Tokyo, day one...
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Tokyo Stitch adventures (day two)...

Having heard some wonderful stories about 'Fabric Town' how could we resist going! So Petra Prins, Mary Koval (no blog), Emma and I braved the train we even had to change trains so we could visit two whole streets filled with fabric and notion stores. It was a girls dream morning excursion.

I was so excited when I discovered laminated fabric from my 'Stitches' collection. I should have bought some but could not quite bring myself to spend money on my own fabric!

Lynettes fabric in shop

The button wall......

Button wall

Ok, so when you get a bit tired you also get a bit crazy and it was getting close to lunch time when we found these rather fun glasses! We decided that Emma looked the cutest in the glasses and then we found her a shoe phone...perfect!

Funny glasses

Then we spotted this shop from the other side of the street, braids and ribbons hanging from the ceiling, braids and ribbons on the shelves.....and then in the back there were more braids and ribbons....

Trim shop

We headed back to the Tokyo International Quilt Show after lunch and enjoyed admiring some more quilts..

Mermaid quilt

Butterfly quilt

This was what we ate for dinner...good job we enjoy fish (mostly!)

Seafood japan

See you tomorrow with more of our Tokyo Stitch adventures....

Enjoy Lynette Small teacup