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This gorgeous little free nine part BOM with the purchase of a button each month through registered stores is now into full swing, the stores should have got or be getting the patterns and buttons for month two any day.

My garden bom text

Here is my month two block, how cute is the birdhouse button! Please note this little birds tail does not quite overlap the courthouse steps so you can appliqué him before you do the courthouse steps if you like, I do apologise to those of you who applied the birds tail in block one and then had to reverse stitch to get it to overlap the courthouse steps. Hopefully you have forgiven me? 

Month 2 

I have had a number of ladies who have only just heard about 'My Garden' and want to join the fun so we have contacted the registered stores, many of whom have sold out but there are a few who have a few places left. Here are the links to their email addresses, it would be fun to fill this program so get emailing and then come and join us in the garden.

Apatchy Quilting - AU

Christmas Shoppe - USA  (4 places)

Sew Bright Alpine Quilting - AU (5 places)

Quilt Fabric Delights - AU (3 places)

Button Tree Quilts - AU (2 places)

Simply Stitches - AU (6 places)

Marcelle's Patchwork Cottage - AU (2 places)

The Patchwork Teahouse - AU (2 places)

Esmes Patchwork - AU (3 places)

Homespun and Beautiful - AU (5 places)

Red Rooster Quilts - USA (3 places)

The Log Cabin - Germany (4 places left)

The Rabbits Lair - USA ( a few places)

Patch and Quilt - NZ (2 places)

Cotton and Color ( 8 places)

I have had pictures of a few finished blocks and its always fun to see something in a different colourway to the original so take a look  here... and this one made me smile so please visit  here

Enjoy Lynette

Little 3 flowers