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Things I loved this week..

My best friend Hugo with the biggest grin wearing his favourite quilt x This picture is my current desktop picture and I love it, Hugo is smiling at me all day.


A glass of water and a bar of chocolate, what better combination is there.... (maybe, two bars of chocolate??)


Well, it was hot today so what better way to keep cool than to lie on your back!


It was fun waving to myself in the mirror at Mum and Dads!


I love how mum has put her bird houses on the garden fence...


This glorious pot of flowers were outside a store in Tokyo.


This amazing lampshade was in a resturant we went to last week, its made from silk worm cocoons...truly brilliant although I see I need to go back during daylight to take a better photo so you can see how its constructed.


This is the wonderful tea called 'Hidden Blossom' that we had after our meal, the brown coccons (thats what they looked like) when put in boiling water opened to reveal these flowers and a very nice tea was drunk by all.


I love that my animals love me this much....


I hope that your all doing something nice, I am busy stitching projects that I cant show you yet....and moving into a new studio which is exciting and a bit dear Vince will see just how much 'stuff' I really do have in all the cupboards!

Lynette bobbin