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Painting buttons...

Embellishing my work with buttons is something I have always loved to do, it gives an extra interest and dimension to the finished piece.  A few many years ago I persuaded a friend of mine who produced lovely buttons to help me develop my own range of buttons. Over the years the range has grown and handainting each button is a labour of love and requires a great movie on the TV so you can listen/watch while you paint.

Y344 L  Heart button1 

Once the buttons have been cut out, we undercoat them.


Here I am adding the details to these hearts, slowly are two quite the same.


 If you look closely at my buttons you may notice that they have a depth to them which cannot be achieved just with undercoat, each button has shading in some areas to create depth, this shading requires a steady hand.

 Painting cats1 


The shading has been completed and now I can add the dots to Felix, then they have to be sealed ready for packaging and sending out to the stores ready for you.


Y343 QuiltShoppe L  

Then we glue the buttons onto the cards using a very special glue before packing the buttons into their packets and sending them out to the stores.

Gluing buttons

When you look at my handpainted buttons you will know just how much love and care goes into each button to make it special for you.

Enjoy Lynette