwich, the quilts were amazing and well worth the trip. We were not allowed to take photos, so nothing for show and tell sorry.......

My friend Sue who specialises in English paper piecing and produces a wonderful variety of pre cut paper shapes which are sold in stores around the world sweetly brought me a starter pack of 1/2" hexagons so I too can begin my grandmothers flower garden quilt. 

1:2%22 hexagons3 

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Special delivery...

There was great excitement at the studio this morning when the doorbell rang...... of course Hugo got to the door first, he ran, I walked!


big boxes = soft lovely flannels


Snowmen Make Me Smile has arrived and is in the US stores already, try here. I know there are lots of stores around the world who are also getting this fabric, let me know if your store has it so I can let everyone know where to come shopping.

Its so exciting......

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6 wet dogs....

This morning I decided that Hugo needed a run and so I took him down to the river where he can be off his leash and run wild....to his delight he spotted some friends coming from the other direction... here he is playing with Roxy.

Roxy and Hugo

Then there were 3......Roxy, Chandler and Hugo having a paddle.... 

Roxy, Chandler and Hugo 

Then there were 6........Simba, Nala, Roxy, Murphy who was in charge of the ball and Hugo (Chandler by this time was having a rest as he is a bit older than the others)

5 dogs 

They had such fun playing together and looked so nice as a pack......I now have one very happy, tired, wet dog sitting on my feet...... doggie smell...phew......

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PS. So glad you all like the charms, I am going to paint a few more during the week and then I will offer them for sale here on my blog. I will also be taking some to Birmingham with me for sale from my stand at Festival of Quilts.

Charms in the pipeline...

I am busy painting this week so this handful of charms.......


can be filled to look like these ....pretty cute even if I say so myself.....


the charms are approx. 1" x 1 1/2" and will come with various themed paintings inside and a gorgeous simple black silk cord to hang them on.

I will show the completed charms here on my blog when they are ready for sale and sales will be on a first come first served basis. They will be AU$35.oo each including the silk cord 

Let me know what you think? 

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Welcome a friend...

My good friend Mandy Shaw a designer who is based in the UK has got organised got one of her gorgeous daughters to help and has started a blog. Here she is in her studio, my goodness I wish my studio was as sunny and organised as this one looks....knowing Mandy I think she must have done lots of tidying ready for this photo!


Mandy and I spent a wonderful saturday together recently when she was here visiting on the coast and is kindly going to help me with some stand props when I have a stand at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK later this year. Mandy has her own line of patterns and is author of this wonderful book, published by David and Charles who are publishing my book in August this year. 


If you have a moment please pop over to Mandys blog and leave her a message, it will make her day.....dont forget to tell her Lynette says hello! x x 

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Darling Harbour....

A few of my samples are on tour this week, they have gone to the Craft and Quilt Fair at Darling Harbour in Sydney. If you visit Catharinas Country Collection on stand E22, you may get to see this in real life.....

Blog pic2 

Or this.... if you visit the Busy Thimbles stand, E02.

Blog pic1 

Or this....

Felix Button 

Be sure to smile and say Lynette sent you and I hope that your bags come home bursting with goodies from the show. 

Wishing I was there...sigh.....

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Quilt Aid 2010

Quilt Aid 2010 is being launched this week and if you are in Sydney for the show at Darling Harbour be sure to take a look at the absolutely gorgeous quilts on display. The very pretty fabrics we have used are Beach House by Robyn Pandolph

Robyn P



To find out more about this exciting quilt program visit the website here.

My block is available from The Patchwork Angel, have fun collecting all twelve designer blocks and help us raise funds for the Hamlin Fistula Relief and Aid Fund.

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Finishing the pillow....

Tomorrow Vince and I are heading to Sydney for the Australian Quilt Market, I have almost got my suitcases packed. Not much room for clothes as I have lots of samples to take for display. I have lent a couple of my new pillows to a shop in the US, in fact if you are heading to the Vermont Quilt Show later this month be sure to drop  by and say hello to Mary Jane from The Christmas Shoppe who is vending at the show and has lots of my patterns available to purchase.

So today I am busy completing a couple of samples to replace the samples I have loaned to Mary Jane. This is the Quilt Shoppe Pillow which I am attaching the Ric Rac binding and the stitchery centre to the background.

Stiching ric rac

Where will I put the Felix button?

  Quilt shoppe felix 

Adding the running stitches to the outer edge of the pillow prior to filling with toy fill.

Stitching quilt shoppe 

After lunch I will begin to assemble the 'Our Home' pillow but first I wonder if you can spot the 'opps' in the stitching writing?? So first I will need to do a little reverse stitching! 

Welcomo to our home 

bye for now

Enjoy Lynette