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Fabric giveaway...

Circle of stitches fabric

Here it is my newest fabric collection 'Stitches' this fat eighth bundle contains one of each of the fabrics from the collection.......

Stack of stitches fabric 

Leave me a message and this cute little bundle could be yours. 

I have had fun making this lovely scissor holder by fussy cutting the cat out from one of the prints. Hope you approve?

Stitches scissors 

Back of scissor holder 

Enjoy Lynette
  Cotton reel



Get my book here...

Last week while at the show in Melbourne a very excited customer arrived on the stand and asked if I would sign her book and so the first copy of 'Its Quilting Cats and Dogs' has been signed by me! I was quite taken back as I understood the book was not going to be available until August!

Front cover 

So, if your in Australia (or anywhere in the world and are happy to pay shipping) and you want your copy now, right now, then you had better visit this store as they tell me they have got more of the book in stock and ready to ship. 

Of course if you are planning to visit me during my UK tour either at a workshop, evening presentation or at my stand F47 at Festival of Quilts you will be able to buy a copy from me and I will be delighted to sign it for you.

Lynette xox

Calico bags...

I decided it would rather fun to have some printed calico bags to sell at Festival of Quilts next month. So I prepared the drawings and Emma has been very clever and found a printer in the UK to print them for me. They have been delivered to my friend in the UK already, here she is modelling one........

Cat bag 2 

I have had a very limited print run done, the bags will be available on a first come first served basis at my stand F47 at The Festival of Quilts 19th - 22nd August 2010. They will cost £3.50 each. Please dont email to ask me to save you one as I will get in a muddle please come and see me at the show or if you can't come get a friend to buy you one.

Cat Bag1 

Enjoy Lynette





Melbourne Show...

It was lovely to be a guest on Catharinas stand in chilly Melbourne this last week. I enjoyed getting to meet so many of you and learnt what projects you are all working on. Here I am with Catharina in front of the wonderful display of my quilts, we signed up many new ladies to do both Pond House BOM and Scandinavian Christmas BOM through Catharinas store.

Mel show 2 

This was my corner where I demonstrated some of the simple embroidery stitches that I use in my work, I showed how I do my applique and demonstrated easy punchneedle techniques. I also got to show everyone my favourite embroidery needles Clover No9 and the only stitchery stabilzer I use and I believe me I have tried them all.

Mel show 

My naughty very sweet husband surprised me by arriving Saturday afternoon (apparently he got lonely at home without me), who knows how he will manage when I am away in the UK next month! We had a great dinner on Saturday and flew home together on Sunday morning, he had even managed to book the seat next to me for the plane journey home! Ahhhh........I am so lucky..........

Enjoy Lynette

Cotton reel   


Pattern giveaway winner...

Hello it's Emma again,

The Noah's Ark pillow pattern has been won by a lovely Australian lady and her beautiful childhood memories of the late mother and her singer sewing machine. Congratulations...

Thank you to everyone for sharing their favourite childhood memories with me...there were some truly lovely ones.


Little 3 flowers


I'm at the Craft and Quilt Fair...

While Lynette is away in Melbourne… being a guest on “Catharina’s Country Collections” stand C20, us girls here at Lynette Anderson designs have decided to be sneaky and give away one of Lynette’s NEW patterns. 

  Y357 Noha's ark pillow small 

We are giving away Lynette’s NEW Noah’s Ark Pillow pattern…

Pattern pic of Y357 

Email us your favourite childhood memory in 25 words 

or less to win this gorgeous pattern.

If you are in Melbourne this weekend you should drop by and visit Lynette at stand C20, Lynette will be at the Craft and Quilt Fair from Thursday July 22 to Saturday July 24 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre . For more information on the fair click here 

You will be able to see on display  Scandinavian Christmas and many more of 

Lynette's Gorgeous designs...

Y472 WholeQuilt

Ps. If you go and visit Lynette in Melbourne don't tell her we are giving away her gorgeous new pattern... it's our little secret 


Ark pillow and new brooch...

Dove and rainbow

The animals came in 

                      two by two... 

This is my new pillow featuring one of my favourite themes, the pattern comes with a ready to iron on transfer which makes getting to the stitching part so much faster!

Y357 Noha's ark pillow small 

Here are some close up details for you.... Noah has a great beard don't you think?

                                              Beard  Lion's 

This week I took delivery of my very own laser cutter, the girls in the office and I have had fun playing with it, in between working hard of course! I have designed this very cute brooch which measures approx. 2 ⅝” high x  2 ½ wide”, the sweet dove is dangling from a bit of wire at the moment but thats only until the jump rings arrive! I was in a hurry to show off! Hope you like it?

Rainbow ARK

We have cut a batch of Ark brooches and I am busy painting them, once the varnish is dry I am going to be proudly wearing mine and if you would like one too they are $22 each plus $3.50 postage and handling within Australia and $5.50 anywhere else in the world email us and we will send you a Paypal money request, by the time you have paid they will be painted, varnished and ready for the post bag.

Cut out ark  

  Enjoy Lynette 


Painting buttons...

Embellishing my work with buttons is something I have always loved to do, it gives an extra interest and dimension to the finished piece.  A few many years ago I persuaded a friend of mine who produced lovely buttons to help me develop my own range of buttons. Over the years the range has grown and handainting each button is a labour of love and requires a great movie on the TV so you can listen/watch while you paint.

Y344 L  Heart button1 

Once the buttons have been cut out, we undercoat them.


Here I am adding the details to these hearts, slowly are carefully...no two quite the same.


 If you look closely at my buttons you may notice that they have a depth to them which cannot be achieved just with undercoat, each button has shading in some areas to create depth, this shading requires a steady hand.

 Painting cats1 


The shading has been completed and now I can add the dots to Felix, then they have to be sealed ready for packaging and sending out to the stores ready for you.


Y343 QuiltShoppe L  

Then we glue the buttons onto the cards using a very special glue before packing the buttons into their packets and sending them out to the stores.

Gluing buttons

When you look at my handpainted buttons you will know just how much love and care goes into each button to make it special for you.

Enjoy Lynette




My Garden Block 2...

This gorgeous little free nine part BOM with the purchase of a button each month through registered stores is now into full swing, the stores should have got or be getting the patterns and buttons for month two any day.

My garden bom text

Here is my month two block, how cute is the birdhouse button! Please note this little birds tail does not quite overlap the courthouse steps so you can appliqué him before you do the courthouse steps if you like, I do apologise to those of you who applied the birds tail in block one and then had to reverse stitch to get it to overlap the courthouse steps. Hopefully you have forgiven me? 

Month 2 

I have had a number of ladies who have only just heard about 'My Garden' and want to join the fun so we have contacted the registered stores, many of whom have sold out but there are a few who have a few places left. Here are the links to their email addresses, it would be fun to fill this program so get emailing and then come and join us in the garden.

Apatchy Quilting - AU

Christmas Shoppe - USA  (4 places)

Sew Bright Alpine Quilting - AU (5 places)

Quilt Fabric Delights - AU (3 places)

Button Tree Quilts - AU (2 places)

Simply Stitches - AU (6 places)

Marcelle's Patchwork Cottage - AU (2 places)

The Patchwork Teahouse - AU (2 places)

Esmes Patchwork - AU (3 places)

Homespun and Beautiful - AU (5 places)

Red Rooster Quilts - USA (3 places)

The Log Cabin - Germany (4 places left)

The Rabbits Lair - USA ( a few places)

Patch and Quilt - NZ (2 places)

Cotton and Color ( 8 places)

I have had pictures of a few finished blocks and its always fun to see something in a different colourway to the original so take a look  here... and this one made me smile so please visit  here

Enjoy Lynette

Little 3 flowers