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With great excitement yesterday I opened a parcel which contained an advance copy of my first professionally published book.

Front cover 

The book is filled with lots of gorgeous projects featuring Hugo, Felix and introducing Mr Bird. As many regular readers know I will be in the UK to launch the book at Festival of Quilts in August, so please drop by my stand F47 to see the projects and if you like them you can purchase a signed copy of the book.


A big, thank you must go to my editor, Lin who was patient and took alot of trouble making sure everything was just the way it should be. David and Charles, the publishers have done a wonderful job, the photography and layout of the book is just gorgeous and its going to be available in French, Dutch and Hungarian. Should you want to order one the ISBN number is 13:978-0-7153-3757-8 (US 10:0-7153-3757-2).

Just look at these 'purrfect' kitty cat pincushions....

Book inside 2

Back cover 1 

I am not sure of the exact date the book is dues for release but I think its the end of August.

Enjoy Lynette 
  Blue cat