New Pinheads....
Sweet Bags...

Home safe...

Its so nice to be back, after a wonderful successful trip its nice to be back home in the sunshine and to hear the surf crashing onto the beach. This was the view from where Vince and I had lunch today.


We landed in Brisbane about 6am this morning and after a long wait for our suitcases it appears that one of them is missing!!! Mostly clothes, all the gifts I have been given or have bought to give and a couple of quilts so fingers crossed that I get a phone call in the morning to say its been found!

Its 6pm and now and we have managed to stay awake all day, the washing is all done and the two suitcases I do have are all unpacked and the stuff put away...phew....ready for work tomorrow!

I will let you know about my missing suitcase as soon as I hear from the airline.

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