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The adventure continues...


These gorgeous kitty cats belong to Helen (who kindly drove me home from the Lake district and then delivered me to the NEC in Birmingham) were very quick to settle on the end of my bed! On our way to Birmingham the next day we stopped in at a gorgeous patchwork store called Patchwork Chicks.

Patchwork chicks

Karen the owner had just received her stock of my new book and I was thrilled when she asked if I would sign them ready for her customers.

Lynette with her book

Hanging by the door I spotted these two blocks from my 5 part block of the month quilt Scandinavian Christmas, Karen has done a great job stitching them and her choice of fabrics is lovely, not sure if she has any places left but if you like the colours she is using it may be worth getting in touch.

Scandinavian christmas 1 and 2

My journey continued to the NEC in Birmingham where I set up my stand ready for business the next day.

Enjoy Lynette Dove and flower

My UK Adventure, the first days...


(morning Valerie) I stayed in a wonderful guest house at Ravenglass in Cumbria. This pretty village is right at the river mouth, when the tide was out you could walk for miles. The view of these cottages from the where the water would have been had the tide been in is so nice....dont you love where the washing lines are, good job the tide was out!


The stone walls and gates throughout this entire area are just gorgeous....


My host Beverley from Fobbles took me to a wonderful old church with the most spectacular stained glass windows which sadly did not photograph well. The churchyard was filled with moss and lichen covered headstones, this celtic stone although very weathered was very beautiful.


Here I am with some of the students from one of my workshops at Fobbles

Fobbles group

The class room was lovely, inside a renovated old  barn which made an ideal setting for my quilts.


Class ladies

PS. If you like the flower picture at the top of this post and would like to use it as a screen saver then Emma has cleverly added it as a large file format that you can use if you would like.

View this photo

PPS. We have loaded a new blog header, hope you like it? If you are still seeing the old one you need to refresh your browser.

Enjoy Lynette Cotton reel

Just a little cat help...

Fatcat watchinh the printer 

Fat cat has been "helping" Gillian and I today (well i'm sure he thinks he a big help).

He watched over 200 sheets come out of our transfer printer, he was fascinated with the noise and the moving paper...he's a silly boy. I might add that while doing all of this watching he was sitting on top of our other printer...right where the paper needs to come out.

Fatcat playing 

Towards the end it just looked to fun and he had to start swatting the pages as they came out.

  Flowers copy




Hugo is missing him mum...

Sad hugo 

It has almost been a week since Lynette left for the UK and Hugo has been a very sulky boy. He has spent most of his time lying around at the front door waiting for his mummy to come back.  

Hugo at the door 

We feel sorry for him and he has been receiving lots more attention (like he doesn't get enough normally) but it just isn't the same!  Well he has 10 more days of waiting until Lynette comes home so I guess there will be lots of sighs and sulky faces yet.


Cut out hugo 

Gorgeous Quick unpicks

Remember the gorgeous quick unpicks that we sold on the blog a short while ago, well.....We have ordered some more for everyone who missed out the first time. 

They have just arrived today.....


They are made from recycled timbers and individually handpainted each little person has its own character and the detail on them is so sweet.

Sorry they have all been SOLD...

A lot of you have missed out, for those lucky ones if you have not already received your paypal request we will be sending them in the next few days. Thank you...

They are AU$17.50 each plus AU$3.50 postage and handling within Australia and AU$5.50 postage and handling for the rest of the world. All we need is your current paypal email address and your country so we can charge the right postage.

Little doll   

My Garden flickr group...

My garden bom text
 Hello It's Emma here...

While Lynette is away in the UK for the Festival of Quilts I thought I would tell you that we have started a flickr group for everyone participating in the gorgeous My Garden BOM. Simply click on the link below to join or even just to take a look at the beautiful blocks that have already been uploaded.

Join the My Garden BOM flickr group

We are looking forward to seeing more lovely stitching...

Emma1      Little 3 flowers


Fabric sneak peak...

Summertime friends 

Blue fabricsBrown fabrics Green fabricCream fabrics Pink fabrics 

I think the pictures say everything......my next fabric collection will be released in October at Fall market...... I am itching to get stitching but these samples are only my strike offs and I will have to be patient and wait for the yardage............... please, hurry up Mr fabric printer man I really want my fabric to come quickly.....

Cut little birds 

PS. I am probably on my first plane now and will be enjoying reading 'The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest'. FYI my husband is convinced I will get lost in Singapore airport as I have a terrible sense of direction, I do hope he is wrong as I am looking forward to meeting everyone in the UK.

Enjoy Lynette  Bird

I love sewing...

Today, I am trying to complete all the tasks in readiness for my departure for my tour to the UK tomorrow morning. My suitcase contents are still strewn across the floor and it really doesnt look like its all going to fit in! Maybe I need a volunteer to sit on my suitcases while I zip them up....."Hugo.....where are you???"

One of my finishes for today is this project which is destined for a French magazine later in the year, featuring the ever naughty Felix..... (who I just realised has had his second birthday recently...happy belated birthday Felix).

I love sewing tag



I love to stitch 

I have combined some fabrics from a rather nice collection by Whimsicals with some from my stash, the tapemeasure ribbon is also rather fun and something I bought ages ago but feel sure its still available. I have added some of my new unpainted sewing themed buttons and some nice wording.....I will be able to show the whole project once its in the magazine and then I will be able to release the pattern in English.

                                      Enjoy Lynette                                                                          SewingMachine

Scandinavian Christmas...

I have requests for this little button from many of you who are stitching Scandinavian Christmas, simply copy and paste the code below to add this cute little button to your blog...

Im stitching scandinavian christmas 

<a href="http://lynetteandersondesigns.typepad.com/lynette_anderson_designs/scandinavian-christmas.html"><img src="https://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk69/lynetteorourke/imstitchingscandinavianchristmas.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

                                                                                   Enjoy Lynette  Santa small