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My sweet purse...

Remember my yummy little pile of teeny tiny sample fabrics that precedes the arrival by a few weeks of the yardage for my next collection....'Scandinavian Christmas'...

Scandinavian christmas fabrics

Well, how can I resist playing with them so a weekend of applique, stitchery and machine quilting...

Sewing cute purse

Has resulted in this very sweet tiny purse, which would be great for coins or keys. It even has a zip....dont worry it was easy to put the zip in, I did it by hand in a few moments.

Christmas purse

I am going to work on a Spring, Summer and Autumn version before putting it into a pattern. What did you get up to this weekend?

Lynette felix Cotton reel

Button Club Stores...

New button club

'Christmas Fun' my new mystery 8 part block of the month quilt will be commencing in early April... the pattern each month is free with the purchase of one of my beautiful hand painted buttons from selected quilt stores around the world. 

The finished size of the quilt is approx. 23" x 32" (58cm x 81cm).

Christmas fun 1 small

We have added links to each of the selected stores email addresses, to register for the program you will need to contact the stores directly to check for availability and pricing. There are limited places at each store so don't delay in making your reservation, have fun and join us over the next 8 months and make this gorgeous quilt .

Atelier Patchwork et Point Compte - Belgium

Bernina Sewing Centre - Singapore

Button Tree Quilts - Australia, QLD

Calico Crossroads  -  Australia, TAS

Coast and Country Crafts - UK

Cotton & Color  - Switzerland

Creative Patches and Sewing - USA

Cross Patch - UK

Daisy Cottage Quilting - USA

De Quilthoeve - Netherlands

Esmes - Australia, TAS

Europe Quilt - Belgium

Fobbles - UK

Hettie's Patch - Australia, SA

Honeysuckle Cottage - Australia, NSW

Isabel Granados - Spain

Jookies - Netherlands

L’atelier du Patchwork - France

La Maison Du Patchwork - Belgium 

Marcelle's Patchwork Cottage - Australia, NSW

Mi Casita De Patch - Spain

Paprika Cotton - Belgium

Patch & Quilt - New Zealand

Patchworks Plus - Australia, TAS

Petra Prins Patchwork and Quilting - Netherlands

Quilt Fabric Delights - Australia, SA

Quiltegaarden - Norway

Quilte Huset - Norway

Quilters Palet - Netherlands

Red Rooster Quilts - USA

Sew Bright Alpine Quilting - Australia, VIC

Simply Stitches - Australia, NSW

The Christmas Shoppe - USA

The Country Yard - New Zealand

The Log Cabin - Germany

The Oz Material Girls - Australia, NSW

The Patchwork Angel - Australia, QLD

The Patchwork Teahouse - Australia, VIC

The Stitching Post - Australia, NSW

Traditional Pastimes - Canada

Tranquility Crafts 'n' Supplies - Australia, VIC

Some of the stores tell me that they are putting together a bundle of specially selected fabrics for you but if you prefer to choose your own or to use some from your fabric stash this is approx. what you will need:-

 4 x fat eighths of cream textured fabrics for the backgrounds/snowmen/house (if you like to work in an embroidery hoop then I suggest you buy fat quarters), 4 x fat eighths of red/burgundy prints, 4 x green fat eighths of prints, 1 x fat eighth of a brown print plus a bit of cream wool for Santa's beard etc, I used doctors flannel which is slightly finer than the regular wool.

Christmas Fun 2 small

Lynette beehive  

Mr. Frog


This green visitor gave Hugo and I quite a surprise the other evening when we stepped outside and found him on the wall by the front door!

Tree frog

Tree frogs are rather nice, I love the vibrant colour. When its raining they can be very noisy, its nice to see we have one in our garden as they are a sign of a healthy area. I thought I would show you my 'Lily Pond With Frogs' quilt that I designed a few years ago but is still as vibrant today as when I first made it. The patterns are still available should you be tempted.


Click here to see more...

Enjoy Lynette

Little frog

Summertime Friends...

When my fabric line 'Summertime Friends' first arrived I quickly cut some off to send to a couple of designer friends to see what they would make and here are the results...

1 x bundle fabrics

New fabric bundle

+ designer Helen Stubbings = a very cute block of the month called 'Times Gone By'


and a sweet stuffed birdie..


+ designer Gail Pan = gorgeous quilt called 'Simple Times'

Quilt gail

+ Lynette Anderson (AKA Me) = a lovely block of the month quilt called 'Stitched By Me'   pretty fabrics blog small

There are a number of stores around the world who are offering this block of the month quilt in this colourway, look here for The Netherlands, scroll down a bit to look here for the UK, for the quilt in the country colours in Australia or for just the patterns look here.

Why not visit my online store today and your parcel of goodies will be dispatched first thing Monday morning.

Lynette teacup 

My Garden Button Club...

My garden bom text

As this button club draws to a close, I thought it was time to show you the whole quilt. Mine is hanging on the office wall where we get to enjoy it everyday, I hope that you will enjoy yours as much.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this club, the pattern each month was free with the purchase of the button from selected stores. Each of the button is handpainted and understandably availability was limited.

My garden full pic

Last week I had a lovely email from a lady in France who had just discovered my blog and was wanting to join the 'My Garden' button club and asked for my help discovering if there were any stores with button sets left which made me think that possibly there are more of you who might like to get the patterns/buttons.

A quick email to all the stores involved and these shops reported that they have some full button/pattern sets left so if you are interested please contact the stores direct for pricing etc.

Simply Stitches - AU

Apatchy Quilting - AU

Esmes - AU

Marcelle's Patchwork Cottage - AU

Homespun & Beautiful - AU

The Rabbits Lair - USA

Red Rooster Quilts - USA

For all the  'Lynette Anderson Designs' addicts (including Maureen and my new best friend Valerie) the new 'Christmas Fun' club will be starting soon and I will announce the stores that it will be available from here. I do know from the many emails I have already received that many of you have already booked to join the fun with stores from last time, thank you x x

PS. For a very different version of this quilt visit here.

Lynette bobbin

Purple flower


One of the things I have been wanting to show you was my strike offs which are the small fabric pieces that come from the factory so I can check that the colours are the way I want them. These ones are the new fabrics from my Christmas Collection for this year...I know Christmas seems so far away and when I was working on the designs for this collection Christmas 2011 sounded forever away but I am sure it will be here in a blink! Scandi house with bird

It seems so long ago that I drew and then painted the images for this collection and its so exciting when the day starts to arrive when you get to see the design on fabric.

While Emma and I were in Tokyo we got to select which fabrics would stay in the collection and sadly which ones/colours to reject. The collection is based on the very popular 5 part block of the month 'Scandinavian Christmas'.

So sit back and and imagine a cozy winter evening by the fire sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows, warm creams, soft taupes, chocolate browns and fireside reds…these are the colours of Scandinavian Christmas. Simple hearts, dots, stars, the sweetest toadstools and look out here comes Santa with his trusty reindeer..

Are you ready for a peek?

Scandinavian christmas fabrics

I have the small strike offs and could not resist making them into something and as you all know the applique and embroidery is time consuming so with my tiny samples of fabrics I have started making the three snowballs from the quilt 'Snowball Fun', here is the first block, hope you like it in these colours (I do).


Lynette bird on jar

Love is in the air...

Hearts for blog

Ywp10 smaller

With Valentines day just around the corner I thought you might all enjoy a quick little stitchery to give to your loved ones....Please note that the drawing for this design is a separate download, see bottom of this post as I forgot to add it to the pattern! Having a Friday afternoon moment!

Download I Love You DL Pattern small


Love heart signature

Cute red bears PS: Whopps, we forgot to give you the drawing. Sorry about that, here it is   Download I Love you

Cat Help...

In case you are wondering why I am quiet, I am very busy working on new projects for my next book. My faithful cat assistant has been very kind and kept me company in my workshop the last few days. Today he decided that looking after the tapemeasure would be very helpful....

However trying to use the tapemeasure while Fatcat was wearing it was not a good idea! His claws are very sharp..ouch!

Lynette beehive

PS. Fatcat wanted me to show you this picture so you can all see how long his whiskers are! Yes, he is very vain.