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LAPC 2012

LAPC 2012 large logo

Well, its hard to believe that the 2011 LAPC has come to an end and I would like to thank the hundreds of women around the world who participated and to say how much I loved getting the photos of your finished projects. I have had lots of lovely emails asking if I would continue the PDF pattern club this year, yes of course as I have loved creating the projects for you plus you have no idea how much pleasure I get from your emails, thank you please keep sending them. Here is a lovely email that one of last years club members wrote:-

 "I first became aware of Lynette about 2.5 years ago when I undertook my first Lynette project with Maureen through  Quilt Aid . So when Lynette said she was going to form LAPC , Maureen and I signed up immediately.  The projects are well designed and the instructions are straight forward and can easily be understood by those new stitchers. The fact that they can be downloaded is great and not having to wait for it through the post. I also like that Lynette has the facility for you to purchase any small items that you might need to complete the projects. I suppose the only downside is that the project are only every 3 months , but that maybe a good thing because I have a job to keep up with the stitching.  My friend Maureen and I meet approximately every 6 weeks and we have called it Lynette Anderson Project Club , there are also about 4 other friends that join us and if they don't have the LAPC badge on that I made out of paper , they get told off. 

Finished badge

Maureen designed a badge for me and her and we made it for when Lynette visited us in April 2012 , I very proud of it because a picture of mine was in July 2012 British Patchwork and Quilting magazine ." Valerie

Three Amigos Valerie
Three Amigo's, Valerie

Valerie reindeer friends
Reindeer Freinds in the making, Valerie

Here are two of the ladies from the Lynette Anderson club...looks like they are really enjoying themselves. I was very honoured as on my recent trip to the UK I got to have dinner with this lovely group of ladies.

Stitching and badges

LAPC badge
More lovely words from another LAPC member.....

"I can’t believe our first year of the LAPC has gone so quickly. I have had so much fun doing the projects!  Out of the four we have had over the year, I have finished two of them, I just have the “Reindeer Friends” table centrepiece to do, which I must start soon or I won’t get it done before Christmas and our latest one, the sewing case. The nice thing about Lynette’s projects is, that I don’t have to wait a week for the pattern to get from Australia, I can just switch on my computer, download and print it off. I love doing Lynette’s projects because they are small and don’t take weeks to do, the instructions are easy to follow and I love stitching them.  I feel Lynette is pushing us to try different things; she has made me confront my worst nightmare of putting a zip into something, and succeeding! The tutorials that we get with our patterns are also very useful, really good if you are a beginner. I don’t think there is anything I dislike about the LAPC, apart from the fact I would be happy to have more!!!  Maybe we could start a LAPC Facebook page then we can chat to other members and show each other how we are getting on." Maureen

Peacock manor maureen
Peacock Manor, Maureen

Three Amigos Maureen
Three Amigo's Bag, Maureen

Domy purse1
Alphabet Purse, Domy

Virginias bag
Three Amigo's Bag,Virginia

Hanneke reindeer friends

Reindeer Friends, by Hanneke (This gorgeous table centre piece Reindeer Friends is in my new book 'Stitch It For Christmas')

I don't know about you, but I love to be working on smaller projects in between stitching a big project. The frequent need for a gift for a stitching friend, or a swap partner for that swap I just had to join, combined with the huge satisfaction of finishing something, often gives me the much needed spur to continue to work on my big quilt project and with this in mind I developed the pdf pattern club.

The world is changing and I think I speak for most of us; when we want something, we want it today or, if it was possible, yesterday!! I think that downloadable patterns are the answer, they are a great idea and can be obtained instantly and without the cost and often lengthy wait for the postman. For the last few months I have been planning and very busy designing four projects especially for the Lynette Anderson Project Club (LAPC); the four projects will be exclusive to club members for six months.

So it is with much pleasure that I announce that we are ready to take your registration for the 2012 Lynette Anderson Project Club.

Starting in September 2012 as a LAPC member you will receive one exclusive downloadable pdf pattern via email, the other pdf patterns will follow in December 2012, March 2013 and June 2013. To make things fun Emma, my assistant has been busy taking photos of me stitching so each newsletter will also have some step by step ‘how to’ photos for the project we are working on, it will be just as if I was at home with you stitching.

Last year we were organised and some of the projects were available as a kit or I sourced the ‘hard to find’ bits and pieces I had used and offered them to club members. This year I have had fun using some very interesting things which I am sure you will want!!

LAPC members will also have the added benefit of an all year round discount on all purchases in my online store. Once you are a fully paid up member you will be given a secret code which, when applied at checkout, will give you 10% discount on everything in my online store.

Click here to sign up now

LAPC 2012 large logo

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Enjoy Lynette