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Green it is...


As you can see I finally decided to use the green wool for this new sample, I think its looking very nice. Making the tiny prairie points that get tucked under the stitchery design on the front of the needlecase was a bit tricky because they are a bit small. So I thought you may like a small tutorial, first I cut squares of fabric 1", then I folded and pressed the squares in half to form a rectangle, then fold edges to centre to form a triangle (see the pictures).

Making Prairie Points...

Step 1 to 6 

The inside is looking pretty too......


Thank you for all the words of commiseration regarding the loss of the original pink needlecase and scissor holder, all your good wishes has brought me good luck...amazingly the needlecase which has been missing for several months now has been discovered stuck down the back of a cupboard at the store where it was lost! 

Enjoy Lynette 

Bird and cat


After alot of work my website is now ready for show and tell.... click the picture to come and visit. The site is available for you to browse my designs, then when you have spotted something you need click on the link to find a stockist or perhaps you can encourage your local store to sign up to be a stockist.


I dont know if your interested but I thought it was time I did a newsletter, I dont know how often I will write to you but I am looking forward to it... click the picture and sign up.....


Enjoy Lynette  SewingMachine

I've been naughty...

Ok, its time to confess I have bought myself an iPad....hmm... I need one! Its very light compared to my laptop, I can email, do my blog posts to you, surf the net, twitter + I can lie in bed and read a book on it...although I have to admit its going to take a while to get used to not turing the pages in the traditional way.

Naturally I need a cover/bag to keep my new toy safe and wanting to always have Hugo and Felix by my side they are of course an important part of the design. Oh look, it must be summer as Hugo has a daisy chain in his mouth....


Houses and hearts, more favourite design elements....


 Soft wool flowers with embroidery detail... oh, and yoyo's another favourite of mine.

Pink flower 

Hugo has stamped the bag (which could be used for anything) with his paw of approval, I know you are all going to love it too....pattern writing to follow once the binding has been completed.


Cut out hugo

                                              Enjoy Lynette 

Pink or Green?

Springtime needlecase...

I am making a new sample of this rather nice needlecase because sadly the original went on 'walk about' while it was on display at a store.


Fabric of stitching

The stitchery part has been completed thanks to one of my wonderful stitchers Val and now its up to me to make the needlecase. The original version was made using pink wool but I am very attracted to the green for this new one.

 pink  or green ?...whats your choice?

Green or pink

The patterns for Springtime Needlecase are available at your local quilt shop 

or try Patterns Only...Fobbles... or The Log Cabin...

Enjoy Lynette  

Cotton reel


Scissor Holders...

I spent the weekend having fun fussy cutting the images from the fabrics to make six scissor holders. This morning I have teamed the scissor holders up with a fat eighth bundle of 'Stitches', the bundles each have the 17 different prints from and come with a 'handmade by Lynette' scissor holder.

Sorry they have all been sold...

Please be aware there is only one of each of the fabric bundle/scissor holder, the cost is AU$50 plus postage and handling (AU$7 Australia, AU$17 for USA and AU$20 anywhere else).







For those of you who want to make your own scissor holder you may remember I did a tutorial for a scissors holder, it has a cute stitchery cat on the front. Here is the link to the tutorial  here kitty scissor holder pattern if you scroll to the bottom of the tutorial you will find a pdf file to download with the pattern. You will notice that I have included a second set of larger templates on the pattern which is the size for that I used for these scissor holders.

If its just the fabric you are after then The Quilted Kitty (very appropriate shop name dont you think!) has the fabric listed online. buy Stitches fabric here

have fun

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