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The room is ready, the goody bags are waiting on the tables and outside the door there is an excitied buzz coming from the ladies who are joining me for this workshop. We did have a slight technical hitch the Garden Gnome Needlebook that was our project for the day got left in the store in Amsterdam so the ladies had a bit of a mystery workshop!


Julie, Kylie and Jenny from Antique Angel are busy folding 'Secret Garden' fabrics to make into gorgeous bundles ready for the ladies who came to the workshop.


The lovely ladies at this table are members of the Lynette Anderson Fan Club and meet monthly to stitch my projects.


These ladies all get to stitch together weekly, there was alot of chatter and laughter from this table + lots of stitching.


I had a great two days at Antique Angel, I saw some great show and tell and meet so many lovely ladies. My last workshop was saturday and by 9.30pm that night I was in the skies flying home. Needless to say after a big adventure its great to be home, Hugo did cartwheels and has not left my side since I got home :-)

Oh, look here is a sneek peek at Hugo who appears on my next fabric collection 'Hollyhock Cottage'......


Time to get cutting some fabrics as I have a bit of work to do preparing for Spring Market which is in two weeks time........yikes, wonder if I will ever be ready in time, there is so much I want to do!

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