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Studio snapshots...

In order to get myself motivated after my journey into Europe I decided that it was not only time to tidy my studio but also more than time to move my studio around a bit...somehow I wasnt using the space as well as I could and I am pleased to say my plan has worked very nicely.

I have a big bookcase type cupboard in my room with open cubicles which over that last year have filled with piles of fabrics and threads that need a) tidying and b) putting away...so with those boring jobs done I have had time to rearrange the cubicles and fill them with stimulating things which I thought you may enjoy seeing with me...

New (coming soon) fabric from Whimsicals, not sure when this range will be out as I was lucky enough to get this early. I love wooden bobbins and how I wish I had all the ones my grandmother had and some crow items which I love...crows that is.

Cubby hole 1

I am not much of a gardener, in fact I am a total indoor girl becuase I dont like to have dirty nails and I am not good out in the sun for too long but I do love the idea of indoor gardening. Please meet Norman Gnome and friends.

Cubby hole 2

Most of us seem to love birdhouses and I am no exception..ok look I spy a quick unpick girl in amongst all those odd items, she is a reject poor thing with a little chip on her head so she became mine! Spot the cute little tea boxes, I love them and have quite a collection...somewhere in the garage!!

Cubby hole 3

This framed stitchery is one of the blocks from Magical Christmas and some yet to be used wool threads.

My threads

My trusty paintbrushes waiting for me to pick them up and create the next fabric collection....well not the next as the next is already designed but the next next collection!

My paints

This clock which ticks away in my studio makes me remember when I was little and used to sit with my embroidery while my  grandmother had her afternoon nap, when she awoke she would check my sewing progress. I think if she could see what I am doing today she would be very pleased with me.

My clock

Wonder what you are doing today?

Lynette felix

Bearly Stitched...

Surprise....I found a couple of boxes of Bearly Stitched books in our storage shed.... a book which I thought was out of print. Please dont think this is a new book (although it may be new to you) it was first printed in 2004 none the less its still a very delightful stitchery book as long as you like bears and alphabets. 

I have pulled some of the samples from the book to show you, I am sure many 'new to me' ladies will not have seen these things before. There are several projects to choose from, pillows, covered baby photo albums, a quilt, scissor holder and a gorgeous coathanger cover with personalised lavender filled heart. Can you see the cute handpainted buttons on the baby album, they are available in red or blue.

Bear book 2

The needlecase features a couple of my handpainted wooden bear buttons which come with either a blue or red bow and matching heart buttons.

Bear book 1

The book contains the whole alphabet so you can create your own personalised itmes either using your initials or by putting the letters together to make words as I have done on this 'Sisters' pillow.

Bear book 3

Fatcat came to help pose (he is such a show off) on the quilt in which each rectangle has a redwork bear holding a letter of the alphabet.

Bear book 4

This book used to retail for $31.25 but with only a few in the box I am offering them for just $15 and am more than happy to sign a copy for you, if you want me to personalise the book for you leave me a message in the comments box when you checkout. Dont forget to look at the buttons too!!

Bearly Stitched Book and Buttons

Lynette bird on jar

PS. I just read the forward in the book and realise I made these projects when Fatcat first came to live with us when he was a sweet fluffy ball.

I Missed this Day....

This wonderful cookery book by the talented chef Neil Perry was the inspiration behind a meal that my brother cooked for Mothers Day/his birthday. It was a day/meal that I missed as I was in The Netherlands at the show in Veldhoven.


The family took lots of photos so I could see what I had missed! Here my brother is in Mum and Dads kitchen checking to see whats next in the preparation... he has already marinaded the pork in coconut milk, whizzed up various pastes for the fish etc and I see he has a glass of wine close at hand!

Checking the recipie

Hugo is waiting patiently, probably in the hope that a large chunk of beef will fall on the floor right in front of him and then he can eat it!

Hugo being patient

Vince was brandishing some pink tongs and is ready to offer a helping hand....

Ready to help

Something delicious is bubbling on the stove....the pork I think.


Big fat sizzling prawns on the barbie....

Prawns on barbie

The whole snapper is ready.....


The family as you can see were having a lot of fun......without me!


Collectively decided to call me using Facetime (like Skype) computer to computer.....little did they know it was 5am in The Netherlands, still dark and I was asleep! I scrambled out to bed to say hello as I did not want to miss anything and in this picture they are passing mums little laptop around the table so everyone could see me and say hello...technology is wonderful....

Facetime with me

Apparently the food was 'the best' and this last piece of cake was my piece of my brothers birthday cake! Not sure where it is who ate my piece?? I have my suspicions!

The Cake

As you can see Hugo stayed hopeful throughout the meal!

Hopeful Hugo

Its so nice to be home and yesterday when Mum and I went shopping together she bought the cookbook for me. Not sure I am capable of cooking quite such a wonderful banquet but the recipes seem do-able and the pictures in the book are fabulous so when I am feeling adventurous one weekend we will see what I can do...the challenge is on!

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New Patterns...

Well I have lots of new patterns to show you......are you ready? Maybe you should make yourself a cup of tea and grab a biscuit, put your feet up and then you will be ready for this super long post...

Y193 bannerThis cute quilt has three giant snowballs floating on a charm square background, each of the snowballs has a different applique/stitchery design. The finished quilt measures approx. 43" x 52" (109cm x 114cm) and you need a fat eight bundle + stitchery background and border fabric.

Y193 Scandinavian Snowball Fun small

Y195 bannerOne fat quarter of each of the 25 fabrics from my new collection will make this fun quilt, its approx. 60" x 72" (152.5cm x 182cm) when finished. I have added some of my lovely handpainted star buttons to the top of each tree but you could add a fun charm to the top of buy a pack of raw buttons and have fun painting you own.

Y195 Wonky Santa

The Potting Shed, this was the project that I first taught last month in Nantes, France and then again for the ladies at Petra Prins Patchwork store in The Netherlands and now its available for you. If you like this pattern then you will also need one of my little handpainted buttons (Erin's bird) which is named after one of my daughter in laws. There are a few complete (includes the journal) kits for this project left from my classes in Nantes, if your interested then look here.

Y361 banner

Y361 small


Y362 banner
Y362 LThe Flower Basker quilt has been made using my 'Summertime Friends' fabrics, in amongst the simple pieced blocks I have incorporated some rather nice stitchery blocks and a little appliqued bird.

Finished quilt size is approx. 55" sq. (140cm sq.) and a fat eight bundle will easily make this quilt + border fabric.

Y194 banner
Y194 for web

Visit my online shop

Lynette beehive 

Home safe...

Its so nice to be back, after a wonderful successful trip its nice to be back home in the sunshine and to hear the surf crashing onto the beach. This was the view from where Vince and I had lunch today.


We landed in Brisbane about 6am this morning and after a long wait for our suitcases it appears that one of them is missing!!! Mostly clothes, all the gifts I have been given or have bought to give and a couple of quilts so fingers crossed that I get a phone call in the morning to say its been found!

Its 6pm and now and we have managed to stay awake all day, the washing is all done and the two suitcases I do have are all unpacked and the stuff put away...phew....ready for work tomorrow!

I will let you know about my missing suitcase as soon as I hear from the airline.

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Spring Market...

I was invited to do a small Schoolhouse presentation to present my new fabric line 'Scandinavian Christmas', here I am showing the quilt Snowball Fun which I have made using the new fabrics.


Here is another new quilt called 'Wonky Santa's', for this quilt you will need 1 x fat quarter of each of the 25 different prints in the collection.


The booth looks nice and is in a great position, lets hope we get lots of stores interested in stocking my patterns and fabrics...fingers crossed.


bye for now

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Salt Lake City...I'm here...

I have to admit after my long journey from Amsterdam to Salt Lake City via Chicago on Monday this week that I slept most of Tuesday. However I did go for a lovely walk around to stretch my legs and have a look at the city. My first stop was a peek at the famous temple here in the city, its huge....


The gardens here are full of spring flowers and look magnificent...love the colours they make you feel happy.


Just look at these enormous pigeons perched on top of the tram stops.......hang on they cant be real can they??? They are too big....its OK they are statues!


The older buildings here are really lovely, this is Devareaux House one of the earliest mansions here in Salt Lake City, some of the building dates back to 1855.


On my way to find some shops/chocolate I saw this old train station...being nosy I went inside to take a peek.


The train station is no longer used, inside was this huge empty space with wonderful tiled flooring and spectacular paintings on the ceiling. I was the only person inside, I closed my eyes and could imagine the wooden seats filled with people waiting for their train to arrive to take them away to some distant place or perhaps they were waiting for loved ones to arrive.....



I popped into Pipers Quilt shop where there was a crowd of ladies waiting to welcome me and to see my suitcase full of quilts. The shop was gorgeous filled with all sorts of temptations!


They have made this quilt from my book 'Its Quilting Cats and Dogs', nice job ladies. I signed all the copies of my book so if your after a signed copy please get in touch with them at the store.


I had a great end to the day enjoying dinner with these crazy quilt shop owners, Karin, Hazel, Anne and Cheryl. We enjoyed catching up on the news and some laughs over a glass of very nice wine and some wonderful food.


bye for now

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