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New Button Club

Well today is the day to announce that the new button club is ready, I have called it 'Fernhill' in memory of some wondeful hazelnut woods that my brother and I used to play in when we were young. 

Fernhill Banner small

If I close my eyes I can see the carpet of bluebells that apperared in late Spring, hang on here is a picture to help you with what I can see in my minds eye.

Hoopers woods

I can remember the noise of a startled pheasant, the quiet flap of an owls wings, the punguent aroma of deer. Living in the country meant fox hunts.....the trill of the fox hunters trumpet and the stampeed of horses, the clever fox knew if he hid in our garden that my mum would never let the huntsmen get him!

My new button club gathers together some of the animals and fauna from that sweet hazelnut wood from my childhood called 'Fernhill'.

The mystery 9 part pattern for the quilt is my gift to you with the purchase of one of my gorgeous (thanks to Lyn and Katie) handpainted wooden buttons from a registered store (all the store places are taken so this is the final listing). This is a limited edition collection of buttons so dont delay book in with one of these stores.

Atelier Patchwork et Point Compte - Belgium

Button Tree Quilts - Australia, QLD

Calico Crossroads  -  Australia, TAS

Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe - USA

Coast and Country Crafts - UK

Cotton & Color  - Switzerland

Country Pieces - Australia, NSW

Creative Patches and Sewing - USA

Cross Patch - UK

Daisy Cottage Quilting - USA

De Lapjesgaard - The Netherlands

Dragonfly Quilt Studio - Canada

Esmes - Australia, TAS

Europe Quilt - Belgium

Fobbles - UK

Hettie's Patch - Australia, SA

Isabel Granados - Spain

Katipatch - New Zealand

Kwibbels - The Netherlands

La Tieta Rosa - Canary Islands

L’atelier du Patchwork - France

La Maison Du Patchwork - Belgium 

La Petite Echelle - France

Marcelle's Patchwork Cottage - Australia, NSW

Mi Casita De Patch - Spain

Paprika Cotton - Belgium

Patch & Quilt - New Zealand

Patchworks Plus - Australia, TAS

Petra Prins Patchwork and Quilting - Netherlands

Quilt Fabric Delights - Australia, SA

Quiltegaarden - Norway

Quilter's Haven - UK

Quiltshop Kaleidoskop - Germany

Red Rooster Quilts - USA

Sew Bright Alpine Quilting - Australia, VIC

Simply Stitches - Australia, NSW

The Christmas Shoppe - USA

The Country Yard - New Zealand

The Oz Material Girls - Australia, NSW

The Patchwork Angel - Australia, QLD

The Patchwork Pear - Australia, SA

The Patchwork Teahouse - Australia, VIC

The Rabbit's Lair - USA

The Stitching Post - Australia, NSW

Traditional Pastimes - Canada

Tranquility Crafts 'n' Supplies - Australia, VIC

Owl and bunny close up fernhill

If you would like this cute button on your blog or website please copy the code below.

Im stitching fern hill

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