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As this button club draws to a close, I thought it was time to show you the whole quilt. Mine is hanging on the office wall where we get to enjoy it everyday, I hope that you will enjoy yours as much.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this club, the pattern each month was free with the purchase of the button from selected stores. Each of the button is handpainted and understandably availability was limited.

My garden full pic

Last week I had a lovely email from a lady in France who had just discovered my blog and was wanting to join the 'My Garden' button club and asked for my help discovering if there were any stores with button sets left which made me think that possibly there are more of you who might like to get the patterns/buttons.

A quick email to all the stores involved and these shops reported that they have some full button/pattern sets left so if you are interested please contact the stores direct for pricing etc.

Simply Stitches - AU

Apatchy Quilting - AU

Esmes - AU

Marcelle's Patchwork Cottage - AU

Homespun & Beautiful - AU

The Rabbits Lair - USA

Red Rooster Quilts - USA

For all the  'Lynette Anderson Designs' addicts (including Maureen and my new best friend Valerie) the new 'Christmas Fun' club will be starting soon and I will announce the stores that it will be available from here. I do know from the many emails I have already received that many of you have already booked to join the fun with stores from last time, thank you x x

PS. For a very different version of this quilt visit here.

Lynette bobbin

Purple flower