Painting buttons...
I'm at the Craft and Quilt Fair...

Ark pillow and new brooch...

Dove and rainbow

The animals came in 

                      two by two... 

This is my new pillow featuring one of my favourite themes, the pattern comes with a ready to iron on transfer which makes getting to the stitching part so much faster!

Y357 Noha's ark pillow small 

Here are some close up details for you.... Noah has a great beard don't you think?

                                              Beard  Lion's 

This week I took delivery of my very own laser cutter, the girls in the office and I have had fun playing with it, in between working hard of course! I have designed this very cute brooch which measures approx. 2 ⅝” high x  2 ½ wide”, the sweet dove is dangling from a bit of wire at the moment but thats only until the jump rings arrive! I was in a hurry to show off! Hope you like it?

Rainbow ARK

We have cut a batch of Ark brooches and I am busy painting them, once the varnish is dry I am going to be proudly wearing mine and if you would like one too they are $22 each plus $3.50 postage and handling within Australia and $5.50 anywhere else in the world email us and we will send you a Paypal money request, by the time you have paid they will be painted, varnished and ready for the post bag.

Cut out ark  

  Enjoy Lynette